– What’s up everyone? Today’s video is gonna be a little bit different than my usual one, because it’s a very
special day in my house. It is my first son’s birthday. He’s turning two years old, though I’ve got another son cookin’, but, for the time being, this fat, bratty, sassy, prissy queen is
two years old today. Like every sane person who has a cat, I’m obviously going to
throw him a birthday party, and everyone’s invited, and by everyone, I mean the people who are
at the house right now. Are you excited Daisy? (meowing) Yeah? (meowing) Let’s get cooking, we
have to make a cake first. We bought him presents, we have a cake, we have decorations, I’m
very excited about this. Happy birthday. So I saw a recipe online that
said you can mix like tuna and egg and flour and it
like makes a cat cake, but he doesn’t like tuna,
he’s very fricking picky, all he likes is chicken. So I got a bunch of
different types of chicken that I’m just gonna mush up together with some egg and flour and
bake it and see if it works. We have a tube of chicken. I don’t know what this is,
but we’re gonna make it work. This is so gross, look, where did you find this sack of chicken? (record scratching)
It’s dripping. We’re not just doin’ one type of chicken, we got lots of types of chicken. See, now he’s interested. (voice drowned out by music) right now. Look at that. Eww. Tear it up. Smell it. Oh it reeks, it smells so bad. (meowing) They want in on this. I wish you guys could smell it. I can’t wait ’til
YouTube makes the feature where you can smell what’s in the videos because this smells horrendous and I’m furious that I am the only one who can smell it right now. All right, it’s about
ready to go in the tin. Oh it stinks so bad. I’ve got these little pin, pan… (record scratching) What are these called? Pans. I am my mother. (upbeat music) This smells so bad. You wanna lick the spoon? You always gotta let
your kid lick the batter. Pooshie. I’m going to make a cat
face out of fondant. This isn’t going to be very pet friendly, so I’m gonna have to take
it off before he eats it, but it’ll look cute. (upbeat music) (burping)
(timer buzzing) Cake’s done. (upbeat music) Two. Hey, Gus. It’s just a balloon. He doesn’t like this balloon. Uhhh. We got a delicious frosting on hand. That looks pretty good, just sayin’. Almost time for the birthday party and Gus needs to be
prepared so I got him a cute birthday unicorn outfit that he will hate. (upbeat music) You look amazing, Gus. (music dramatically winds down) (laughing) Oh my God. I just went through our
stash of cat clothes because I do have a stash,
and Maddy @ColleenTacos had given me this as a gift and now Daisy’s gonna have a matching one. (jazzy music) Daisy doesn’t like it. Gus is having the worst
birthday of his whole life. He’s having a horrible day. (jazzy music) That’s a pretty good cake. ♪ Happy birthday to you ♪ Gus, no! Happy birthday to you. You got that stick. We had to take off his costume. He did not like it. Who wants a slice? There you go. (laughing) He likes it. Here Daisy. I’m so happy they like it. (jazzy music) Okay Gus, it’s time to open your presents. It’s a cat and inside it
says fabulous forever! Happy birthday. We love you even though you hate us. Love Mommy and Daddy and Daddy. It’s a bunch of cat food. Okay, Gus, you ready for the next one? You’ve got some fun little toys and a collar. (toys buzzing) They hate them. (laughing) This one is so cool. (toy popping) (jazzy music) (toys buzzing) Gus, what did you think
of your birthday party? Did you like it? Gus? Hello? Gus has poop like in the
fur all around his butt, so he’s putting it right in my face, and that pretty much sums
up how Gus feels about me, even though I throw him birthday parties. Thanks for watching this ridiculous video. I know some of you are
probably gonna think that I lost my mind throwing
a birthday party for my cat. But I thought it would be fun, and I couldn’t go through
the whole day today and not do anything for him, so I thought I’d make a fun
little video for you guys. I hope you liked it. But Gus actually is so special to me. I got Gus during a really
hard time in my life and he has been my little
best buddy throughout so many incredible things. He moved to Vancouver with me
while I shot Haters Back Off. He came to set. Everyone on set got to
know him and love him. He’s become like really
popular on social media, which is hilarious. He does love Erik more than he loves me, which is fine, I understand,
I feel the same way. Did you just fart? I love that about you. He’s the funniest cat in the world because he’s super prissy and
he’ll give you dirty looks, but then if he’s ready for it he’ll come get in your lap and purr, well not mine, just Erik’s
and sometimes Kory’s. But he has been with me through a lot and used to be my best cuddle buddy, and now he’s our protector. So even though we have a
huge lab and we have Daisy, Gus is the one who watches over everybody and makes sure we’re all taken care of. So he will sit in whatever room we’re in and just supervise. I love him so much and this video I know is so silly and stupid, but I do wanna say that like
this cat has changed my life. He’s the best ever. But truly, our pets have become
like my closest best friends and I can’t wait for
them to meet the baby. I think Gus will be a great protector for the little baby, too. So, very excited about all that. Anyway, I hope you guys like this video. The next video coming out is
a 3D ultrasound of the baby. So if you guys wanna see full details of this little baby’s
face please subscribe and watch next time. I’m very stoked on it. I’m officially five months pregnant, and my baby is really starting to pop out, and I’m starting to enjoy it. I’m feeling him move
around and kick around. And if you wanna see more details on that I vlog about all the pregnancy stuff, so if you ever miss
pregnancy stuff from me, which I don’t know how you could miss it ’cause it’s all I talk about, make sure to subscribe to my vlog channel. And for now I’m gonna watch the cats play with this butterfly
thing ’cause they love it. Did you have fun at the party? Oh he just farted. Or was that your fart I’m smelling? – [Erik] It’s his fart and it’s so bad. – It’s so bad. The remainder of the video, enjoy the cats playing with a butterfly. (a cappella music) Hit subscribe. Hello? My best friends. ♪ Love, give them your love ♪ ♪ Tell them they’re loved ♪ ♪ From your toy computer ♪ ♪ I love you ♪
♪ I love you ♪ ♪ I love you ♪
♪ I love you ♪ ♪ I love you ♪
♪ I love you ♪ ♪ So much ♪

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  1. When you said first baby I thought you had another one before Flyn (sorry if I got the name wrong ☹️), but it’s just Gus.

  2. awwww!!!!! colleen i understand how you feel. i cherish every moment i have with my cat even if he is being a complete jerk 🐈🐈🐈🐈

  3. I am just as extra as you my cats bday is today she is 2 and im doing the same thing as you throwing her a bday party!!!

  4. Omg my cat is 19 so I have thrown 19 b-day parties 😂. I have one question. WHERE DID YOU GET YOUR HAT. Omg I love it so much. Plz tell me 😂 your amazing. I doubt your going to see this at all but I just want to say you have gotten me through so many hard times. Your amazing. Thank you. Love Addie

  5. Gus and Daisy the cats are sooo cute!! I love the birthday toys Gus got and the unicorn 🦄 costumes. Love how Gus and daisy both play with these toys. 😘😊😘😘❤️

  6. They should make it so you can be like  yes I do want smell this or, no I don't want to smell it.

  7. I love pet birthday parties! For both of our dogs we celebrate with gifts, maybe chicken or something on their food to make it special, and a cake with singing and a candle. For our old dog we had a role for his cake, and for our little puppy, for his first birthday he had a hamburger and homemade treat cookies. And sometimes we also say happy birthday to our guninpig.😊 She loves carrots, so.

  8. my friend Piu is turning 8 in October 1st. I’m so excited. His 7th birthday party was cool and I want to do a cooler one this year

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