Tig Notaro Tries Her Comedic Party Bits on Sarah Paulson and Jimmy

-We’ve all been following
everything that’s happening in Houston. I know that you grew up here. -I did spend a portion
of my time growing up in the Spring and Cypress area, which is right outside Houston. -Ooh, it’s tough, huh?
-Yes, it is very rough. -I actually — do you mind
if I mention a few charities? -I don’t, please. -And I wrote down
a few things that I would like for people
to get a pen, write this down if you’re
paying attention at home. -Yeah.
-And real quick, off the top, I just want to thank — I have
friends at Mattress Firm that have been handing out
mattresses to people in Houston. -Really?
Isn’t that great? [ Cheers and applause ] -Very — very generous. Protect TX Fragile Kids. They give medical supplies for
fragile infants and children. Montrose LGBTQ Center,
they’re open to everyone. Gay, straight,
however you identify. AIDS, HIV, mental health,
youth, seniors. Austin Pets Alive! That’s a no-kill shelter
set up in Houston. Undies for Everyone. God knows we all need
a fresh pair of underwear no matter what the weather.
-Yeah. [ Light laughter ] -Food Not Bombs. Vegan and vegetarian food. And good old Houston Food Bank. -Absolutely, yeah. [ Cheers and applause ] Thank you for doing that.
Yeah. -Yes, yes.
Thank you. Tig, you’ve been super,
super busy. You’re uber-famous now. Your show’s a giant hit. -I’m driving Uber. -You’re driving an Uber.
-Yeah. You drive for Uber — and by he
way, it was a great drive. Your song selection
was — mwah! — perfecto. -I drove Sarah here
from Los Angeles. -That’s how I got here from L.A. -Oh, my — you took an Uber? -From L.A.
-My Uber. Your Uber,
well, hey, that’s good. -She drove me here he whole way. -Have you had any time
to relax, because “One Mississippi,”
you’re doing that, you’re doing stand-up
everywhere. -Yeah, I’ve been going
to a lot of parties. -You’re a party animal.
-[ Laughs ] [ Laughter ] [ Laughing ] I’m sorry. -Sarah. -No, I mean — -You and I have partied
together. -No, I know.
-You know I party. -I know, yeah.
-Nothing can stop me. -Nothing.
-Not a busy career. -No, nothing. -No, not twins,
nothing can stop me. Yeah, and I’m not great
around strangers, but I’m really good in, like,
large groups of strangers. [ Laughter ] -What do you mean?
Like, what do you mean? -Well, I like to do party bits,
is what I call it. -You got some good bits. -Yeah, you just
toy with people. -That’s always the best. Well, like what,
could you give me an example? -Well, I would need your help
and your help. If you guys could stand
together. Like you’re talking
kind of closely, in a very crowded party. -Okay. So this —
anyone can do his bit, right? -Not anyone. [ Laughter ]
-Sorry, sorry. It takes a very special person
to do this bit. -Don’t take away my thunder. -No, I won’t.
-Like, you’re at a party, you’re very much engaged
in a conversation. I come through, I —
remember I’m part of this. -Yeah, okay.
-Oh, sorry. I was really enjoying.
We had a good — -We were miming, we were miming.
-We should go to more parties. -I’m coming through. And just
squeeze in through here. [ Laughter ] -That’s your move?
-This is — yeah. What do you mean, yeah?
-That’s the, yeah — -You’re supposed to —
people back up. -We were backing up.
-Terrified. -Oh, terrified,
yeah, that’s right. -We can do it again.
-No, no, what you did was fine. -Okay.
-But that is — I stand there and just rock it back and forth
and stare at a stranger. [ Laughter ] -Tig, here’s something wrong
with you. -Of course. -There’s something wrong
with you. That’s a bit you do at a party? Strangers?
[ Applause ] -It is one bit that I do. It’s one bit that I do. -Give me another bit
that you do. -Okay. Another crowded party,
it can be at a bar. All right?
-Okay. -You have hundreds of people
around. You start looking
for an imaginary dog. [ Laughter ] And you’re like, “Mitzy, Mitzy.” And then you have
hundreds of people bent over looking under couches
and chairs. [ Laughter and applause ] And then after you have
the whole party or bar looking for this dog, then you just go,
“Oh, there she is. Come on.” [ Laughter ] -And leave?
-And you walk right out. -And you walk right
out of the party. -And you just walk right out.
That is a fantastic, fantastic bit.
[ Cheers and applause ] I’m going to do that. I want to talk to you about —
this is giant. This is —
your show’s doing great. “One Mississippi,” it’s coming
back for season two. For people who have not seen
the first season, could you set it up,
and what the show is about? -It’s — well, in four months
of my life, five years ago, I had been diagnosed
with invasive cancer. I had developed
an intestinal disease that made it hard for me
to eat. It gets funnier.
[ Laughter ] My mother had an accident and it took her
off life support, and was going through a break-up
with my girlfriend, and I, of course, was like, “This is a half-hour comedy
waiting to happen.” -Waiting, of course.
Writes itself. -Yeah. That’s kind of
what the first episode of the first season is
very true to that time period, and then as the season — and the seasons go on,
it becomes more fictionalized and — and there is humor, but there’s a lot
of dramatic moments. -There is.
-Yeah. -It’s a good mixture
of both. That’s what we want.
-Yeah, I’m proud of it. -I’m proud of it, too.
-I think we’ve done a good job. -I think
you did a great job. You’re doing great. [ Cheers and applause ]
You know we love you.

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  1. I’m assuming this was during Harvey because of the date. As a Texan I appreciate the support, I live in Austin and we were effected but not nearly as bad as Houston and the coast. We had severe flooding but had to combat that with welcoming our truly effected Texans. It’s been 2 years and it still hits all of us emotionally. So I appreciate the shout outs. I’m not well educated on all of the organizations Tig mentioned but I am very familiar with Austin Pets Alive. If you’re in the Austin area please support them. If not, please find a shelter that will take animals without question that do not euthanize.

  2. I was born that way so I’m gonna say yes I’ve been that way since I was a kid saying as a teenager is it in as a dog so yes so can we move on to talk about it because

  3. First of all why did this pop up in my recommendations and second spring cypress is not a bad area. Like i live here. It’s the suburbs not 5th ward.

  4. She us mildly funny,.like anyone. Its more that she is interesting. Someone like jim gaffigan or jimmy fallon are perceived as funnier bcz they have great writers

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