Today is Sergei’s 18th birthday. It is also his first day homeless!

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  1. That’s fucked sending him away till he’s 18 then saying fuck you, nigga at least give him 2 or 3 years to sell some crack or sum

  2. Yesterday he knew everything.
    Today he can't take care of himself.
    Yesterday he knew how to solve climate change.
    Today he can't earn pocket change.

  3. I wouldn't go back to Hotel California. Go to Arizona or Portland Oregon. Colorado is chill .Don't drink or drug and you could go virtually anywhere and work and survive.

  4. What I want to know is what was done to help this young man. Or did they just think in their head. “This is a sad story” and then walk away

  5. YouTube 2010 through 2018 : Ehh.. nah we won't recommend this
    YouTube 2019 : Wtf let's make everyone cry hell yeah!

  6. Bruhhhhh did shit hurts man🙏🏽my prayers go out to this dood. How can a mom kick her own son out on his birthday that’s cold asf👎🏽

  7. If you find your way to CA, I’d give you a place to stay. I’ll also give you a job where you work under me

  8. like him I went to a wilderness, but the one I went to was called us bureau and even if you were 18 if you were willing to work with them they would not leave you out homeless, and they actually follow through after your treatment was finished and helped you find a next place to live I am surprised that second nature did that though, cuz I know some people that have been to that wilderness and they say that they didn't do anything that bad

  9. Never trust cops or the government they will steal everything you have and leave you to die alone and poverty

  10. Des told me they stole my money they stole my family is stole my inheritance they stole my house never in your life trust cops or the feds they will lie to you they will steal from you they consider that you are an insect and that nothing you think say do or feel matters they are evil people

  11. That is exactly what these evil thieves did to me never trust cops or feds they will even going to your family and steal the inheritance that you knew nothing about

  12. It's not my business to know how he got kicked out but I've encountered a lot of disrespectful young Men & Women recently. Using vulgar language, hate crimes, harassing, bullying, intimidation. Kids have to remember who the kid is and who the parents are. If not then theres no structure within a household and becomes chaotic.

  13. What’s most surprising is that he didn’t choose money for one of his three wishes, he just wanted his family

  14. Parent of the year doesn’t go to that mum who probably didn’t throw a party for her son. What, he turned 18 and goodbye your on your own, cya kind of party..

  15. Are you fucking serious? You threw your kid out before he even could finish highschool. Pretty much ruined part of this kids life jesus

  16. In life your either one of two people. Dependent or independent. Growing up your considered to be dependent. Once your 18 (especially if your male) you gotta learn to become independent because life happens and it waits for nobody (i had to do it at 15 being the youngest of 4 children because my older siblings couldnt do it) i dropped out of school to help my mom work to keep our house, went back graduated, went to college while working a part time living in another city by myself eating balony sandwiches for breakfast and dinner because thats all i could afford at the time. It sucked and i cried everyday because i kept saying "its not fair" i wanted to give up and drop everything to go back home to my mom and work full time but i couldnt because i only had 10$ in my pocket.. i was stuck!time passed by i graduated college got myself a carrer and im now self employed taking care of my parents and they dont even have to work anymore because everythings paid off.. The moral of my story here is we all come from different backrounds but truth is we all struggle and no matter how many times life throws us curve balls we have to learn to get back up and fight back. The sun always shines after the clouds clear up .(excuse my language) make life your bitch before it makes you yours..

  17. Your mom's petty dude! I hope she's begging you to come back now allmost 10 years later and your too busy keeping a roof over your families head to give a shit 🤘

  18. Seriously what kind of mother would do that to her son? At least let him spit rent or something. But no she just kicks him out

  19. There should be a law to protect kids . You should have a time where parents are still responsable for kids but Kids are already able to decide for themselves.

  20. What the hell is wrong with this mother!!! that boy is lost and scared!!! Someone really should suggest to him about working in Alaska. They will pay your flight up and from there, give u a place to stay and 3 meals a day. Its a way for a guy to get a couple solid thousands into his pocket and a chance at a better life. If u go up there and work hard they will treat u like family and thats exactly what this boy needs. MANY of the people up there working have been through some hard times and they will know to look out for him.

  21. Bet those mothers wanted the kid as long as should could draw money from them but then age of 18 comes and suddenly you're no longer any use to them.

  22. fast forward – 12 / 2019 . . . . so does anyone know what happened to him . . . . did he ever make it back to calif??? i haven't . . . .

  23. Terrible, just terrible 🙁

    I know what homelessness is.. awful, terrifying and feeling fearful all the time of where should I go; what to ..just awful

  24. Teenage kids give bit rough time to parents but that does not mean parents kick them out of house streets r not good place parents need alot of parental guidance now adays my heart tron seeing his face he was so sad ,

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