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Happy Birthday Yahoo! 25 years! And this is a year of celebration for sure because it’s the birthday, the 20th birthday for Verizon as well. So happy birthday Yahoo. It’s a great 25 years. Let’s now go into the next 25! Hey guys, we’re here at 770 Broadway, hanging out with my Yahoo friends, celebrating a quarter century of having a ball! So without further ado Yahoooo! Guru, take it away! I need everybody here, people watching livestream, Happy Birthday Yahoo! Sporting a throwback varsity jacket, Guru helped us party like it’s 1995, as Verizon Media’s CEO kicked off a rockin’ Open House webcast from Sunnyvale and New York City, paying homage to Yahoo’s iconic past and looking towards a promising digital future. If you look at what happened 25 years ago, there was a moment in time where the internet essentially became the internet and transformed humanity in a way that brought us together like never before. And making its return in cinematic fashion, a digital time capsule! Now back in the day, Yahoo captured its users’ thoughts and feelings on life to create the world’s largest digital time capsule. After sitting in the Smithsonian for years, Yahoo’s 25th birthday marked the perfect time to take a glimpse at history. So we found this thing that had a little mini Mac hard drive in it, and then that’s kind of where the fun got a little muddy, where we had to go through 170,000 pieces of content to see what was on the thing. It was like, a lot to go through, but it was cool. A lot of different things pictures, audio messages, videos. It kind of feels like you’re going through someone’s home videos that you don’t know. But it was really just kind of looking at a slice of personal lives of these people that we never met that were Yahoo users once upon a time. So as we blow out the candles here in New York and in Sunnyvale, Verizon Media is looking towards the next 25 years here’s Guru with some final thoughts. A company is ultimately what you make of it. And we’re not just building products, we’re building culture. Be loud and be proud about everything you build. One of the lasting aspects of Yahoos legacy I think is the culture here. And before we go, a few quick reminders. Don’t forget to tune in today at 11AM eastern as we “Light The Way” with our Women’s history month webcast. And finally, we continue to monitor the COVID-19 Coronavirus, and if you haven’t already, check out our Coronavirus resource page for all the latest updates. That’s it for now here in New York City. Until next time, you’re up to speed.

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