Tinkerbell Magically Flew Us To Disneyland! Pt 2 Kids Fun TV Family Vacation!

Previously, on Kids Fun TV. I caught Tinkerbell
in my room last night! Fly us to Disneyland! [Poof!] The heck? You’ll never believe this, but I think that
the kids are on their way to Disneyland in a small box with Tinkerbell… [Travel music and chiming] Only babies believe in fairies… [Gasping!] Stop it! You’re gonna
hurt Tinkerbell’s feelings! I think she’s falling asleep! [Gasps] That means the
magic will wear off! Ahhh! [Wind whooshing]
Ahhh! Jack, you have to
believe that Tinkerbell is real! Yeah, Jack, think about it. How else could we have gotten
shrunk down into a small box. Yeah, Jack, we only started falling when
you said you didn’t believe in fairies! Ahhh! [Wind whooshing]
Ahhh! Tinkerbell has to be real! I believe,
I believe, I believe! We believe,
we believe, we believe! We believe,
we believe, we believe! We believe,
we believe, we believe! [Rewinding noise] [Surprised] We stopped… Wait, what happened? [Thump, thump!] I don’t know. Let’s see what’s going on out there. [Travel music resumes] The box must have stopped,
but we’re not moving. Oh my goodness! We’re only one foot off the ground! What? Phew, that was a close one! Jack, promise me that
you’ll never say that again. I promise. That scared me out of my mind! Look, Tink is waking up. [Tinkerbell wakes up]
[Tinkerbell smiles] She’s smiling again. [Tinkerbell begins chiming again] Let me see, let me see! [Tinkerbell rubs
sleep from her eyes] Jack, you must
say that you believe. Holy cow! Or, we’re NOT
going to Disneyland! Sorry, Tink.
I believe in fairies. I believe in you! Oh good!
Off to Disneyland! [Cheerful music resumes] Wait a minute… It’s my turn. A cat! Oh yeah, this
was Ghepetto’s cat. No, that’s Minnie’s cat. Let’s ask Tinkerbell to turn
this into a live kitty, too! Look, there she is! [Laughter] [Poof!] It’s a real kitty! [Gasp]
[Meow] Share Figaro. [Meow] Let me hold it… Here you go! [Laughter] Here, kitty,
kitty, kitty! Here, kitty,
kitty, kitty! [Meow] Good, good… [Poof!] It’s a stuffed
animal again. It’s okay, Figaro. You’ll have fun
on Splash Mountain. [Meow] We’re in the city now,
we must be close! [Gasps] Yaaaaaaaaay! [Surpise] Hey, I know a fun activity. Let’s try to guess each others’
favorite rides at Disneyland! I’ll go first. What in the world… You guys,
close your eyes. [Pirate music] [Chiming] Alright, you guys ready? Start in: 3 2 1 GO! Pirates of the Caribbean! Ding, ding, ding! I love Pirates of the
Caribbean. It’s so fun! Lets sing the song! “Yo ho, yo ho,
a pirates life for me!” Why would there be
gold dust all over the place? It’s my turn! Go to the sides… [Fun guitar music] K, you can take a look. Indiana Jones! Yep! It’s my favorite ride because the snake part, the boulder part, the part where they’re
gonna show us the lava… So, so weird… My turn; close your eyes! K, turn around. 3 2 1 Go! Can you guess
what my favorite ride is? Huh, wait, what? We don’t get it.
You don’t have a costume on. Yeah, you only have
two cups of water. That doesn’t make
any sense to me. Really?
You really can’t guess it? It has to do with water… Ummm…
No, we can’t guess it. Okay, here’s a little… HINT! [Splash!] [Splaaaaaaaaaaaaash!] [Squealing] I know what it is. It’s Splash Mountain! “Zip-a-dee-do-dah,
zip-a-dee-ay!” “My oh my,
what a wonderful day!” “Plenty of sunshine
headed our way.” “Zip-a-dee-do-dah,
zip-a-dee-ay!” It wasn’t a dream,
it wasn’t a dream. I knew Tinkerbell was real, and I knew
that the kids had left for Disneyland. Let’s check where we are. Good idea. [Fun jazz music] I see the castle! I see the
Disneyland Castle! Wooo! Yaaaay! We’re here, we’re here! I can’t wait! Kaden, you did it. You got
Tinkerbell to get us to Disneyland! Woooooo!
We made it! Yaaay! [Chiming] I think we just landed. We landed!
[Cheering] [Ble le le le leaaaaah] Wahoo,
yeah, we made it! Look, there’s the
Disneyland Castle! [More cheering] [Jump] [Jump] [Jump] This is awesome. But, how are we
going to fit on all the rides? Yeah, we’re too small
to do anything here. Yeah, we need
Tinkerbell’s magic again! Tinkerbell,
where’d you go! There she is. Tinkerbell, you’re so cute;
but, can you make us big again? We need magic pixie dust! In 3 2 1 Go! [Poof!] Whoaaaaaa! [Cheering] We made it,
we’re at Disneyland! It worked! I can’t believe
that worked. I know, it’s crazy. [Special High-Five] [Chest bump] What rides should we go on first? I think the Matterhorn. Indiana Jones is my favorite ride. I want to go on Splash Mountain first,
or Space Mountain first. I can’t wait to go on the Matterhorn! I love that ride. [Cheerful music]
[Kids skipping] [Autopia] [Jungle Cruise] [Matterhorn] [It’s a Small World] [Space Mountain] [Splash Mountain] [Phone ringing] Hello? Hi, dad! Jazzy, where are you guys? Mom and I have been
looking for you all day. Dad, you’ll never believe this! Tinkerbell shrunk us in a small box
and flew us off to Disneyland! Disneyland!? And we’ve been playing here allllll day! I thought it was a dream! We rode so many rides. Can you come get us? Love you, dad. Bye! How am I going to
explain this to your mother? I hope you guys get to
go to Disneyland soon. We had a blast! Be sure to subscribe
and like our channel! The question for today is: Where should we mail ourselves to next? Pound that like button below! Thanks Tinkerbell! Bye! Goodbye, from the
happiest place on Earth. And we’ll see you
guys next time. [Power off] Hi, everybody!
It’s time to do our Lego drawing! If you haven’t see it yet,
go and watch our Incredibles video. At the end of that video
Jasmine told you how you could enter this drawing. We have two prizes here. This is a great,
big, cool lego prize! It is Star Wars space ship. I totally wanna
play with this. And the next drawing is this awesome little
Disneyland Castle Lego set. But we’re giving it to you guys, ‘cuz you
guys made so many comments on our last video. Are you ready to find out who it is? Every comment, everybody did on our Incredibles video
would enter into this drawing. Look how many comments we had! This is awesome! Now we’re going to have the drawing
for this awesome Star Wars ship! Which one do I pick… I pick, this one! It is Isaac Litardo! If you’re Isaac Litardo you just won
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and mail these awesome prizes to them. Congratulations to the winners! Keep watching our videos, because we’re going
to do another drawing sometime soon. Thanks for watching! Watch the next video! [Cheerful music] [Smack]
Ow! I didn’t know it was coming! [Laughter] Tickle, Tickle!
Okay, lay down. Ready? Say it again,
“Tickle, tickle!” Tickle! [Cheerful music]

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