Tia Mowry and Cory Hardrict Marriage Q&A | Quick Fix

– Hi guys, so many of you have asked about my personal life and how
I balance my marriage, and my career, so I
thought that I would bring the perfect guest to
chat about this together! (light music) Alright everybody, so my guest is here and it is my lovely
husband, Mr. Cory Hardrict, or I call him Mr. Hardrict! – What’s up? How ya doin’? – We have been married for almost 10 years and we’ve been together
for almost 18 years. – Oh Lord… (laughing) but we’re goin’ strong. – Yes we are, it’s been a long time, but anyway I had a lot of people go to Tia Mowry Quick Fix on my Instagram page and I wanted them to ask some questions about ya know us and our marriage and how we make it work
’cause they were asking me personal questions… – Bring it on. – About our marriage and
so I wanted to ya know, answer some of these questions. – Let’s do it! – Are you ready? – Yes – Okay, so this is the
first time I’m like seeing these questions, Cory,
and this is the first time he’s seeing these questions too. – Ah okay, alright let’s do it. – Okay so this is from Andrew
Vargus zero three two seven, oh this is really cute! Best memories with each
other before marriage? – Wow, best memories-
I’m gonna say Hawaii, we went to Hawaii- – Oh yeah we did! – We went to Hawaii
before we got married and- – In 2003 after I graduated from college – Yes, and that was my first time, you already went to Hawaii, you would go like every year, that was my first great
experience with you, remember when we jumped off the rock, we- I did things that
I’ve never done before, went to a luau… – Yeah – So that was my first great
experience with my wife. – I think mine would
definitely have to be, our first kiss it was just so beautiful, it was at a park, and guys,
he asked me to kiss him, like he didn’t just go in for the kill, he was like “can I kiss
you?” And I just thought that that was just so sweet, so kind. – That was great too,
the first kiss was great. – We had a picnic didn’t we? – Yeah we had a picnic,
I remember I had an afro – You were wearing an – [Together] Allen Iverson jersey. – I remember, ’cause I like the Allen Ivs. And your cousin and I
played him in basketball, – Yes you did! – And I whopped his (bleep bleep) (laughing) – I told you he has no filter… – In basketball… (laughing) – That would definitely
have to be one of my best memories of us before we got married. Okay, how did you know
that he or she was the one? – I knew Tia was the
one for me when she was in my corner when I moved to LA- when I moved to Englewood
and I didn’t have like- I had like two pillow drawers to my name. (laughing) I was dirt poor, I didn’t have anything, and she appreciated everything
like for what it was, and she loved me for me, and then I knew once I can get financially in a better situation, then
I’m gonna buy her a ring and that’s gonna be my wife. And here we are, so that’s when I knew she was the one for me. – Don’t make me cry. – ‘Cause it was real love
and it’s not perfect now- – No, it’s not. – We might fight when we get home… (laughing) but listen that’s the way of life. – And there are moments when
he gets on my last nerve. – Hey but that’s love so- – It is. I don’t think I’ve ever
told anybody this but I had just gotten out
of a terrible, terrible relationship and my husband
he just had loads of patience with me, do you remember that? And I was like, I’m not
sure if I really wanna get in a relationship right now, I just need, ya know, some time and he was just right there for me, and held my hand, he had a lot of patience with everything, he never
forced himself, ya know, to kiss me or just anything like that. I just thought that that
was just cool and amazing and not only that, he taught
me how to believe in myself, and I’m about to cry… More than I believed in myself, he’s like my biggest supporter so- – Don’t cry.. – Your my biggest fan. (smooch) Sorry, I don’t know
why that I need to cry, do you guys pray together? – Yes, I mean we’re not
like super, super religious, but I just keep it simple and just believe words are powerful and you
can speak things over people’s lives and I speak positive
things over my family. – Always, Cory is a man of faith, and a man of God, he’ll
put something on the board, and he’ll say Tia I know that that’s gonna come to pass and I’m like you’re crazy, like what is he talk- but for real, then it comes to pass. This is another question
which I think is important, Rosie King 2015 says,
how did you both meet and what’s the secret to
a successful marriage? – It was a horror film,
independent horror film, right that we shot
– Yeah and it was called Hollywood Horrors. – You look at the titles, so- – And the movie was horrible (laughing) – Yes, I had like this
jerry curl with flip flops and I had my arms-
– No you didn’t have flip flops you had Birkenstocks. – What’s- same thing my feet were out- (laughing hysterically) – No flip flops and
Birkenstocks are not the same thing okay people… – I was waiting for the bus, Tia and her sister gave me a ride home, – Yup
– Down to Englewood and we got cool ever since
then and that’s how we met. – That’s how we met, yeah. – We were friends- – We were friends for a whole year like for a whole year we didn’t, ya know, like I said kiss or
anything, go out on “dates”, we were just friends
and then after that year that’s when we started
dating and that was in 2000. So we met- oh my gosh, has
it been more than 18 years? We met in 1999, no we
started dating in 2000. I have it all in my diary, so- (laughing) Okay so let’s see, I think
we didn’t finish the question that’s really important, oh, what’s the secret to
a successful marriage? For me, I think the secret
to a successful marriage is forgiveness, I really do. There are gonna be times
when you do something to someone that hurts their feelings, whether it’s an action or whether it’s just something that you
say, and then you have to be willing to forgive
but not only that, I think it’s important to
uplift your significant other. Even with the simplest
things, whether it’s like- thank you for taking the trash out, I know it sounds so stupid, but it’s true! Sometimes we always
focus on the things that we need to work on but I
think it’s really important to celebrate the things
that you are doing great within a marriage, so that’s my- – Mine would be never go to sleep at night angry at each other, you know- – He kisses me every, we
haven’t told this to anybody- he kisses me every single
night before we go to bed. Even when I go to bed earlier, at night- – Even if she’s mad at me I still do it- – And I’m like- (laughing) – And she’ll move her head,
and I’m like come here give me a kiss. – Yeah he would like literally hold me down and like kiss me (laughing) – Yeah, so that,
communicating with each other, so that would be my secret. – How do you guys keep the
spark in your relationship? I think it’s really important
to go out on date nights, like we definitely still date each other, I think it’s important
to still try to whoo your significant other, yeah you have them and you’re married but that
doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to give up. So still like dress nice
for your significant other and put on that, ya
know, nice what Beyonce would say freak ’em dress (laughing) We definitely make sure
that we have date night at least once a week or
once every two weeks, where it’s just him and I nobody else, no friends, no Cree,
no babies, no nothing. I think that’s kinda
how you keep the spark. – What’s the sweetest thing
he’s ever done for you? What I think the sweetest
thing you’ve ever done for me was when we were still
courting each other, so I had gone out to dinner
with a whole bunch of friends and you had gone out to dinner with us, we were in Marina del Rey- – Oh you’re talkin’ bout that one? – Yeah
– With the flowers and the- – So I’m literally leaving the premises, like headed out in my car about to make a right hand turn he
just stops me he goes, Wait, wait, wait wait wait! He was like I have something for you, and I was like oh my
gosh, what do you have? – She was with a crowd of people and I was kinda like I
hope they just keep walkin’ so I can kinda do this like – By yourself.. – By myself I was so shy and embarrassed and ashamed but I said
I gotta give them to her they’re just gonna die in my trunk. – He popped open up his
trunk and he had roses like in his trunk – They were from like Rouse and they still had the plastic on them but that’s all I could do at the moment- – And he was like here, and I was like oh my gosh this is so
sweet and I took the roses, and I was like awwww… And I was like bye, do you remember that? – Yeah, and I remember driving away like, she’s gonna see that 12.99
sticker on those roses- (laughing) and I said I will never talk to this girl- – Okay next question, Bennett Cocoa- Are you guys super excited
for the new addition and is Cree happy to be a big brother? – Yes, we’re really excited
we’ve always wanted two kids, we’d have the whole farm
if we lived in the Midwest, but this is LA and it’s very expensive you know we got to keep
the kids to a minimum but we’re very excited,
I’m praying for a girl. – He’s always wanted a girl. – But number one, we
just want a healthy baby and that’s the most important thing. Cree’s very excited he’s
going to be a big brother, and he always wants to hear mommy’s belly and when you’re doing the- – The heartbeat- – The heartbeat so it’s a great time in the Hardrict household. – Yeah, I think he’s gonna
be an incredible big brother, and he already just so
nurturing just with me, he’s like making sure that I’m okay. He’s like, “mommy are you okay?” You know what he did say,
you know how kids say the darndest things,
the other day he said, “mommy your butt is the
same size as your belly” and I was like, oh my gosh (laughing) It’s like okay, like is that a good thing? But anyway, it’s nice
this time around to have Cree there and to enjoy this pregnancy, I feel like I’m enjoying
this pregnancy more, so far, than the first one, and maybe
’cause I know what’s coming and I can just relax a little more. Is that it he three king? Yes, he three king, how do
you balance being a mother and a wife without forgetting you? I think that’s a really
really good question, I think, you know, as a wife
my priority is my husband and being there for him and nurturing him, you know, mentally,
physically and spiritually, and then as a mom it’s the same way, I’m there to nurture my son’s thoughts, and his development and his growth, and when you think about having
those two responsibilities, it’s very easy to forget about you, but I think it’s really really important, I always live by this saying that, if you don’t take care
of the mother goose, how can mother goose lay an egg? Like how can she be healthy
enough to lay an egg? So I think it’s really
really important for you, and you know it’s okay
to be selfish sometimes and focus on your needs,
your desires, your wants, and I always feel like
just because you are a mom it doesn’t necessarily mean
that you have to forget about your aspirations, your desires, your wants and what you want to do in life, and I think it’s very
easy for women to forget about themselves, but I
think in order for you to be a great wife, an in order
for you to be a great mother, you have to be happy and
you have to care of yourself and when you do that then
I think it creates some sort of balance within your family. And I am not afraid to have me time- – No she does not, she’s
talkin’ about yoga already gettin’ back in yoga
class, and hip hop dancing – It’s called dance hall dancing yeah- but that’s my time, I have
an hour, the phone’s down, to myself and I just have a great time and I come home refreshed, do I not? – Yes. – I do, so, do you! (laughing) – And I like to sit at home
in the corner, in the dark, and just chill- – He’s so chill this
one, some people are like how does this work? I think
I’m like the la-la-la-la-la I’m the spaz, and he’s like
the- ya know, look at him, just like the calm and it just works. – Peace (laughing) (soft music)

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