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(upbeat music) – Oh, hello. It’s New Year’s Eve. Now, you’re probably thinking, “Go out, dummy. “You’ve obviously been
invited to a ton of things.” Well, guess what? You can have as much fun
staying in on New Year’s as you can goin’ out. So, here are my tips for
staying home on New Year’s, and avoiding all of the– (phone chiming) Oh, my, oh, thank goodness. Oh, Jesus Christ, thank you. Oh, yes, here’s my tips for
going out on New Year’s Eve. Tip number one, if you’ve been invited to a New Year’s Eve party on Facebook, you’re gonna wanna check that guest list. Now, you want some mutual friends, but also, some people that you don’t know. If it’s completely
filled with your friends, there’s no room for random hook ups. Gotta hit that sweet 60/40 split. Pull out that dress you
haven’t worn in years, but you know makes you look damn fine. Tip number three, question
whether you ever looked good in that fucking dress and then put on that one that
you borrowed from a friend many, many years ago that
you never, ever, ever are going to give back. Woo! Bring a bag with
everything you might need. This leads me to my favorite
tip, tip number four. M,S,G,P,K,G,W,S,B,L,S,F. Makeup, shoes, granola bar
for when you get hungry, phone, keys, gum, wallet,
book, lint roller, sunscreen, and fan. M,S,G,P,K,G,W,S,B,L,S,F. Easy. (door slamming) (keys falling) Tip number five, always, always, always use a ride sharing app to
get to your destination. No drinking and driving. You know it’s bad. (record scratching) Boy, that is an upsurge. Tip number six, walk to
your destination maybe. It’s only– (dramatic violins rising) Five miles. (upbeat music) – Oh my God, you made it. – Hey, hey! – Hi, I made it. – We’re just heading out. – No, I just got here. – We’re not really feeling the vibe. – Yeah, so sorry. – But I just paid the $30 cover. – We’ll see you later. We’ll see you later. – Later? (chime ringing) (phone chiming) Well, 11:55. It is a great time to look for somebody for that midnight kiss. (dinging) (kissing) Sometimes, it can be
tough playing the field, but there is normally one guy who looks, who needs men when there’s women? Maybe. Midnight. Tip number 93 or something, is a good time to go to the bathroom. – [DJ] All right, party people you’re so– – The line is really short. – [DJ] Grab that special someone. – And the mirrors– – [DJ] You don’t wanna
be that lonely weirdo– – Can be looked into to think about– – [DJ] ‘Cause you
couldn’t have come alone. – All of the bad things that
you did in the last year. – [DJ] Seven, six– – Great, it’s all I want
to do on New Year’s. It’s fine. – [Crowd] Three, two,
one, Happy New Year’s! – Happy New Year, bitches! (wrapper crinkling) ♪ Should old acquaintance be forgot ♪ ♪ and never brought to ♪ – Hi, I’m Rekha from CollegeHumor. Click here to subscribe, click
here for other fun stuff, and thank you so much for watching. I love my job, and I’m definitely
not trapped in this video. (quiet squeaking) (upbeat music) Things are great.

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  1. ARE YOU KIDDING! She literally portaled herself into that bathroom stall in one second. With that new power she's starting the new years right!

  2. If there are any agents of shield fans over here, does siobahn Thompson remind of anyone ? I mean I would have preferred siobahn over her any day. She can act for sure, but siobahn seems much better and skilled at acting. Siobahn would be awesome as Jemma.

  3. Doc here. I work the night shift on Christmas eve and new years. No stupid crowded expensive parties to go, no planning, no buying gifts for people you don't care about, and it pays double. If you want to celebrate, you can do it next week, and you'll actually have more money and options. Don't be tied down by arbitrary societal conventions. Life's better that way.

  4. This video made me laugh and sad at the same time time: something like 6or 7 years ago I ended up in a new's year party in the middle of nowhere and I knew only 1person while they were all very close… I was very shy so it was even harder… And I really went to the bathroom just before midnight to not feel rejected. o/ So tip n1: either you learn to just not care, either you don't accept any invitation. 😀

  5. There's nothing wrong in celebrating new year alone. Been doing it for 5 years now. Plus it saves you money and from a headache. Best way to start the year.

  6. My friends and I stayed in and played the new super smash ultimate game with food and ice cream. Happy New Year.

  7. Odd …normally the english just get fantastically pissed are then violently sick and wake up the next morning certain that you had a good night because you cant remember it …that is if your under forty ,over forty most people don't bother

  8. Step 1: Have no friends/family to hang out with
    Step 2: Forget it's New Year's anyways
    Step 3: Grab a pizza and… idk play StarCraft.

  9. Imagine playing New Year's Eve on easy mode and still failing to find someone to kiss. Get your act together, girls.

  10. Bruh I’m drunk and ur ability to be too fucking honest is funny but also making my ex’s ovaries upset……so keep up the good work 🤓

  11. Siobhan, just look for the socially awkward antisocial guy wearing a Civil War outfit.

    So…doing anything this weekend?

    God, I suck at this.

  12. revised for 2020!
    buy a suspicious smelling flapper dress from goodwill for a dollar, find a party, and get absolutely hammered! don't forget to briefly and nihilistically consider the impending economic recession!!!

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