Toby’s Superkids Party by Yourkidvid.

The Joker is right behind me. Who can reach up to the sky? Reach up up up up up up up. Who else has a superhero name? Yes, what’s your superhero name? Amazing _____ . Amazing _____! And, what’s your superhero
name. Amazing_______. Everybody is amazing! Yes, Toby what’s your superhero name? Tanium.
TITANIUMTOBY! No, just Tanium. Just Tanium, I like it. Yes, _____? Amazing______. Ten, Eleven, Eight, Thirteen, Fourteen. Let see you touch your toes? Who can touch their toes. Touch your toes. D Do you have anything to say about your party? Yes. It was the best party ever and I this was a really big
party. And, I’m not gonna ____this anymore.

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