Tia Mowry’s Simple Sheet Pan Dinner | Quick Fix

– Hi guys. So, do you find yourself struggling to put a meal on the table? I know I do, especially for picky eaters. But don’t worry, because I will show you a quick fix that’ll solve the problem. (bright, fun music) One thing thing that I absolutely love about sheet pan dinners are they are quick, easy, and
you’re only using one dish. You know what that means? Less mess, and less dishes. Whoop whoop! (audience cheering) Let’s start with the Brussels sprouts. I’ve already washed my Brussels sprouts. What you’re gonna wanna do is just peel off the first layer, and then you’re gonna
want to cut off the ends, and that is how you
prep a Brussels sprout. So, now that my Brussels
sprouts are prepped, I am just going to spread them on this baking sheet like so. And, I’m gonna move on to my potatoes. As you can see, my potatoes
are taking a nice bath in some ice cold water, and the reason I am doing this is because I don’t want my potatoes to turn brown. Nobody wants that. I am just going to cut my
potatoes into tiny squares, and I want them to be around the same size
of the Brussels sprout. I’m doing this so that
everything cooks nice and evenly. My husband, he likes to sneak
into the kitchen sometimes. I don’t like allowing him in the kitchen for this one reason. He always likes to change up
my recipes behind my back. If I go, maybe, to the sink to wash my hands, my husband will sneak behind my back, and he’ll throw in some type of ingredient that just doesn’t work. (laughs awkwardly) So, I am definitely the one that’s always in the kitchen by choice. One thing that I love about this recipe, and I think that it’s
great for picky eaters, is, there’s chicken in there,
and there’s potatoes, and my son absolutely
loves chicken and potatoes. And, I’m also gonna add
some greenery in there, which are the Brussels sprouts, to add some nutritional value. Potatoes are done. So, I’m just gonna add
them to the sheet pan. If you want all the
measurements for this recipe, it’ll be in the description below. I’m gonna add three cloves of garlic. I’m gonna cut them in half. Toss that like so. Now, I’m gonna add some
more flavor to this dish. I have some olive oil and Dijon mustard. I am obsessed with Dijon mustard. I use it in basically everything. I’m gonna add some pepper. Some salt. Just get a little bit. This looks great. I’m gonna drizzle this
over my Brussels sprouts and my potatoes, like so. Again, this is gonna add flavor to the potatoes
and the Brussels sprouts. So, I want to mix all of this together. Don’t worry about
getting your hands dirty. (laughs) That’s when it becomes fun, especially if you have your
kids with you in the kitchen. I know my son, he loves doing stuff like this. He loves getting his
hands all nice and dirty. There we go. (yammers melodically) I know my mother, she says you shouldn’t
play with your food, but… (giggles shyly) Now, onto the star of
this dish, should I say, the chicken. I’m gonna add a really nice rub to it, giving it loads of flavor, because I love some flavor, okay? I’m gonna add some thyme,
onion powder, cayenne, brown sugar, and salt. I’m gonna give it a nice whisk, blending all the flavors together. So, the brown sugar is
gonna add some sweetness to the chicken. The cayenne is gonna add
a little bit of heat, not too much. And, I always love using herbs. It just makes any dish nice and fresh. You know what I mean? (chuckles mischievously) Alright, come here, chicken. I’m just gonna add my rub. Alright, so, my chicken
is nice and coated. Here’s a little tip, when you buy chicken
thighs, they come like this. What I like to do, is, I just like to fold
them a little, like so. Not only does it look
really nice and pretty, by me folding it, it’s gonna leave the chicken
really nice and tender, and it doesn’t dry out. This recipe serves about
four to five people, and if you have a bigger family, you can just make two sheet pan dinners. I’m gonna put this in the oven at 425 degrees for 30 minutes, until the chicken is cooked through, and that’s it. (giggles) Doesn’t this look delicious? Mmm! (rhythmically humming with delight) This is so delicious. You’re gonna love this. So, that’s my go-to dinner for dinner in a hurry. So, make sure you subscribe, and hit that notification
bell for more quick fix ideas, and I’ll see you next week. Bye! (jazzy, upbeat music)

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  1. Remember watching your TV show with your sister… you two have had a great run in life. You are such a sweet person for reals. 😉 Look forward to more recipes.

  2. Ok I just tried this dish out the other day and my man killed the entire pan!!! Lol. It was super flavorful. Thanks Tia ❤

  3. Thanks again Tia! Although I'm not a fan of Brussels sprouts I like the chicken, potatoes, etc! I plan to cook this one pan dish one day soon. I will comment back soon n tell u how the one pan recipe turns out for me! I'm excited cos I don't cook much! But when I do it's an Special OCCASION!😂😭

  4. Can u do more dinner like this… N I'm your Biggest fan I like love your show that you did in the game and that other one that you made instant mom

  5. Tia, I have been trying to stay away from toxins and harsh chemicals to get ready for my second IVF. All the foods you make are so good but I feel sometimes with work my husband and I don’t get to eat it and gets spoiled . What do you think about freezing food with ziplock plastic bags? Is it safer to freeze the food on a glass container or ziplock bag? I’m trying to stay away from harsh toxins but would like to save money and make the food last longer.. so it does not go to waste .

  6. Tia, I made this dinner yesterday and it was so delicious. I would LOVE to see you make more of your recipes. your energy is awesome and i absolutely enjoy watching you.

  7. Definitely using this recipe for my meal prep. You’re a lifesaver Tia. Love you ❤️❤️❤️❤️💕💕💕💕🌸🌸☺️

  8. Tried this recipe! Hubby and loved it. My toddler didn’t go for the potato or sprouts but devoured the chicken! Now to get her to eat vegetables!

  9. There is a error in the recipe she used Yukon potatoes it says fingerling potatoes. Those potatoes will burn their too small.

  10. This looks delish Tia!
    Thanks and please keep these quick dish recipes coming.
    Love your giggles when your prepping your dishes! 🤗

  11. I finally got around to making this for dinner! AMAZING!!! I substituted the brussel sprouts for broccoli and it turned out great!

  12. Made this for dinner tonight. Delicious and SUPER easy. The hardest part was cleaning the chicken (they never show that step). Will make often. Thanks Tia!!

  13. I'm literally just binge watching a bunch of Tia's videos because she's cheering me up. No ones cooking dinner at midnight haha!

  14. I love brussel sprouts they're delicious and healthy and that is a great recipe totally will do it

  15. How have you not aged? You look practically the same 20 years later, what sort of sorcery is this?!

  16. This is great. I love Brussel sprouts. So many people are scared to use them or think they are gross. I will try this recipe out soon. 😎

  17. I know Dijon mustard would be a great thing to add for flavor but I hate mustard… But I do love ranch… Maybe a ranch packet?

  18. Hi Tia, not sure if you are going to see this message but I would like to take this opportunity to humbly invite you to my channel.. hope you will be encouraged by it 🙌🏾

  19. Wow, you really have amazing recipes, I'm always looking forward to your videos just to see what your cooking up next!!😋😋😋😋😋😋

  20. You’re quick fix are sooo helpful 😉
    Watched one of your videos last night and subscribed right away..
    Been watching alot more today 🤗🤗🤗😘😘❤️❤️❤️❤️

  21. Tia cooks with so much love and joy in her heart that you cannot help but look at her cooking videos, I really have to try one of these meals…..

  22. Made this and my kids are very picky but they devoured it!! SO MUCH FLAVOR NO JOKE!! Loved it..can't wait to try more of your recipes!!😊 Love your laugh Tia!! ❤

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