TMNT (NES) “You Can Just Walk Over It” 10 Year Anniversary

James: Guess what we’re doing? We’re playing Ninja Turtles again. James: Now, the last time I played this was when I did the Re-Revisited episode. James: Haven’t played it since. James: I know you’ve played it a lot since, and you’ve made some interesting discoveries with it since then. Mike: Yeah. The most famous Angry Video Game Nerd joke of all time is probably the part where I can’t jump up to that platform, And then I find out you can just walk over it We can just walk over it You can just walk over it. Mike: You and I played the game back when you recorded that video and then back in 2006 back in 2010 Years ago, we played the game together same as we do for James I’m like Mondays and then you took when we when we played it you took the footage and then you made a script and you went you made the Video oh my God wait. Did you do you realize [that] it actually is probably about [ten] years since that video now [oh] yeah, that’s why it’s like because the yeah yeah, that was a total coincidence. We just looked it up It was June 29 So we might as well put out the video on June 29 because the fact is were recording this a little bit earlier But we just [realize] it’s so close yeah, so yeah Happy Ten years [to] [um] you can just walk over and I really hope this doesn’t um Diminish the joke Because you know it’s been a decade. It’s been a decade. We can we can I thought we can sit with the truth Yeah, just that it’s not entirely accurate that it apparently if you can jump up there, then sure you can walk [over] it But that isn’t [your] only option right and you said that in a good way [that] it’s not entirely higher it I think the Joke still is accurate though um mostly because when you’re The problem is you get you get to that part and there’s a gap so [you] think naturally that you can jump over it But there’s a ceiling so if you try to jump over it You can’t because your head hits the ceiling and then you fall down cuz why would you walk over if there’s a if there’s right Hole a hole you would think you have to jump over to step over or whatever which is what makes it funny Which is what makes it funny, so the turtle you you just walk over it, so in that part I think that the joke is still Works where doesn’t work and where we were wrong is in the part in the video Where you say get the fuck up there get the fuck up there? And you’re trying to jump up that part we were wrong I know, it’s probably still true that it’s hard to mit is it is weird as hard. Yes possible though, yes, and What happened was like I said James, and I were we’re playing the game together, and what happened was huh? I used to play this game [a] lot when I was a kid And I remembered when I was a kid um like [ten-Year-old] kid or something playing this game and I? jumped up there, I got up there and When you and I played it in 2006 we were playing the game and I Was trying to jump up there because I remembered being a kid and getting up there and doing that and then I couldn’t do it Like it wasn’t working for whatever reason. I couldn’t figure it out So then I probably said to you like. Oh that doesn’t work like maybe I forgot It’s been 10 years since I was a kid or something, and I thought that it wasn’t possible Now come to find out I did a livestream of this game [a] couple months ago And I beat the game and everything and during that livestream. I did the thing where you actually jump up there and Then I was like shit We were wrong in the video. [I] wish I would have known that when I did the Revisited episode [cuz] then so we’re doing a re really revisit well three reason three freeze the first Revisit was the first episode because you’re revisiting your childhood. Yeah, right? That’s right. That would have been Visited I almost wonder if you could do it right here [because] this is probably the same height let’s say Like that and then okay That holy shit, but the craziest thing about this is that it’s really a shortcut now because if you can jump up there You don’t have to worry about every time you fall down you have to walk through the room all over again So every time you fall down you have to fight everybody all over again You got to do it all [over] again all [over] again. So you’re saying that that You’re he’s making fun of himself because he says the same like line in the video Every time you fall down you have to walk through the [entire] room all over [again] all the enemies come back So you have to fight everybody all over [again]? So you’re trying to say that it also makes that part invalid because if you can just skip to getting the missile that You don’t have to go through the whole stage because you can just get up there without having to go [all] the way around oh so makes that joke in Balla – but my Counter-Argument to that is that you haven’t done the you haven’t done this jump yet And I know you just saw me do it like I said I go it’s gonna be the same thing it’s a little bit of a weird thing to do because you gotta kind of you gotta jump up once and then the turtle you’ll See cunning almost kind of glitches into the block before he jumps up there, so it’s almost kind of like It’s not something you’re meant to do is what you’re saying Yeah, like it’s not something you’re meant to do so I don’t think it’s really um Yes, it’s possible to do but it’s very easy that a person wouldn’t figure that out how like how to do that So it’s like I feel like most people that play the game wouldn’t figure that out You want to put the hardest jump? I always have trouble with this jump see this. There’s no trick on This is just like you have to fucking make the jump and when I did my livestream of it I made it like the first time I [thanked] that like doing it from the way you’re no yeah, you can’t do like that But jumping or this one you actually have to jump across yeah, this this jump fuck that one you can’t walk Oh, yeah, this is an actual jump. It’s like one of those half kind of See it’s like ah it’s a pain the ass. I remember the guys that enemies used to knock me down a lot Yeah, that that was the only reason I found it a little tricky. Yeah, you want to do it Okay, sure I guess maybe you’re better at all. I don’t know let me try it [one] more time I haven’t even played this game in like Wow, six years I guess I’m goes by All right, you fucking okay? Wow, so there’s this this wasn’t even in the video. I don’t think this jump Well, you know what I feel like you’re better this jump than I I bet you’ll get it the first time Ha I knew it, and that’s why it’s not in the video because you’re good at that job I guess I don’t know like that that jump. I just didn’t let me you want okay I feel like I’m better sure sure that was part. I never realized how creepy april o’neill looks if you pause it on there I’ll hang on yet. Look at her face Looks like she has no pupils. Yes. She’s creepy guys like Zombie April Zombie [o’neill] This is this is a notorious part of the game that everybody always talks about Yet to switch. [you’re] terrible yeah, and I feel like people have a hard time with this level because they don’t notice which turtles we go that It’s not fucking hard to do this hmM. Well I was on the face that was like the only reason to have all the turtles is because like I switch between them will serve Them their weapons you know the different weapon ranges but but you switch between okay cuz user Do you think that it’s hard? Other than like if you notice with the turtles at this part still hard like I guess part this part isn’t that bad yes But I never thought it was so why do people always complain about [that] like this stage? So it’s again It’s a little bit tedious. It’s a little bit annoying because you have to be patient you can’t rush through this day Oh, you can’t you have to wait for those but you know the electricity? It’s just and it’s because it’s it’s swimming control nobody likes to have to tap the button like that right you know every game has that underwater stage and when you’re so used to playing the the Walking stages then you get to this and you’re like. Oh come on now I got a swim every day michael, but actually that’s what I think is actually really good about this game and better Why it’s better than look it. You know. There’s a variety no. It’s funny like Bebop and Rocksteady are in this game Yeah It’s a shame that they [didn’t] get crying in it right was the only problem [that] they Tried crying is really the only problem like the technical game some of the choices like come on Chainsaw guys like you can have people with chainsaws those those are weird like there’s a you’re claiming chicken McNuggets going around stuff [I] feel like they ran out of characters Because I got a used I guess the use you’re not Gonna. Have a million [B] Box going by maybe like why is there more than one deep and they have the foot soldiers They do this game always started out good. I don’t think there was ever a problem when it started It’s just when you get serious with the game when you’re actually trying to like win it. That’s where You know it starts becoming frustrating well. I think it’s a game that requires a lot of patience and yeah I think that when you’re a kid you certainly don’t have much patience Um and that’s what we remember playing this game when we were kids This [is] the part we’ve been talking about the whole [time]. This is the part in the video. I know yes Let me do it earlier, but let’s try it here That’s it. That’s all [tuck] I didn’t you don’t have to just walk over I didn’t even have to glitch it out there, so the thing is I [think] what we were doing wrong We were kind of jumping up and like going like that But if you kind of like get a little bit closer to it do it again, okay? I couldn’t do there There oh see how cut it’s weird. Maybe you’ll be able to Like that there you go, you just got to be very Like it’s kind of like you can’t be here [you] gotta be there kind of kind of thing. Okay, you know It’s just where you’re standing, and then once you’re up you’re there. You just push to the left Are you holding left the whole time or you just tapping it’s like what why [not] like you can’t just hold it Like that there. Yeah, that’s it. I just did it [alright]. That’s it wow. I guess we’ll get the [missal] now Let’s see if it matters. What turtle you do it. Do my plan angela. Did it with Donatello? What there you go yep? You can’t I want to see you do on the right side, but I’ve never done it on that, right side It’s like that’s a good you might as well because you know where you can. It’s the same height I don’t want to have to come back to this game again. You know so So let’s let’s do it all right This is interesting. I never thought to go on that side Yeah, cuz why would you want to yeah? Oh you never do? [you] can you can anything else to say about that um? Not really that was about it. Yeah, I’ve never I’ve never beaten the game I will say, but I’m actually more happy to have just made that jump well anyway, that’s that’s that. So yep, alright You can just walk over it

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  1. This game is a lot of fun when you understand how everything works. I'm currently trying to beat 2 without the extra life cheat code. I can get all the way to the end but can't beat shredder…yet.

  2. My friend completed this multiple times when he was a kid(like maybe 8/9 years old). He used to hate the dam level, even though a lot of the parts after that were harder. I remember he slept over at my house one time, and in the morning he got to the Technodrome, but then my mum said we had to turn it off because we had to go somewhere. He knew where the "kidnapped" turtles might be too, and said the Technodrome wasn't always in the same place.

  3. As a kid, I could never ever get the fuck passed that, because of course, a gap, jump over it. Walk over it? At fucking 6/7 I wasn't a seasoned gamer yet but still, didn't know until James did it. Gonna go back and play it now and beat it

  4. Oh my god, I just said "holy shit" in unison because my brain exploded and I'm legitimately laughing out loud. "You can just walk over it" remains to be one of the funniest moments of having the internet.

  5. Yeah I’m one of those ppl that never got that, lol. I always went back through the level to do the “jump” lol

  6. That "jump" is so insidious because many preceding boards are set up very similarly but with various jumps right at the end at a similar spot. So you are basically hypnotized to think you have to jump.

  7. Im so glad im not the only one who appreciates this. When I realized as a child, that all you have to do is walk over the gap, I realized games can be deeper than literature

  8. You can jump across it from the right to the left. When I played this as a kid, I didn't know you could just walk over it, and couldn't get the jump from below to work. Would always take multiple tries, but you can actually make that jump.

  9. Look the part where you have to get that wave I think it's after the dam but I should go over that part over and over again it give you five waves over time I saved it at the last area the terrordrome the game give you a hundred of those waves and by the time I made it to Shredder through maze I let loose and beat the game I could beat the game right now anytime give me Blaster Master beat that game anytime games are easy after you know what to expect

  10. Congrats on still playing and reviewing this game! The biggest issue I had back in the day was that when I got this game as a christmas gift, I hated it so much because it wasn’t the one my friends had (everyone had the second game at the time). After a few years, I learned to play it, finally liked it and learned how to finish it. Now, it’s one of my favorite NES games

  11. When is the best underwater games is the legend of Starfy it feels a lot like Kirby but with way better underwater controls and most of the game takes place underwater it's actually when you get on land that you almost hate the game

  12. Watching this video brought back a childhood memory that had regressed. That fucking jump drove me crazy as a kid

  13. I'd never guess that secret every time I played that game when I was a kid. And world 5 is a lot worse in the foot clan base. And it's very tricky to find that technodrone in the tunnels. Well it does give you three areas it can be found before battle. And world 6 is a lot worse than world 5 because of what is inside the technodrone that awaits you. I admit there is harder stages as you progress through the game. I guess that's normal for a game.

  14. When I was a kid, I never could get through the under water area. It wasn't until later that I figured out you can't do it with just one Turtle. You have to alternate as you go.

  15. You can get through the entire water area without taking any damage. I've done it. Once you know the pattern of button presses it's not difficult.

  16. You have to hit the bottom right corner of the platform just perfect. It takes time and patience, but it can be done.

  17. I never had to switch turtles to get through the dam. I hated it so much that I practiced until I could get through it without touching the kelp.

    The part I have never passed, and hate to this day? The fucking rooftop rope. I've NEVER made the rope work. Fuck that rope.

  18. I never had this problem when I was a kid. If you jump and hold the button down you don't fall. Tap the button and you fall. I had no idea you could pretty much skip the entire room by just jumping up there though. Also when I was a kid I could pass the swimming level without getting hit. I played the game as an adult and I must have been the wizard because I can't do it anymore.

  19. The only thing that botheres me about the joke is that in the Nerd episode, we can see the Nerd actually walking over a small gap before the "You can just walk over it?" joke. So, we already knew we could walk over small gaps. But on the other hand, I only noticed it on my third time watching it, or so.

  20. In the PC version of this game, you could just crouch jump and make the jump. Since crouch jumps make you jump higher for some reason.

  21. You should watch the WR progression video for the speedrun of this game, many of the strats such as the jump are explained there

  22. That is so cool I forgot all about this game. Wow does it bring back memories of my childhood! There were days I literally thought I was Leonardo I even ran around outside with a real ninja sword strapped around my back. I stole it from a neighbor's house when I was a Youngster LOL good times!

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