TIGER’S MARRIAGE ♥ Malayalam Cartoon for children from manjadi IV ★from the house of Pupi and Kathu

Manjadi manjadi
(folk songs and stories) (Giggle) Friends, have you gone for a wedding I know you had the tasty meal too Can you tell How a tiger’s marriage would be? Here’s a tale on a tiger’s marriage, This story is from the north eastern states (Birds chirping) A priest, on the way
to his village through a forest fell in front of a tiger (Tiger Roars) But the tiger felt
sympathy for the priest Where are you going dear grandpa Dear son, I am returning
after attending a marriage.. Marriage? What do you mean by it? Marriage happens when
male and female species begin to live together Is it so? Then I too want to marry, grandpa I have to trick him,
if I have to save my life Okay, come to my home after two days, I will arrange your marriage
with a beautiful tigress As soon as the priest reached home, he called all his friends in the village, made a big cage and waited for the tiger to come (Birds Chirping) (cock-a-doodle-doos) Grandpa, O grandpa… I have come But the scared priest did not come out of his home O! have you come I am chanting certain mantras for the marriage Get into cage outside and
lie down, closing the door This is a ceremony of the marriage So what grandpa, I will get into the cage right now I didn’t know that I had to struggle
a lot to get married Help! Help! Help! I don’t want any marriage I will die right now Help! Help! Might be a tiger
who does not know swimming let me save him You have saved my life, I want to marry you Only you I agree I am very happy now Everything happened because
of the mantras of that priest I got you just because
he had send me on a cage Let’s go and seek grandpa’s blessings Grandpa O! grandpa Oh God ! Didn’t that tiger die, He has come back with another one to catch me, its sure Grandpa, O! grandpa.. come out soon I got married because of your blessings I have come with my wife Please give your blessings to us,
grandpa Grandpa is not well my dear I too feel happy I give all my blessings to you You can place your token and leave God saved me All ended like the blind man
throwing stones at the mango tree (Humming) Manjadi
(folk songs and stories)

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