Today is Seungjae’s B-Day! Happy birthday! [The Return of Superman/2017.11.05]

It’s a sunny afternoon in fall. Jiyong is waiting for someone. When will he come out? (Who is he waiting for?) (Seungjae is leaving the kindergarten.) He was waiting for Seungjae. Seungjae! (He is happy to see Seungjae.) (Smiling) Dad is here. Dad is here. (Where are you going?) (He runs in a strange direction.) (Then he turns to Jiyong.) I thought you were going somewhere else. (Seungjae knows how to play hot and cold.) Are you happy that I came to pick you up? – Yes. / – Really? – How much do you like it? / – This much. This much? How much is this much? – Much. / – Much? It’s a butterfly! – It’s a butterfly! / – Hi, butterfly! Two butterflies are flying. They are friends. Are they friends? They are hugging each other. (They suddenly go their separate ways.) They went their separate ways. – It’s alone now. / – Call for its friend. Butterfly! There it is. (Flying) Why are butterflies so fast? They can fly. Why? Why do they have wings? – They have wings to fly. / – Why? It’s because butterflies fly. They can’t walk. The butterfly must be looking for its prey. Is the butterfly looking for its prey? It’s searching for ants. (He is different from me.) Bye, butterfly. – Do you like walking with me? / – Yes. Let’s go. (He holds his dad’s hand to go home.) Dad, hold my bag. Hold my bag. (Sure. Today is a good day.) Today is my birthday. It’s your birthday today. What do you want to eat? I want a cake, grape, strawberry and apple. Since I got my paycheck, I’ll buy you tasty food. What present would you like? A dinosaur. You have over 100 of them. Do you want another one? Yes. (Seungjae is energetic on his birthday.) Hello. It’s my birthday. – Is it your birthday? / – Yes. Come to play later. That would be nice. Seungjae, look at me. I need to ask you a favor. Listen to me, okay? Would you go to the mart and buy a zucchini? I will be making food for you. – Go to the mart and buy a zucchini, okay? /- Okay. Zucchini! Zucchini! Zucchini! Seungjae. Good things will happen to you today. – I will be back. / – Okay. (What will happen to Seungjae?) Zucchini! Zucchini! Zucchini! It’s Seungjae’s birthday. Happy birthday! Happy birthday! Okay. Go, go. It’s an ice cream store. Please give me ice cream. Hello. (This shop looks familiar.) (I am here for ice cream.) (He once failed to exchange bottles for ice cream.) – Do you want ice cream? / – Yes. (He takes the money he got for zucchini.) Here’s the money. You don’t have to give me money. I will give you ice cream. Why? You were sad when you couldn’t eat it before. So I will give it to you today as a present. – Please wait. / – Okay. Seungjae receives an unexpected gift. Seungjae must be excited. – It’s a gift. / – Okay. Bye. I like strawberry flavor. Do you like strawberry flavor? Next time, I will give you strawberry flavor. Thank you. All right. Bye. (He goes to the mart after eating ice cream.) (He holds the door.) Hello. Thank you. Hello, Seungjae. What does a zucchini look like? Zucchini, zucchini, zucchini. Zucchini, zucchini, zucchini. Where is the zucchini? It’s a zucchini. I will have this one. – Are you going to buy it? / – Yes. Dad told me to get it. Don’t get me a pumpkin, okay? – Did he? / – Yes. (Getting snacks) I will give this to you as a gift. Goodness, what a surprise! I thought about what to do for Seungjae. I thought it would be nice to give him a lucky day. So I asked the residents for a favor. It’s Seungjae’s birthday today. He will be passing by later. Would you give him an ice cream as if it’s a gift? Would you give him jelly as if it’s a gift? I will pay for it in advance. – I will do that. / – Thank you. Do you know Seungjae by any chance? Would you give one to Seungjae and tell him that it’s a gift? Thank you. Eat this one later. Thank you. It’s for you. – Okay. / – Bye. Bye. (Running) Hey. What is it? Look. Do you know what I have? Look, I have this much. It’s a birthday present. It’s a lollipop. What is it? You get to have it since it’s your birthday. I don’t like black ones. – You don’t? / – No. I like the pretty ones. The pretty ones are tasty. – Hello. / – What do I need to press? Press this button. Then you put your mouth close to it. Hello, sir. (Only children understand the joke.) I want to try it. Hello, sir. (He laughs at his own joke.) I bought this. Bye. – Bye. / – Bye. (What a strange day!) (It started with ice cream.) (Then he received jelly) (and candies.) (It’s his lucky day.) (Did he receive his gifts?) Dad. Seungjae. Look. Here. This is a pumpkin. I didn’t bring it. – What is this? / – A candy. Where did you get the candy? People gave me a lot of candies for my birthday. Why are there only four? What? I shouldn’t have too many candies. (He is innocent.) What else did you get? Ice cream. – What? / – Ice cream. Are you happy that you received gifts? Yes, this is how happy I am. I am happy when he is. When he returned with a big smile, I felt glad that I came up with the plan. Let’s go.

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