Tina attacks Peachy to reveal her marriage with Nathan | Pamilya Ko Recap (With Eng Subs)

I’m so nervous for Peachy. “Fine! So, you were right. I was wrong! Congratulations! I hope all of you are
happy being right! As for me… …I don’t mind
being wrong… …for the right reason. For the right person. He sees me. He looks inside my heart
and sees what’s real. He sees the darkness
that lurks within, but instead of running
away from it, he embraces it! And he believes in me. Even if I don’t
believe in myself. Because he’s the opposite. He has faith in me. And my heart feels so
safe in his hands. I hear them. I can hear the
things they say. And I know what they say,
but I don’t care! I used to think that I
was dead inside. But now, I feel so alive. And I feel so loved,
and that’s all that matters. Am I… Am I floating?
Because I feel so high! I feel so light! Everywhere I look,
I see him. And every voice I
hear is his. Everything I see is
beautiful because of him. Someone once told me… “Love in itself is
never wrong.” And I believe that. Because if it were, then nothing… …nothing will be right.” [APPLAUSE] [APPLAUSE AND CHEERS] Ouch! – You!
– Why are you hurting me?! You are such a slut! You flirt! You’re a common,
basic whore! I don’t know what
you’re talking about! Come here! Stop it! Ladies and gentlemen! Give another round
of applause for Peachy Ann Mabunga… My husband’s mistress! Ouch! – You!
– Why are you hurting me?! You are such a slut! You flirt! You’re a common,
basic whore! I don’t know what
you’re talking about! Come here! Stop it! Ladies and gentlemen! Give another round
of applause for Peachy Ann Mabunga… My husband’s mistress! [GASPS] That’s enough! Stop it! That’s enough! Stop it! That’s not true! Stop it! – Let go of me! Let me go!
– Stop it! That’s enough! Come here! That’s not true! Well, you better
believe it, bitch! I am Mrs. Christina Rubiñol, the wife of Professor
Nathan Rubiñol, the mother of his child, and
you are ruining my kid’s life because you’re a homewrecker! Let go of me! Try hurting my daughter again!
Just try it! Come here! Come on! – Put that down!
– Stop it! My sister’s a minor!
Stop your cyberbullying! – I said stop!
– Hey! – Peach! Peachy…
– Ma, it hurts! Leave! – You’re asking for it.
– Beri. Peachy, listen to me, please. Dear, let’s go. I need to do this. Is all that true? Is it? She’s your wife
and you have a kid? Let’s eat. Kindly put it there. Let’s eat. Love, where are
the other kids? Pongky’s already asleep. But he ate before he slept. The others aren’t hungry. Come on. Let’s eat. Kids… It’s time for dinner. Love, they can eat later. They aren’t hungry.
They’re tired. Luz, you prepared dinner. The least they could
do is join us. Come on, kids! Sit. [KNOCKING ON THE DOOR] I’m sorry for
interrupting your dinner. I just want to talk to you. What are you doing here? Can you believe this guy? How can you show up here after everything you’ve done? Calm down, Beri. Peachy, everyone.
Upstairs, now. No, Dad. Nathan came
all the way here to– Peachy, please. Just go upstairs. Lemon, everyone. Yes, Mom. I didn’t come here for Peachy. I’m here to talk to you. Please give me
a chance to explain. Do you even
get to sleep at night knowing what you’ve done? How could you make
your wife suffer like this? How could you make
my daughter suffer like this? I’m here to ask forgiveness, for what my wife did. Ex-wife, actually. Did you hear that? We’ve been living apart
for close to a year now. I caught her in the ac– That’s none of my business,
Nathan. What I want to know is, why are you putting my daughter
through all this? Peachy is still a minor, Nathan. Peachy is still a minor, Nathan. I understand. I came here to apologize
for everything. But I just want you to know that I will never do anything
to hurt your daughter. Because I love her. Do you? – Is this guy serious?!
– Beri, that’s enough. What the heck is
he saying?! Beri, please. It’s true – I love her. I didn’t think
I’d feel this way for her. But Peachy
made me feel special – she made me realize
that I can regain myself back, that I can love again. You see, unlike you,
I came from a broken family. And what my ex-wife did… …really crushed me. Then Peachy came along. And made me feel
less of a failure. I’ve heard enough. What you did was wrong, Nathan. You’re in
a position of authority. As an adult, you’re supposed
to know better. And yet you took advantage
of my daughter. I want you to stay away
from my daughter for good – don’t ever call her,
don’t ever text her. Because God knows
what I’d do if you’d still keep
in touch with her after this. You can go now. Nothing you just said can make us change
our minds about what you did. Peachy, I’ll just get something. Okay. James, sorry about earlier. I think you got bored
by our girl talk. Oh, that’s fine. I’ve always wanted
a baby sister. Someone I can pick on and give advice to
when she needs it. Okay, what if you were
my older brother? What advice would you give me? You don’t want to know.
Besides, Betty might get mad. Why would she be mad? Okay, fine. I won’t tell her. Well, honestly, that thing you had with Nathan, it may be wrong… …but it’s really romantic. You know,
the stuff about great love. I mean, he wouldn’t risk
his career and reputation if he didn’t really
love you, right? You’re just saying that because
that’s what I want to hear. You know, you remind me
of my mom. She was very young
and very innocent, just like you. What happened to her? Carlitos Quisumbing
is my father. I’m your son. Well, you’re looking at him now. What I’m trying to say is, relationships like that,
they could work. I mean, if there weren’t
any obstacles. Besides, age is just a number. You know,
if you really love him, if he really makes you happy,
and you can fight for him, then go for it. People think you find your
great love more than once, but sometimes,
that’s not the case. Sometimes, it only happens
once in a lifetime. Peachy, life is short. You’re 17 now, and then 37 tomorrow,
just like that. So… …you should live your life
with no regrets. Call me stupid,
but I can’t lose Nathan. Peachy. Are you sure about this? Okay. Let’s go.

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  1. Still peanat.pahinging isang sir nathan yung handang humarap sa pmilya ng taong mahal nya.sana all.ang cute ng mukha ni marus at jc..bgay tlga

  2. As a teacher and watching this makes me cringe (if you know what i mean)
    Una – may asawa sya, eveb though hiwalay pero sa papel kasal pa rin sila
    Pangalawa – teacher si Nathan at teen ager si Peachy
    Ano pa mas nakaka cringe jan?

  3. Ako lang ba yung tawang tawa sa reaction ng mabunga family sa speech ni peachy? Yung tipong parang nasasapul sila ng bawat salita HAHAHA

  4. Natatawa talaga ako kay Maris Racal. Hindi bagay sa kanya kasi mukha syang cheap talaga at saka hindi ko makalimutan yung TUBOL nyang ayaw lumubog dun sa pagpasok niya ng PBB noon HAHAHAHAHAHA

  5. Just like what my father did to his student. Ayun nagsama sila ngayon at may anak. Well btw pang apat na babae na yun ng father ko. And i have a happy family since bata pa naman ako di ko na kasama tunay ko na tatay so i dont care about him

  6. "Age is just a number.Life is short. Live your life with no regrets." Ang daming millenials nahulog sa patibong na yan at litong utak sa pghold accountable sa consequences ng mga impulsive decisions nila. They can justify but when conscience and guilt knocked you,it's difficult to deny.

  7. Why I'm crying😢😢😢😢 Maris Racal and Jc sana magkaroon kayu ng teleserye❤❤❤

  8. It makes me cringe,sana hndi mapanuod to ng kabataan bka tularan pa..mali pa rin relationship,we should understand also everything has a time,time for love.

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