Throwing a Toy Party!

(whimsical music) Hello everyone, today
we have a whole bunch of friends over here and we
are celebrating the launch of our brand new toy line,
XOXO Hugs and XOXO Friends. Let me introduce you to
everybody really quickly before we get the fun started. We have Marin and
Addison, Violet, Scarlett, Hensley, Maya, Kendall, and Addy. So not only are we celebrating the launch of our brand new toy
line, but Addy and Maya, I don’t even know if you know this yet, Wal-Mart just named our toy line one of the top toys of the
year, do you know that? What? We went to an event
where all the kids voted for their favorite toys, and
our was one of the winners. Kinda cool, so we’re celebrating today. Is that exciting or what? If you’ve seen our Toy Makers
series, this is actually the room that we filmed it in, this was the Toy Maker’s Studio,
home of XOXO Play Company where Addy and Maya worked so hard to design our line of toys. Addison here is sitting
in Maya and Addy’s desk and you can see here
the sketches they used to create all the characters. We have all the sketches over here when we named them and we discovered that some of them are gonna be rare. Violet’s sitting in the beanbag chairs that we used in the video. Oh and up here are our wings. All of our toys have
swappable wings on them and the girls were inspired
by these wings right here which are swappable, too, so do you want to put on swappable
wings on yourself today? Yay! Thank you. In video number one, we are figuring out what our toys wanted to be, Addy and Maya spotted those wings on the wall and said, “We love swappable wings,
let’s make our toys “have swappable wings.” And everyone, look at the board and see what XOXO characters are gonna be. I wanna be Hops! – [Lucy] You’re Hops? I love this one.
I wanna be Stella! Well I guess they’re all
picking their own XOXO friend that they’re going to pretend to be today. I think Marin chose my favorite,
Stella the pink unicorn. Who are you? Addy X. – [Lucy] Addy X?
I’m Maya X. – [Lucy] You’re Maya X? Who are you, Addison, do you know? What is it?
Coco. – [Lucy] Coco, what about you, Hensley? Clair. Clair, she’s a cute one, too. Now, those were the
illustrations they made, let me show you the real finished product, we have the whole collection right here. Here they are, all of
our favorite characters. And they have wings
that come off and swap. All of our characters, we just
said, have swappable wings, and I have a bunch of
swappable wings hidden in these ball pits behind me. Anyone who saw the series,
do you know what we use the ball pits for on the series? Our thinking spots. These were their brainstorming pits. And it was inside those ball pits that they had the idea for the toys. So here’s what I did, girls. I hid a whole bunch of XOXO
wings in the ball pits. In a minute, I’m gonna tell you to dive in and see how many you can find. On your mark, get set, go! (rock guitar music) Tiny wings. Where are they? Whoah! This is craziness! Okay let’s add them all up
and see how many we found. There should be 18 total. See if you’ve gotten all 18. How many did you find, Maya? Five wings. – [Lucy] Five wings? All right, let’s add them up, girls. You found three, uh-oh. You found characters, you got lucky, I didn’t know there were
characters inside there. I found none. You found none? I think they found them all
and here’s the fun part. For every wing that you found, you have to have an XOXO
friend to go with it, right? So you’re gonna draw out a friend for every wing so you have
a set, a matching pair. Here’s our bag with XOXO friends, and let’s start, Kendall
how many wings do you have? Three. – [Lucy] Three, okay reach
in and you can pick out three XOXO friends. Who’d you get? Ooh, cute, Koko, I love Koko. Hops, give me Hops. – [Lucy] Oh, you want Hops? Hops! You got Hops! Now Violet found two wings,
so she’s gonna dig in and get two XOXO Friends for her wings. (electronic music) Then we’re gonna do Scarlett and Scarlett, how many did you find? I found four. – [Lucy] What, oh cute! So far she has Pepper, ooh she got Stella. Three. – [Lucy] Ooh yep, very cute, love Pearly. And four. – [Lucy] Aw, that’s another
one of my favorites, too. How many wings did you find? Three. – [Lucy] Three, okay,
you dig in for three. Let’s see who Hensley gets. Ooh she got– She got the one that has wings! – [Lucy] Did you want that one, Marin? – [Kendall] You got Bops. – [Lucy] Did you want Bops? You wanted Hops. I got Hops. And Hensley has Bops. Oh, cute, I think we
have two of those now. All right do you have one more, Hensley? Let’s see who else she gets. Aw so cute, another one of my favorites, gotta love Bella. All right, miss Marin, how
many wings did you find? Four. – [Lucy] Who’d you get? I got another Maya! – [Lucy] Maya, she got you! I got three Mayas. – [Lucy] You do? Oh, and now you have an Addy. And one more, no peekin’ girl. Aw, another adorable little
friend, that’s Silver. Ooh. – [Addy] Oh my gosh, it’s Claire. – [Lucy] Is it Claire? So cute. All right Addison. Let’s pull two out. – [Addy] She got me! – [Lucy] Oh you got Addy and
you guys are like, good buds. Aw you got Silver, too. – [Marin] One more. You have one more wing? Oh my goodness, Marin, all right, dig in. Ooh, I think you’re the
only one that got Pop. So cute. I think, girls, we have to keep building our XOXO Friends
collection, you guys agree? We gotta keep building them. So, over here we have one
of, our products are now available at Target
and Wal-Mart, these are XOXO Surprise Packs. Inside each of these
you get one XOXO Friend, one pair of swappable wings, and a special Tic Tac Toy bracelet. So, I think each girl should
get two of these, maybe? What do you guys think? (friendly music) You got Clair, Hensley, is
that the one you wanted? Awesome. – [Maya] Hey, Addison got Clair, too. – [Lucy] Addison got Clair too? Nice. – [Kendall] Oh I got Silver! – [Lucy] Aw let me see Silver. Silver’s one of my favorites, too. And Violet got Addy. Is that Addy X it looks like? What wristbands did you guys all get? Let’s see them. You got blue. Yours has little stars
on it, it’s glittery. Violet got a pink one, that’s cute. You have three on, nice. (gentle guitar music) I got two rare wings. Two rare wings, no way! And Addison is checking
out the collector’s guide which I wanna show you really quickly so you can see all the fun
things that you can collect. So we have all of our XOXO Friends, we have XOXO wings, and then on the back are all the accessories, putty cutters, putty and bracelets that
are part of the collection. Now we are going to continue
the party in the Toy Cafe which is just about right over here. Yay, everybody have a seat somewhere. It’s funny because we had
someone here a couple weeks ago who said, “Wow, do you
ever throw parties in here, “it’s the perfect party room.” And I thought, we’ve never thrown a party in the Toy Cafe, and they were right, it is a perfect party room,
so the party is continuing in the Toy Cafe. (upbeat music) And of course our cupcakes
have our XOXO Friends on them because the goal for today
is to let these kids try out all of their new toys, to help them build their collection
and see what they think. (upbeat music) While the girls are
finishing their cupcakes, I’m getting the next surprise
ready to go in there. Each girl is gonna go home with their very own XOXO Surprise Pack. These actually come with two XOXO Friends, three swappable wings, an accessory, a piece of putty, and a putty cutter. So there are lots of
goodies inside one package. We also have them all numbered, so for example, this is Surprise Pack 5, and this is Surprise Pack 9. And there are 12 different surprise packs that you can collect. Once you’ve collected
all 12, you will have the entire collection of
XOXO Friends, all 24 of them. And the beauty of numbering them is that you never have to
worry about getting duplicates, because each pack has its own
set of unique XOXO Friends and its own set of unique wings. You guys want some more toys? Yeah! All right, Marin. (electronic music) So the way it’s made is you can pop out all these individual boxes and open each individual box with its
own unique surprise inside. (electronic music) This is one of the accessories,
a puppy in a present. Violet got one of the rare Stellas, she’s my favorite I think. You got a rare, too? I got another one? – [Lucy] Another rare? Yeah! – [Lucy] Woo! What does Addison have? Oh, one of your accessories. This one’s like a little
treasure chest with wings on it. You got the blue putty. Purple putty. – [Kendall] Smells like Play-Doh. What accessory did you get? Oh, that’s cute! Aw that’s another cute
one, too, so many fun ones. We’ve actually seen a lot
of YouTube video people are posting where they
take the individual boxes and they actually play a tic-tac-toe game, so one person has X’s
and the other has O’s and I thought that was pretty creative. (gentle guitar music) Girls, one of the fun things
about collectible toys is that you can swap them. So if anybody got any duplicates, or maybe you’re just
eyeing another person’s XOXO Friend, we’re gonna
have a swapping time for not only the XOXO Friends,
but for the wings, too. Or maybe the accessories,
the putty, the putty cutters. Really anything is up for swap. (electronic music) You have sisters now! Addy and Maya, what are you guys swapping? Ooh, accessories. Violet has an Addy up for grabs, you want to swap for an Addy? – [Addy] Me! – [Lucy] Oh, you do? I have four. Actual sisters. – [Lucy] You have actual
sisters Addy and Maya. I’m not swapping these. Kendall has a Bella up for grabs. Who wants Bella? Don’t forget that you also have bracelets you can swap, girls. Don’t forget about the bracelets. And now while the girls are busy swapping all of their collectibles,
I’m gonna get ready for the next surprise which are gonna be the XOXO Hugs, these are
the biggest collectible item we have out in stores right now. They’re actually plush,
and there are six different plush characters you can collect. There’s Koko, Blair, Luna,
Bella, Izzy, and Emma. And they’re just like our XOXO Friends, these also have swappable wings and there are six of those
that you can collect as well. And there’s also an accessory pack. So you get an accessory pack
that will make your plush either a pop star or a
unicorn princess or a chef. I’m gonna show you a few
that I have already open so you can see what I’m talking about. So here we have Luna, for
example, as a princess. She’s got her tiara with
a little special collar and a little princess wand and we have cute swappable wings on her. And then here is Bella,
Emma is one of my favorites, she’s in the pop star,
she’s got a little tiara on, a little microphone, oh and they also come with a little brush, too,
and hers is a guitar brush. And again, she has a collar
detail and swappable wings. We move down and we have Bella and then we have Izzy and Koko is last. And here Izzy is actually
wearing the chef outfit. So we have little chef
accessories, mixing spoon, and a brush that looks like a donut. I’m gonna go tell the girls
that they’re gonna get XOXO Hugs now and I think they’re gonna be pretty excited about that. So so far we’ve opened the surprise boxes and the XOXO Friends Surprise Packs, how do you feel about
opening the Hugs now, getting the Hugs to take home? Yeah! You guys on board? (upbeat music) Okay girls, so let me
show you how it works. On these are the little tuft of fur, this one is pink, and so a
pink tuft of fur tells you, if you look on the back,
it’s probably Luna or Izzy. There are also some that
are lilac tuft of fur, and that means that it’s
either gonna be Koko or Emma. And then girls there are
also some that are white. And the white ones are either
going to be Blair or Bella. Do you all have one you’re hoping to get? A certain one? Who do you want, Kendall? Blair. – [Lucy] You’re hoping for Blair? Who are you guys hoping for? Which color? So I have to get a white one. – [Lucy] What do you think, Violet? Blair. – [Lucy] You want Blair, too. Blair’s pretty popular. – [Maya] I want Luna! You want Luna, Maya? To be fair, I had to come up with a way to get in order for
who picks theirs first. And so here’s what I’ve come up with. I’m gonna name one of the XOXO Friends and whoever has that in their bag, or has the most of them gets to go. So get those XOXO Friends
ready to go, girlies. First up, whoever has Pop,
which is the green Pomeranian. So we have three of you with Pop. Violet has one, Scarlett has one. – [Addison] I have one
Addison, and Marin. You four get to go pick yours first. So go for it. Next one I’m gonna say who
has Swirly, the pink pig. Oh, there’s your Swirly. All right, you’re up, go ahead Kendall. – [Kendall] There’s no more whites. There’s no more whites, aw. Hensley’s gonna pick hers now. And then Addy and Maya are gonna be last. Everybody has their XOXO Hugs, we’re gonna get them open
and see who they got. Addison’s opening her big
box first, box number one. Addy’s pulling hers out. Aw, how cute! You got Koko! Oh, you got Izzy, Maya. Did you get Izzy, too? – [Maya] We’re twins! – [Lucy] And Addison, who did you get? You got Bella. Oh, Violet got Koko, too. Kendall, what’s she gonna get. Who’d you get, oh, you got Bella. Who’d you get, Hensley? You got Luna. Scarlett got the chef accessory kit, you find the little hole and
you squeeze the hat in there, there you go. Addison has the unicorn princess set. You got nice wings, girl. Marin, what did, you got the pop star! So we have the crown. I’ve never actually gotten
a koala plush before. Until today. And look, Addy’s showing us
the little hand accessory you can put on their arms with an elastic. Let’s do a recap and see what
XOXO Hugs all the girls got. Who’d you guys get? Koko, Bella, Izzy. Bella! – [Lucy] Aw, so cute. Out of the XOXO Friends, show me who your favorite one is that you got. Girls, who’s your favorites?
Hops. – [Lucy] Hops. Stella.
– [Lucy] Stella. Glitter.
– [Lucy] Glitter! Clair. – [Lucy] Good choices, guys. We have matching Addys. – [Lucy] Addys! Luna! – [Lucy] Luna, and Marin, what about you? Bella!
– [Lucy] Bella! I need everybody’s final opinions. What do you think of Tic Tac Toy’s XOXO Friends and XOXO Hugs? Good.
Awesome! Awesome!
Awesome! And before we go, I’m
gonna give you a sneak peek of our newest toy which
is not out in stores yet. But it is coming in October. Hey girls, come here,
I’m gonna show them too. This’ll be in stores in October, we’re gonna reveal it for the first time on Tic Tac Toy in just a couple weeks. Make sure you don’t miss any
of our videos on Tic Tac Toy. These are our Top Secret, top secret Maya? Top Secret! Shhh! – [Lucy] New toys. Glittery, glittery, and then it says light up unicorn hugs,
exclusive six glitter friends and glitter wings inside. And there’s two packages you can collect. Who’s excited for those? Me! Thank you so much for watching Tic Tac Toy Family with us today. Be sure and subscribe to Tic
Tac Toy and Tic Tac Toy Family, and we always end our episodes saying XOXO, thanks for watching! (upbeat music)

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