Tim McGraw’s 23rd Anniversary Gift To Faith Hill Is Truly Adorable

– [Kelly Clarkson] Did
you celebrate 23 years? – [Tim McGraw] 23 years in
October, this past October. (audience applauds) – What’s your date? – October 6th. – Oh we are October 20th, yep. I was like I totally know it. – It’s the guy is supposed
to get that wrong. – No, no, no, my husband and I have both forgot two anniversaries. – Oh wow. – He was hunting and I was like asleep, and they emailed us and they
were like, “happy anniversary!” And we were like, “oh my God!” He was, like, ordering flowers, and I was, like, calling
him, “oh, ha ha, love you.” I was like, we totally forget, it’s fine. But what did you do to celebrate? That’s huge. – Gosh, I was in Australia
I think, this was the first anniversary that we were apart. – Oh no. – Yeah, but we were backstage
and I recorded the very first song that we ever did together. We did the Spontaneous
Combustion Tour, where we met, when she was opening for me on my very first headlining tour, and we used to do the Tony Rich song, “Nobody Knows But Me”. – ♪ Nobody knows it but me ♪ I love that one, yeah. – So I recorded that backstage
with the guys, and we sent it to her for our anniversary. – Oh yeah, that’s cute. Okay.
– So that was my anniversary gift. – That was pretty cute. So I just saw two of your
kids backstage, but your two oldest kids are out of the house. Are y’all excited about
being empty nesters? – I don’t know if we are
excited about it, we miss them, Gracie and Maggie- – You are such good parents. – And we miss them. – I’m gonna be like, bye! I love ’em but bye!

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  1. I’m 28 and I remember being in love with this man because of his music when I was in like 7th grade lol swear I had a boyfriend and what not🤦🏾‍♀️🤣 lol

  2. I’m genuinely Star-struck that Kelly has this country legend on her show! Tim McGraw is my favorite country artist from the 1990s! I grew up listening to his music. 😍❤️🤩

  3. Wow, have I ever been removed from societies "fame" …Kelly Clarkson now has her OWN talk show. Mind Blown. I don't keep up with any of it.

  4. Tim McGraw and Faith Hill are one of my favorite couples of country music, and I love them both individually too.

  5. Holy cow, what a display of vanity… The hat, the purposefully unbuttoned and spread open shirt… He is a nice looking guy I guess but this image oriented flaunting is just disgusting. Especially for a guy.

  6. @KellyClarksonShow you are truly my spirit animal. I've always loved you since American Idol but when you said when your kids move out you're going to be like, "Byeeeeee!!!" I nearly peed my pants because I say that ALL the time about mine. Even now I truly enjoy when they have sleepovers at their friends houses…lol I mean, I love them but I totally enjoy the peace and quiet too.

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  8. Need a little more meat on those bones Tim McGraw, being healthy is one thing but losing more weight then you should is another.


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