Timothée Chalamet Spills Details on Epic Dinner with Kanye and Kim Kardashian West

-Timothée Chalamet. Always good to see you, buddy. Thank you so much
for coming back to our show. -Thanks for having me back.
-You got such a great energy. Every time I run into you,
you’re always — -And you were surprised
backstage, right? -Yeah, I was.
-I scared Jimmy backstage. Because he knocked on my door,
I went “Aaaah!” [ Laughter ]
-You were right behind the door. Normally, I knock on the door,
and then, open it up and walk into the dressing room.
I opened up, but you — you were right there
and jumped out at me, yeah. -I had been waiting.
I was there. -I wanted —
How long were you waiting for? -For three hours.
[ Laughter ] -I want to ask you
about this photo here, because we’ve had Kim Kardashian
on the show and Pete Davidson, and they were
talking about this night. There’s a picture of you guys out to dinner with Kid Cudi
and Kanye West. -Okay. So, Kid Cudi
is my favorite artist ever. I wouldn’t be acting
without him. I wouldn’t pursue
this crazy career, and I just text him one morning,
his birthday, and he said, “Oh, come to dinner tonight.” I did not know that was
what I was walking into. Which was awesome
but was surreal. Had to go in the bathroom,
send a couple of texts, like, you know…
[ Laughter ] -So, you thought you were
going to dinner with Kid Cudi. -Yeah, which would’ve
already been very surreal. Because that’s a —
You know, whenever I’m, like, trying to have a good time, but I’m also, like, coming off
weird, like right now. -No, no, no, no, no.
[ Laughter ] You’re coming off
totally normal and fun. So, you get there
and Pete Davidson’s there. Do you know Pete?
-Yeah, Pete’s great. He’s a fellow New Yorker. Just did a movie
with my sister, actually.” -Oh, really?
-Yeah, Judd Apatow movie. -No way.
-Yes. -So, it’s you,
Pete, and Kid Cudi. And then, how do you know
if Kim and Kanye are coming? -Well, I got there,
and I had sneaking suspicion, but they weren’t — there was
not enough seats for everyone, so I thought
I was gonna be safe. And then —
Not safe, but it was. [ Laughter ] And then, we’re hanging out,
and then it feels like there’s an earthquake
in the restaurant, but it was — it was —
it was, like, epic. You know, you can feel the,
like — -The energy shift. -You turn around,
and I was like, “Holy [bleep]” You know, ’cause, like, I feel like I’m in this now
a little bit. But then, I’m like, “I can’t —
I can’t feel, like — I feel like too much
of a fraud or something.” So, I’m like,
“What?! This is nuts.” Yeah. -That you were sitting with
Kid Cudi and Kanye? Or Kim or what?
-All of them, man. I’m not — I’m not —
-And where was this? What room? -Well, that’s in a back room
at that point. You know,
I went to the bathroom. Seriously, I sent a text
to two friends, and my words, like, “Does this make sense?” And they were like,
“Man, 16-year-old you would slap the [bleep]
out of you. Go back to the table.”
[ Laughter ] And I went to the table,
and then, like — And then, it was fun.
It was a good time. And then, you have enough, like, random whatever
they have on the table, and then you forget about
all of it, anyway. -Yeah, exactly.
It’s fun, yeah. -Now don’t do that.
It’s not a healthy way to deal with it,
but in that moment, yeah. [ Laughter ]
-With 16-year-old you, what would you be doing,
if not acting? -I’m not good at anything else. That’s the only thing
I’m, like, decent at. I mean, like, my mom’s
a dance teacher, so maybe something in the arts, maybe, like,
dancing or something. -‘Cause I do have a photo of you
in a dance — a dance thing. It’s pretty awesome.
-That’s — This is you at
the National Dance Institute. This is you as Cupid.
[ Audience “Awws” ] I mean,
I think you have a future. Timothée.
[ Cheers and applause ] Come on!
How cute is that? You got good form, buddy. What do you remember about this? -I remember absolutely nothing.
[ Laughter ] -Come on!
-That’s not even me! -Come on. Come on. No, it’s not even you.
Just a random kid, yeah. -They just brought that up.
No, that was surreal. That’s actually
at my high school that I went to, eventually,
so the first time I was on that stage was at
the high school I went to. And nobody
would care about that, but that’s something I remember. -No, people do care about that. I saw somewhere,
we were reading up on you, and it said on your résumé,
your acting résumé, you put things on there like —
besides acting — skills that you could do.
-Yes. -One of them, I think,
was dance. Maybe one of them was chess,
I want to say? -It was random.
My mom used to fill out my résumé,
so they have special skills, and you go in for auditions.
-Chess. [ Laughs ] -Like, no casting director’s
gonna be like, “This kid plays chess!
Let’s put him in a movie.” [ Laughter ]
-“Can you fake chess?” -But it was a lot.
It was like, chess, bike riding, you know, swimming.
Like normal [bleep] Normal things.
Sorry, sorry. -You can’t say that word.
-Sorry, sorry, sorry. -Do you know how much money
you’re costing NBC right now? Oh, my God.
[ Laughter and applause ] It’s gonna hurt
the opening weekend. Trust me, buddy.
-No! -No, no.
But we saw that on there. And one of the things
that’s on there was juggling. -Juggling, yeah.
I used to be able to know — Well, maybe, I — But you have juggling balls
right here? [ Cheers and applause ]
-I’m just saying… Now, I don’t know anything.
I can’t do — I can’t do it at all. I’m terrible.
I really have no clue. Can you juggle?
-Let’s take a shot. Okay. -Yeah, it’s Timothée Chalamet
juggling. Giving it a shot.
[ Cheers and applause ] -All right. [ Cheers and applause ] -Come on, bud!
Come on, dude. You already had your spot. It’s like a talent show here.
-Like a talent show. -It’s like a talent show. -What would your juggling
equivalent be? -What, do I just? -Like special skill,
weird, random thing. -Oh, I have the worst special — I don’t know
what my special skills was. My special skill was —
I guess I do impressions. That was my —
-Well, dude, you’re the host — This is amazing.
-I know, but if I’m gonna be in a movie,
you don’t need somebody who’s gonna do impressions.
-“Fever Pitch.” Who’s seen “Fever Pitch” here? [ Cheers and applause ] Yes, no.
-Stop it! -No, I’m not gonna
get into anything.

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  1. Bless your heart you pure soul. I place a shield of indigo energy around you, may the energies of Hollywood bounce off of you.
    May you use your platform to make people happy,warm and hopeful.

  2. i love how he always ends up asking things to jimmy like he wasnt being interviewed like it was just a normal convo or something

  3. He’s upgraded to still being 100% humble amazing genuine honest him
    But casually says shit on TV

    You just get better don’t you 🤣😍

  4. didn't understand a single word he said the entire time …. needed closed captioning for this interview. ridiculous

  5. It's a lil selfish to say this but i don't want my fav guy Timothée to become more and more famous i don't know why i'm sorry but it's true T.T

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