Today’s Dinner: Mexican-ish Beef Bowl

J: Hey guys, welcome to my vlog channel for tonight’s recipe we decided to make a recipe my wife learned from our friend R: Sonnie’s recipe J: Yep Sonnie’s recipe she said it’s not really Mexican But it’s kind of Mexican? R: it’s like a I don’t I don’t know I guess we would call it Mexican rice recipe because I don’t know what else to call it you use this like um J: chili powder I think R: The closest thing we can get to like Mexican — oopsies — seasoning here J: Chili R: Actually I have yeah we have chili, it uses chili seasoning or tacos or whatever they have in the stores. They don’t always have chili J: I noticed that a lot of American people who are living in Japan really really miss Mexican food. Yeah, it’s more than American like McDonalds R: Caveat J: Fast food R: We miss tex-mex which is like the American style Mexican food. I’ve never been to Mexico I don’t know how different real Mexican food is J: Okay Well, anyway, that’s what we’re making. All right, let’s get to it. I’m hungry Here, Haku Okay, I’m gonna get ingredients R: okay J: Poki watching staring at us He’s like he’s waiting for us to turn our backs J: ooh R: For just a moment J: He’s after our food R: Mushrooms. J: Oh, yeah, Sonnie doesn’t do mushrooms, right? R: No J: You just wanted to do mushrooms because it’s healthy? R: Do we have… uh… eryngii J: Eryngii! Why don’t you tell the world how awesome and healthy that is. R: These are eryngii mushrooms Shoot. No, what’s the English name? king crown? J: Something like that? R: No. Maybe? J: Why do we have totally different [I assume he was going to say names for mushrooms] R: It’s cheap. Okay, so. J: Isn’t the same as shiitake? Like don’t you just say in Japanese anyway? R: No because when I typed in eryngii It came back with like a whole bunch of English names, but I don’t know cause I never ate mushrooms in America I only eat them now. So there was a um There’s a study I saw earlier this year and it seems like there was another study done last year or maybe 2017 That said that… or… it showed that Older people who eat lots of mushrooms have a lower chance of getting like mild cognitive impairment and their old age My family has a lot of Alzheimer’s so that’s scary They’re doing more research on mushrooms But also they’re doing research on the ingredient that mushrooms can produce and not many other things Actually, I think mushrooms and only some types of bacteria can produce it. It’s an amino acid called Ergothioneine J: okay R: a derivative of the amino acid histidine, which is a necessary amino acid for human [J: something unintellible in Japanese] R: anyways, there’s been a lot of interesting studies on Ergothioneine That they’ve only recently been conducting that shows that it may be Super important for Humans there’s been a lot of really interesting research. So I’m just trying to Get all my essential amino acids in my diet It’s so cool though. ‘Cause I don’t want Alzheimer’s. J: I used to hate mushrooms too so good that we both now eat them R: Yeah. there’s there’s I have to say there’s no actual direct evidence saying that you know if you eat a bunch of the appropriate amino acids, you won’t get Alzheimer’s but it just seems to be there’s a lot of Research suggesting. It could be very important for various parts of human health. I eat a lot of stuff I didn’t used to eat kidney beans Tomatoes mushrooms Jun is gonna chop up the mushrooms really tiny for me. J: Oh, yeah instead of using that machine, the blender? R: Yeah Normally for this recipe I put our mushrooms in the blender and make it super tiny, but Apparently mushrooms have a lot of liquid and especially it was fine what we were using buna shimeji These are buna shimeji, high in Ergothioneine, but actually not quite as high as eryngii Eryngii’s even cheaper, and easier to get. J: Yeah I’ve never seen eryngii in America though, in the supermarket. R: Yeah, I don’t know. Maybe it’s not a big thing in America Dude, they’re everywhere here. You can get it all year super cheap in Japan. Yeah love Hokuto, the company Yeah, so we were using buna shimeji until I looked up the… what was is it? The king crown mushroom or something and realized that was it eryngii? That had even more Ergothioneine in it and this it and I was like what? We could’ve just been using eryngii this whole time! But this has even more moisture and so if I put it in the blender It just becomes like a mush. It just becomes a very wet mush. So it’s easier if Jun just chops it J: Oh I should salt the beef first. Okay. Thank you for all the explanation about mushrooms, which you used to hate. R: I still am grossed out by it but I want to eat it. And so I’m trying to introduce it into my diet in ways that won’t make me gag Until I get used to it. J: I like your attitude that’s a really good possibility. R: I want to be able to eat everything I’m like halfway there. maybe more than halfway there. I eat a lot of stuff I didn’t used to be able to eat J: other than mushrooms? What else? R: Like, all vegetables J: Wait, you didn’t even eat like a salad or something? R: Meat! No, I could eat Basic salads, if you’ve considered yourself picky your whole life, perhaps you’re not picky Perhaps you suffer from something. I didn’t realize existed until recently but explained a lot about my life called ARFID avoidant restrictive food intake disorder which basically is some sort of psychological or mental block for certain foods or food colors or textures or tastes or smells or something and in a lot of cases that can make you Gag or even throw up like you’ll get so nauseous If you are a wreck, even if you can just like see that food sometimes you lose your entire appetite and can’t eat until I met Jun who very patiently and kindly tried to make the new foods in ways that I was able to eat it without like getting mentally freaked out and gagging and Just losing my dinner or whatever and J: oh, wait, do we mince this onion? Right. Mincing. R: Yes. J: Alright R: Poki, you want to come steal? Oh, no, he’s… it’s the beef. He sees the beef. J: Oooh R: Yeah. So that and then also for our anniversary we Used to go to this French restaurant where for lunch. They had a course meal it was only like 25 dollars Which is an amazing deal for how delicious their food was and I liked What I had there and I was comfortable trying new foods And so every time I went back no matter what they had to serve me I felt super comfortable trying it and I loved it and that’s helped introduce me to a lot of new foods as well J: Every time when I say Red Lobster is a nice restaurant you laugh at me 🙁 R: Because other people make a joke about that, my family… it is a nice restaurant to my family J: But what do you when you think of the price isn’t it? Yeah, it’s especially including the tip R: No I think some I think a lot of people think a nice restaurant is like a hundred dollar meal or look maybe like a $75 meal J: but this is French restaurant for like
R: for lunch? J: twenty something… 23 dollars?
R: 25 ish? J: I don’t remember, somewhere around that Was a lot cheaper than Red Lobster isn’t it R: No Red Lobster is like maybe around You can get under 20 a person. It depends on what you choose J: Yeah, but if you want to go for like a steak like especially if you R: Well, I mean if you want to do the upgrades at the French restaurant, it gets more expensive too J: Well you become totally full R: You do at Red Lobster too and then you take home half your meal and you’ve got two meals J: You can easily become full just by eating the biscuits that you can eat. R: Yeah. Yeah. Yeah Well, that’s American food you get so much that you can take home the rest And have a second meal the next day so really it’s half the price J: Ha ha half the price I forgot that’s the stuff. R: Yeah, but anyway for anyone I mean probably not people like that are watching Jun cook food because I don’t know. Would you get away from the onion? Because maybe if you had or have ARFID or whatever food grosses you out And you have very little interested in new food Which is how I was for a very long time until I realized I was able to start eating new stuff J: By the way, did you say we’ve gone through this French restaurant on special occasions only? R: yeah, on our Anniversary only. J: I wish I could go there like everyday for lunch R: I know Well it’s in Aichi J: It’s a little too expensive for everyday but it’s so good R: It’s in Aichi… :(( We can’t go there anymore (because they moved) I’m so sad. It was one of the best restaurants. Ever. The chef there, was the sous chef for the 2005, what was it? World fair? J: The world expo? R: Sorry World Expo in Aichi prefecture He was the sous chef for the French restaurant J: I think so, yeah. R: Right? That’s what you said. J: I think he was the sous chef R: Which explains why he’s so amazing and we still haven’t found any French restaurants that taste anywhere near as good as that so far Well, I guess food is subjective. I can’t say that. J: he even made a mushroom soup. R: He made mushroom soup and It was so delicious and I loved it. And that was when I was like hey, you know, maybe I can eat mushrooms And I’ve been trying to eat them since and… J: Oh so it’s like all thanks to him that you started eating mushrooms? R: Yeah. I… There are a lot of new foods he introduced me to Because they were so delicious and I felt comfortable. That’s where I learned about Romanesco J: Oh, was it there? R: Yeah! Anyway if you do happen to think maybe you have ARFID as well then I just suggest trying new foods when you feel comfortable and Confident I don’t think anyone watching anyone watching your cooking channel has this issue? But just in case J: I don’t think so ’cause
R: it really helped me a lot
J: because you didn’t think oh, I didn’t think lots of people would have a strong opinion on the peeler, And a lot of people did. maybe they have an opinion on what you might be able to eat Certain foods? R: I see a lot of people say things like say things like my husband is very picky or like they know someone who is very… everyone knows someone who is really picky. It’s not something Generally, people are sympathetic to which is understandable. It’s annoying but it’s also frustrating to be picky because you feel really embarrassed J: Well, now
R: Eating with other people.
J: Now you eat these R: but anyway it’s possible to get over if you try I totally promise Yeah!
J: Some garlic
R: We always forget the garlic J: I think that’s good. Alright, so olive oil, garlic and minced onion We cook the onion R: Does the onion not make your eyes sting at all? J: Hmm yeah it does. that’s that’s why I gave you that job R: Okay J: Just kidding J: The cutting part is the hardest part but if you use a sharp knife and if you don’t break cells too much It doesn’t really make you cry But yeah that is a little… hehe. And yeah it does. R: it’s almost gone J: yeah, I need to refill it. R: Normally Poki he would sleep anywhere else But he really just wants us to walk away for one minute so he can run off with the meat J: [unintelligible Japanese] do you think you can open this part… I don’t have nails R: yeah. J: Thank you You’re so helpful, thank you Kidney beans R: We get whatever Spice mixes they have available at the supermarket, whichever supermarket we go to Any of them are fine. I don’t know I shouldn’t be giving people instructions J: No no no this is not instruction of making Mexican food this is just how we make our dinner R: I wanna open up a chili one J: Alright R: This will maybe be a little more spicy, sorry. Jun, in advance, J: For what? R: For making it spicy.
J: Oh It’s okay, I like the spice It’s just I’m not good with it R: I still won’t add the habanero powder J: Thank you Appreciate it Rice is done! 50% genmai 50% white rice R: Genmai is brown rice J: Like the chili the best? R: yeah
J: this one? R: the flavoring I can use a lot less of it. And it still has much stronger taste J: Yeah R: Than any of these other ones that we’ve tried. We gotta, we got to find more chili We’re spiceless
J: Alright R: Arghhh no! Jun it’s burning to the bottom of the pan J: Lower the heat or take the pan off of the stove hehe sleepy boy Hey, Nagi! Hi~ R: [gasp] look at all my beautiful babies J: It’s healthy!
R: Yeahhh J: Got to prepare the beef Medium
R: Yay. J: Mmm R: The really big ones I would cut in thirds ’cause J: Okay R: Yeah, I just like them to be bite-sized because then you get more meat flavor out of every bite, you know, J: good? R: Makes sense right? J: Yeah
R: Yeahhh I like to add a little bit of spice this is habanero powder J: [Groans in pain] J: [More disbelief and groaning]
R: Yesssss And then I’ll keep this by me for later And then a little bit of J: Too spicy R: Cheese-ies J: Can you sprinkle them all? actually that’s kale sprout? R: Is this okay?
J: Yeah, just dump it Yeah! R: This is super delicious J: Ta-Da! R: Ta-Da!
J: Done! Itadakimasu
R: Yeah Itadakimasu~ [yeah shake it girl] J: So good
R: Yay! I know it’s good. J: Thank you for watching.
R: We’re gonna Mines already over there. We’re gonna eat it and watch Friends J: Sorry. We need to go. I need to eat it while it’s warm See you guys later. Bye Gouchisou sama deshita It was so good

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  1. I might have what Rachel has. That, or it's the ol' autism playing with SPD. Doc's not entirely sure. But it's cool to know I'm not alone!

  2. As a child I just said, "I don't like that." Later I found out that I have ADD and one side affect is short term memory loss. So, in my little brain, I had forgotten that the food made me sick. Finally a doctor diagnosised that I was allergic to fresh fruits and veggies. And other foods.
    Plus many food like mushrooms just plain taste horrid to my taste buds. Actually, I forget to eat as I never feel hungry. Also, acidic foods hurt my stomach. Add that to the diverticulitis I have in my upper intestine and colon.
    Why do I watch Jun cook? Well, I watch cooking shows in American because they are like game shows to me (ever watch Masterchef and Masterchef Jr?). And, like it says on Wikipedia, people watch Jun cook because they love his interaction with his cats.
    Also, because you brought it up, foods don't make me vomit, they give me diarrhea.
    Anyway, I will be 74 in May and I will eat what I like.
    Oh…Rachel. Do you need your hair straightened again?
    Another…Oh. My mother always said, "How can anyone spend all that time cooking and smelling the food and then eat it?" True

  3. My old roommate had that issue with mushrooms & sushi (like, any raw fish in it), purely on texture & sight. He was fine if we pureed or finely chopped mushrooms, but if he could see chunks he'd get visibly ill.

  4. Rachel, I have ARFID too! For me it's mostly bananas, ketchup and stuff like that that just have a very strong and distinct taste or texture! So I totally get what you're talking about, thank you for teaching us about this!

  5. My feelings on mushroom…they taste exactly like what they are…fungus. If they are really healthy please give me suggestions on on how to eat them to make them earthy and not repugnant .

  6. Anyone can be good with spice Jun, you just need to build up a tolerance, just gradually add more and more spice to your diet and you should gain more tolerance to spice.

  7. After watching almost all of these videos, I feel like Rachel could be a bit more interesting. She’s just kinda there tbh

  8. I have some video ideas. You can discover some new recipes (or any recipes), like in the fancy chicken one,. if it's a success, you can make a fancier version on Jun's Kitchen, and the bts here

  9. Me and my family call red lobster, Olive Garden and anything else that has $20+ meals a fancy restaurant XD
    $20 plates for a family of 7 can get expensive XD

  10. Idk if I have ARFID but I do have that sort of mental reaction to fish and any seafood based food, just the smell makes me gag and when I put it into my mouth I can't even bite down without gagging so I think I might look into it thanks Rachel !

  11. If you're looking for healthy food to provide health care there is said that garlic is one that maybe too is good against alzheimer. (I'm sorry for my bad english it's not my native language so please be kind😊) I mean in Russia and Turkey for example they eat lots of garlic and it's a huge part of their food culture. They have as I know barely people suffering from alzheimer. Some people say it's because of that (scientists etc.). I'm originally from Russia and I have to say I never heard of and seen someone suffering from that. I just wanted to say that because I find the topic interesting and of what you said about mushrooms. Also good video😄❤

  12. I’m going to be that Mexican and say that Mexican food is waaaaay different from Tex-mex. Both are good, though.

  13. Finqlly Rachel appeared, because previously she complaint about all the food Jun's made in the video always been eaten by Jun himself😂

  14. Oh ARFID!! I think I might actually have it!! I need to look more into it though!! Thank you for, finally, giving a name to my problem!! 😯😯

  15. I didn't know there was a name for my pickiness! I can't eat any sauces like chilli sauce, ketchup, mustard, cheese, bbq etc., I don't even want to see them or smell them! Been that way since young

  16. i can't eat chickpeas but i love hummus :l

    also a friend of mine, she's 25, has lived all her life eating basically wheat products (pasta, bread…) and fish or meat, and just now she's starting to eat veggies. She had skin problems because of her diet and now she's recovering.

  17. i love these videos so much! hope to see more of you in jun's vlog content, rachel ;w; i had a lot of fun with your facts and i think i'll start eating more mushrooms from now on, too..!

  18. I finally thought of a Mexican dish you should totally try out! M O L E <3 There's different variants, the one I know has chocolate in it, I think that's Mole Poblano. Please try it out one day 😀

  19. You know, I'd actually love a video every once in awhile of you teaching Rachel small things. So if you ever feel like it.. 😊

  20. I have the ARFID issue. ;-; I just love watching this channel. How ironic. cx I do feel embarrassed when my family has meals because I’m always the odd one out. Lol.

  21. I loooove mushrooms. One of my favorite ways to eat king oyster mushrooms is to pull them into strips with my hands, and sautee them with butter, black pepper and salt.
    They have to get browned right, but damn they are so delicious that way.

  22. My son and husband, must have this, they gag at so many things, like vegetables, and I have had to do so much work to get new foods into them.

  23. I have ARFID with strawberries, most fruits, mushrooms, gelatin… I have issues with meat that is too chewy or fatty it will throw me off and kill my appetite immediately. But I LOVE watching cooking videos, cooking shows etc even if they're cooking something I would never actually eat. And you two are so soul calming to watch I watch for the vibes and mood more than the food. And any time Rachel does an infodump it's always something interesting!

  24. Poki pulled out all th stops to get at the meat – frontal attack, right flank, left flank and the old creep up from behind ploy! Love mushrooms so enjoyed this immensely. =^o^= =^u^= =^.^=

  25. Love this channel! Mexican food is the one type of food I've gotten pretty well at. My specialty? Menudo! I make a pretty mean pozole as well😊

  26. That’s y, very soon, in the future my new life that I will b living in japan. Cuz I’m having trouble in my parents in the house, n also trying to teach my 2 young brothers hw to live their own living life, without having me around them. For me, I need my own new life living in japan, n show Japanese people hw to make Mexican food n sewing of Mexican art style, n other few things that I knw.
    Cuz I am born American-Mexican😌,
    but some of my family is born in Mexico. I Hope very soon I could meet u, n teach guys hw to make Mexican food. Rmmber I am a Mexican person, n born in American as well,
    but 😑I’m still having trouble with my English n Spanish grammar, n that’s…of who I am.

  27. I love your cats😍😍😍 I have recently found you guys on Youtube and you are ace! Big hugs for Haku, Nagi and Poki xx I have two Maine Coons called Totoro and Chibi 🤣

  28. I'm Cuban and I grew up in South Florida, where good authentic Cuban food was super easy to find. Even going to university in North Florida I find myself craving that authentic Cuban food, so I can definitely relate to those Americans in Japan who miss Mexican and other Latin/Hispanic food.

  29. I actually can’t eat vegetables unless they are purée or in soups. I don’t like their textures so I drink a lot of V8. Like I only eat mushroom soup. xD

  30. Jun's energy during this video is 100% hunger/food driven. It comes to a head in the outro. "Goodbye thanks for watching, no, I'm eating it now when it's warm, goodbye."

  31. Rachel idk if you can get them in Japan but shelled hemp seeds have all 9 amino acids humans need and they are super delicious. I mush them up with bananas and sunflower seeds and drink a cup of milk. Soooo yummy! 😋

  32. I BELIEVE my nephew has ARFID. This is good advice. I wish I knew it sooner. I would offer him money for even "a peice" of something and he would absolutely refuse and talk about all the things you are mentioning.

  33. I wish mushrooms were a bigger deal in America. Ever since I tried shiitake mushrooms (cooked well) I LOVE THEM. I wanna eat them all the time.

  34. Also the whole spice thing: is spicy food uncommon in japan? When I think about it, I've never really seen any recipes with much spice in it.

  35. Rachel I am extremely happy for you and Jun. Not only did you find someone who cooks, but someone who loves you and cherishes you so much he would risk cutting his finger off 3 times for you! (As far as I could see) And he found someone who will forever accompany him and bring him great joy and cherish him just as much. I wish you two all the best for your beautiful future together! 😊❤❤❤❤😊

  36. I miss your cooking ASMR! Those that you would go get the ingredients and start cooking with your cats supervising the process

  37. hi guys! so tex-mex food is reaaaaaaaally different from mexican food. If you ever get a chance to travel to mexico, I really recommend it! The beaches here are amazing 🙂

  38. Wow Rachel I had never heard of ARFID before. It completely describes my struggle with food to a tee and now I really want to go see if that's why I have so much trouble with textures in food. I always felt very insecure about not liking a lot of foods and not wanting to try new foods when people said I would like them. I've avoided dinners with friends because of the food options. I have trouble with wet foods (soup is a no-go unless its sopa de fideo lol, pizza with too much sauce, watermelon, etc) and anything overly squishy (menudo, etc). Your information has made me think maybe I'm not just a weird kid who doesn't like a lot of foods. Thank you for this info 🙂

  39. Actually, you're making me realise how much food is wasted because people don't finish their meals in restaurants. We do ask for taking it home when we can't finish a meal(which is rare) but when I worked at a hotel restaurant I just noticed how many people left lots of food on their plate because they couldn't finish it. A lot of really good food gets wasted, sadly.

  40. I haven't checked in in awhile but Jun looks like a completely different person. Finally got rid of the lil boy hair cut.

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