TODDLER BEDROOM MAKEOVER! (Cleaning + Decorating)

– Ziya’s getting a little older now to where she doesn’t really need her room to be in nurser mode. I just want to like jeuge
up her room a little bit. (upbeat music) Hey guys what’s up, it’s Raven. I’m really not even sure what this video is about to turn into. It’s at least starting
off as a little mini room makeover for Ziya’s room. I’m currently standing in Ziya’s room. Ziya is right here. Say, what’s up? Why you got to get so close to the camera little potato head. But yeah, so Ziya’s
room it’s not currently much different from her original room in my previous apartment
when she was born. Well I moved into that apartment before she was born, when I was pregnant and I got a two bedroom apartment. And I got a two bedroom apartment because I wanted the other
bedroom to be Ziya’s nursery. And so I decorated it all
cute before she was born. I was so excited. It actually did turn out pretty dang cute if I do say so myself
and I have a whole video on my channel of just her room tour if you guys never saw that. When I moved into this townhome I just basically took all
the stuff out of that nursery and plopped it into this room. And just like changed a few little things and added a few little things, but really it’s mostly the same in here. I still have this same piece
of furniture right here. We still have the same dresser. And she’s still in her crib. I’m actually trying to decide if I want to switch her
crib to toddler mode, because basically what you can do is you can take this
part off or lower it down and it turns into more
of just like a mini bed. But, then she will be
able to get out of her bed whenever she wants and I won’t be able to barricade her in her crib
like I’m used to doing. And then she’s probably
gonna come in my room in the middle of the
night and either scare me or just bother me and I
won’t be able to sleep. It goes on your head boo-boo, like this. Can you put it on? – Okay. – Good job, wow pretty. That’s so cute. But yeah, so I’m not
quite sure if I’m ready to change her crib into
the toddler bed mode. But, I’m considering doing that and I just wanna just jeuge
up her room a little bit. What are you doing? You playing dress up? But yeah, that’s the thing too Ziya’s getting a little older now to where she doesn’t really need her room to be in nursery mode. This is like the changing table dresser. As you can see I had the
little changing table thing on here where you change diapers, but she doesn’t even wear diapers anymore. No more diapers, right? – No more diapers, all gone. – [Raven] All gone. You wear panties now, right? – Their Pull-Ups. – [Raven] And Pull-Ups, yeah. You wear Pull-Ups to bed. But no more diapers. No more laying down to change the diaper. – No more diapers. – [Raven] So, I really don’t
even need this thing at all. I definitely don’t use
it to get her dressed ’cause she’s too big for it. Her legs hang off this far off of it. She has outgrown kind of
this phase of her life so I’m line honestly, I
need to give this away. I need to use the dresser, like the top of the dresser for other stuff. And she’s also old enough to actually come in here and play dress
up with all her little stuff. And she actually likes to
sit in her little canopy, what I call the little reading
nook thing that I made. This is a baby towel. I honesty don’t know why
we still have these things. – I got to have it, it’s a blanket. – [Raven] It’s a what? – It’s a blanket. – [Raven] A what? – It’s a blanket. – [Raven] A biscuit, oh a blanket. You said it’s not a towel it’s a blanket? – Blanket. – [Raven] No, it actually is a
towel, it’s just a soft towel ’cause it’s a baby towel. And I don’t know why we still have all your baby towels in here
and we don’t use these at all. There’s so much stuff in here that I just need to change
from baby mode to toddler mode. And just get rid of
stuff and give away stuff because literally, this
whole bin of baby towels we don’t use those, they’re too small. We have a whole bin of swaddling blankets. Those are all your little baby blankets. Look how small it is, it’s not
even big enough to cover you. Oh, but this one’s personalized. It says Ziya on it. Huh, see stuff like that
I just want to keep it as like momentous, although it’s like she can’t really use it as a blanket. I still have her rocking
chair in here as well which was in her original room and it was basically for breastfeeding and rocking her to sleep
when she was a baby. Now, I still do use it and I sit in it and we read bedtime stories
in this chair at night. So, that still gets used. I also have these little shadowbox things. Which I never ended up
hanging up on the wall when I moved in here, these
were in her original nursery and I clipped some of her
ultrasound pictures to it. And then this one says, sweet dreams. There’s three of those. I just never ended up
hanging these up in here. I was gonna put them over here on the wall but, I just never did. These are our little
DIY, from the original nursery video if you guys watched that, these little dream catchers. Now you’re just making a big mess. Are you gonna put all those away? – No.
– [Raven] No. Yes, you have to put them away too. When you make a mess you have
to clean up the mess too. Her closet is really not much, it’s kind of empty to be honest. I was gonna make a little toddler clothing organization video and
I started filming it but I gave up because it was literally just me putting together
this little shoe shelf and putting her shoes
on it and that was it. I did get rid of her diaper pail. She had a cute little pink diaper pail specifically a diaper
pail for the dirty diapers but, I got really frustrated with it because it was just so
dirty and nasty and stinky from two years of putting
dirty diapers in there that I ended up just
throwing the whole thing away and just replacing it with
a regular little trash can. So, since she does still wear Pull-Ups to bed, I have this here
just for like the Pull-Ups or other random trash. But we got rid of the
actual tall diaper pail. And that’s really it. I purchased these little
things from Target, literally a few weeks ago at this point and I never did anything
with them or hung them up. They were in the baby section. One of them has… Uh, how did these scissors get right here? What, I’ve been looking
for these scissors. What in the world. Ziya, I know you did not go in my draw and get my scissors and bring
’em in here and get ’em stuck. Did you do that? – Yes.
– Why did you do that? You know you’re not supposed
to be playing with scissors or going through my drawer. Well anyway, I have to open this to be able to get these
friggin little scissors out of here, but you can
see on the little picture that they’re just little things
that you hang on the wall. One of them has like a little
chalkboard on the front of it. I’m also just like kind of hesitant to do anything super special, in terms of upgrading her room in here because as you guys know, I am in the
process of building a home and of course I’m gonna
be decorating her room in that home as well. And of course I can transfer things over. Like I can take things out of this room and put it in that room. But, it’s just like, now that I know that I’m building a home it’s like I don’t even want to put
effort into my current home. ‘Cause I’m just like, can
we just skip over this and get to the real home,
you know what I mean? So, I don’t know. But I still have like a whole year of living in this townhome
before my other home is built. So it’s like, kind of a long time that I probably should
still put some effort into this townhome. So I think the first
thing I really got to do is just get rid of all the baby stuff that I know she doesn’t need. So first thing is this changing table. It hurts me to let it
go ’cause it feels like we’re just letting go
of Ziya being a baby, but I really don’t use this at all anymore she doesn’t need it. So, literally just this whole
entire thing is gonna go. I’m gonna put it in my
laundry room for now ’cause that’s where I keep all the stuff that I wanna give away, which by the way (laughs) I have literally one, two, three diaper boxes full of stuff plus a Target bag back here. This is probably just six months and up. It might even just be 12
months and up actually. Because her baby, baby
stuff, like her newborn stuff up to probably at least
nine, I don’t even know. I already gave that
stuff away a while back. But this is just like the newer stuff that I’ve been accumulating. Obviously I need to give it away. Find someone who really
needs it or whatever. I’m hesitant to just give it to Goodwill ’cause Goodwill’s like
low key kind of a scam. More on that later. But yeah, so this is just boxes and boxes of baby stuff that I need to give away and now we’re adding the changing table. So yeah, I typically just use
the diaper boxes or whatever to hold all the stuff
that I’m giving away. What are you doing? Are you gonna help me? So I have this box from her Pull-Ups. So I’m just going to… What are you doing? I’m going to… Are you helping me or are
you making a bigger mess? I’m going to start off by putting all of her old baby
towels and baby blankets into the box because we literally
don’t need any of these. And I am sure there are
other babies out there who could really use them, even though they hold a lot of memories. Some of these towels I don’t think were ever used though, to be honest. Okay, so we got one empty bin. This one has the baby blankets in it. I’m gonna keep this one
that has her name on it. What does that say? Uh, that’s not very nice. – I closed it. – [Raven] You closed it?
– [Ziya] Yes. But I wanted you to look
at it and see what it says. What’s that? Z, uh Ziya. This is an extra sheet for her
crib so I’m gonna keep that. But all these little swaddling
blankets we don’t need. Okay, so that’s that one empty. This one has a dryer sheet, extra sheets. This is for the changing table actually so that goes away with that and then I’ll put the extra cribs
sheets back in here we’re keeping that. But that’s already the whole Pull-Up box full of towels, blankets and
the changing table cover thing. So, this moves to the laundry room. Oh hi mystery boxes, how are y’all doing? Looking good. Those active followers are waiting for ya. Yeah, in case you haven’t heard I’m giving away mystery
boxes full of products. Hair products, makeup
products, all types of products to my active followers who show love on all of my social media so, you know. – That’s my Barbie snack? – [Raven] No, those are
not your Barbie snacks. Those are the Barbie
snacks for the winners. We’re sharing them with the followers. You have your own downstairs, remember? – Yes.
(laughs) Six, seven, eight, nine, ten. – [Raven] You have ten books? – Yes. – [Raven] I think you have more than 10. Let’s see what clothes I have up here that I need to get rid of. Honestly actually, I
think all of this stuff still fits that’s hanging right here. Some of it’s kind of new. This is pretty new, new, new. This is her little mini limited edition rose gold Shambles shirts. One of a kind, Ziya got a special one because I did not make these
in kid sizes in he rose gold. But, comment down below if you guys think I should, first of
all bring this style back ’cause they all sold out,
even in the adult sizes. But if you guys would
like kid sizes in these pink Shambles shirts, let me know. I’m actually keeping these
little fancy dresses. So this is the dress that she wore for her second birthday
party most recently. This is her first fancy dress right here that she wore when she
was like three months old, I took pictures of it. And this is her first Christmas
dress, this red dress. So I’m keeping these just
for memories you know. I think it would be cool one day to have them hanging somewhere, in order. Like really I need to put
this one behind this one. But see how the dresses
get bigger and bigger and then it’ll lead all the
way up to her prom dress. Over here this is something
I was trying to keep but it got so friggin
destroyed, I’m so sad. I need to just take the little papers off. So basically, this was a little thing that I had made for her baby shower and it was like a clothes
line, so string went across. And then I had these
little mini clothes pins and I cut out these little paper onesies and everybody who came to my baby shower wrote little notes on them and pinned them up onto the little clothes
lines and it was so cute. And I tried to keep it,
but it got destroyed. So now I think I’m just gonna take the little notes off that people wrote and just save the little notes themselves. Maybe make like a
scrapbook page out of ’em. I also have some other random
party decorations in here from baby shower, first birthday. And that honestly needs to go in a different box in the garage. What are you doing? I just hear somebody
dialing numbers behind me. – Hello. – [Raven] Ziya, you are such a character. – (mumbling) on my one. Bye. – [Raven] What? Just pretend, don’t actually
call anybody please. (laughs) So I have these little
gold glitter letters on top of her little
shelf thing right here. I made these in that last
video I was referencing. It’s just a quick little DIY, but they keep toppling over,
’cause I just have them literally just perched
up here with nothing, especially the Y ’cause it’s round, it keeps rolling over and it’s so creepy when it falls down by itself. So I think I actually want
to stick them up on the wall. And then I need to figure out if I’m gonna hang these up
or get rid of them or what. So, and these boxes that I
just took out of her closet, these are like her first
little keepsake boxes. This one has like literally the blanket that she was brought… Excuse me, please don’t turn that on. Thank you. Keep it off. Anyways, this has literally the blanket that she was brought home
from the hospital in. Her first birthday candle. Her first little outfits, little bib. Like little cutesie stuff from when she was like a newborn. That got full so I had
started putting stuff in this bigger box and this has like a little custom little
bloomers, her little booties. These are her first little booties. Oh my goodness gracious. Her first hospital hat. So I just started adding
stuff to this box. So these are like her first little shoes. She actually literally never
wore these on her feet ever. They were just sitting in her nursery as like decoration basically. But those were the first, I
think my mom bought her these. These were the first shoes that were ever purchased for Ziya, basically. She has her original
Shambles onesie in here, also she had a black
version of the onesie. Her first birthday genie
outfit goes in here. – [Ziya] That’s mine. – [Raven] Yes, it’s yours, but I’m putting it away for safekeeping, okay. – That’s mine. – [Raven] Yeah. That’s one of your first little blankies, that’s a special blankie. Yeah, this blankie was a
gift at her baby shower. It’s embroidered with her name on it and it’s super, like a nice blankie. So, that’s pretty much it in
terms of her little keepsakes. So I just have two boxes. This one and that other one. And I’m just gonna go ahead and
put this back in her closet. So I took the little
baby shower thing apart. These are all the little clothes pins. I’ll keep these, don’t know what I’m gonna end up doing with them but, they’re worth keeping in my
little craft box or whatever. And these are all the little notes that people wrote for
me at my baby shower. I’m probably gonna glue them to a page and make like a little
scrapbook page like I said. “Ziya, you will grow up to be a combo “of some great women. Love Jayla” Oh my God, Jayla. And then also in her closet
I had this little DIY which was from her original nursery video. It’s a little glitter sign
that I painted or whatever. “Though she be but little, she is fierce.” It’s a little busted now ’cause it’s been through some thangs. So, as much as it pains
me, I think it’s time to maybe get rid of it. Meanwhile Ziya has made a big mess ’cause the only way to keep her occupied is to make a mess, basically. Okay, so here’s what I did so far. I put her gold glitter
letters up on the wall above the little tassel thing. I just hung it up with that stuff, that sticky stuff that they use
in schools to hang up stuff. So it won’t be damaging the wall. And then I left the
tassel and these things where they’re at. I added the little baskets over here in like a little diagonal. Like I said, one of the baskets had like a little chalkboard. So I have these little chalkboard pens and I just drew a
raincloud for Ziya Rayne. But you can erase that
and put whatever you want. So I don’t know maybe I’ll change it but, I have an idea for
these little baskets ’cause they had it pictured on the box with little baby blankets
and little baby books and little baby stuff, but I think it would be cute to put fake flowers just coming out of the baskets. Like the same type of fake
flowers I have over here. Which I don’t know anything about flowers, I don’t even know what this
type of flower is called but I think they’re really pretty. I got these at Michaels and
just put them in the vase. So I think I want to go back to Michaels and get some more flowers and put them, some different flowers
in each little basket so it’s more of like a decoration rather than like a storage thing. I just have her two little dream catchers. I actually ended up just
hanging both of them, like layering them. I think it looks kinda
cool, hanging over there on the other side. And then over here I hung up
two of the little shadowboxes and I took off her ultrasound pictures ’cause that’s super newborn baby stuff. I put the ultrasound
pictures in her keepsake box and I want to print out
some more recent pictures of us to hang in there. So I need to print those out. I’ve also decided… Let me get this hammer. I’ve decided that I want to put some other little decorative something up on the shelf to kind
of fill up this space. Like a little statue, a little like I don’t even know, like something similar to like this little bunny piggy bank that I have over here. I want something similar like that to just place right here
to fill up that space. And then I also need another one to put in this little
empty box right here. So I need like two little
figurines of some sort to finish this off. And I was just about ready to say, you know what, I think I am ready to change her crib into a toddler bed, but I realized, that it’s not actually just as simple as taking
off this front thing. There’s actually like
a whole separate piece that you have to buy
separately to go with it to change it into a toddler bed and it’s a lot more involved
than I thought it was. So, I don’t even have the separate piece. This crib was gifted to me by the company. So I don’t even know
if they still make it, I have to look it up. But, she might be staying
in this crib, in crib mode until we move into the new house. Until I actually buy her
a whole separate bed. So for now it’s gonna
still have to be the crib. But, I definitely want to go to Home Goods or something and just try to get like I said, a few more
things to go over here. And then also now, this whole dresser is gonna be empty on top. This is just obviously
all my junk right now. But since I’m not using it
as a changing table anymore it’s gonna be empty except for her little oil diffuser
and her white noise machine which I have now properly placed over here instead of where it was plugged in sitting on the chair over here. So, those two little things are gonna be the only things that live on here unless I can find something
else to put on top. I don’t really feel like I necessarily need to but, I don’t know,
we’ll see what I can find. Do you like what I did
with your wall up here. I put your name up there. – Yes. – You like it? And here comes Ziya right back again, ready to make another mess after I just cleaned the floor. Okay guys, so it is the next day. I dropped Ziya off at
preschool this morning and then I went to Michaels and Home Goods to kind of just get the
rest of the few things that I kind of wanted to finish off her little mini room makeover. So at Home Goods, I pretty
much got really lucky and I found pretty much
exactly what I was looking for. Which you know with Home Goods it’s kind of like hit or miss. So the first thing that
I saw is this piggy bank. It’s a pink unicorn with a gold horn and it’s a little piggy bank so it has a little coin slot right here. But I just like it from this side to just kind of be a little statue to put on her shelf over there. So I felt like that was perfect. Ziya really likes unicorns these days. And then I found this
really pretty picture frame. It’s like a blush pink up here and then like a metallic
gold detail at the bottom which I just thought was so cute. And it’s a really nice
thick, sturdy photo frame. This was $7.99. The piggy bank was $9.99. So, in terms of what photo
I want to put in here as well as the other photos that I was talking about in those little shadowboxes over there, I decided that I actually don’t want to put pictures of Ziya or
pictures of me and Ziya just because, I don’t
know, I just feel weird about having family phots
hung up in your house. It just kinda creeps me out and bothers me and I just really don’t like having actual photos of my face
hanging in my house. I don’t know. Let me know if that’s like a thing. Do y’all feel that way too. It’s just weird to me. So, I would prefer to just have some other type of artwork
or some type of text or like a cute little saying. So I think I’m gonna make
my own little something. Like I’ll write a cute quote or make some type of little artwork to go in here and to go in the little shadowboxes instead of getting family
photos printed out. And the last thing that
I got from Home Goods is this pillow which really was not needed but I couldn’t resist, especially after I already got this little unicorn thing. It is a blush pink pillow
with a metallic unicorn detail and it has little star
sparkles on it and it says magic is all around us. And I just thought that was so cute. It matched the whole theme of her room and I just had to get it. This was $16.99 which
I was kind of like ugh. For something that I really
don’t need to be getting I really don’t need to be
spending $17.00 on it either. But I couldn’t resist, it was too cute. So I’m just putting this in her bed. And then from Michaels,
I got the fake flowers that I wanted to put on the
wall over here like I said. And then I also got a
couple of other random stuff for my own personal DIY project for something that I’m
putting in my bedroom. So you guys will see that later whenever I post my full townhome tour. You guys will see what I’m
making for my bedroom, later. But, as for Ziya’s room I just
got all these fake flowers. I really got way too many
now that I’m actually looking at how many I probably needed. I think this is like
probably way too many, so I might actually end up
returning one of these things. So I’m gonna put the unicorn right here and then I’m gonna put the photo frame right here in this little empty square. Over here in these little baskets is where I just wanna put the fake flowers just hanging out of the baskets. So, I got my little wire cutters. I’m just gonna be cutting the stems, cutting flowers off of here and just arranging them in the baskets. So this little bouquet is
all connected down here, so I’m gonna cut each individual thing off with these wire cutters. And then I’m just gonna
start arranging them. Ooh, let me take the sticker off. Okay, so I think I actually
like it just like this. I literally only used one
of the bouquet of flowers that I bought, so I
have this whole big one, two of these little ones
and then this giant one that I didn’t even use and I don’t think I’m gonna need them so I’ll probably just return them back to Michaels. Yeah, I literally just
stuck some in the top, some like through these little things through the front of it and
just kind of divided them up. And I think that looks
really cute actually. So here’s a little hack
if you’re making something to go inside of a photo frame all you gotta do is open it to get the exact size that
you need for the thingy. Since mine is brand new it still has the little cardboard and the
little whatever thing in there so I can literally use
this as a size reference for what I need to go inside of here. So I’ve got some cardstock paper and I can trace this little insert to get my exact size. So I’m just gonna take a pencil first to trace out what I want to write and I’m gonna put, thou she be but little she is fierce, because I
still really like that quote and we didn’t end up using my
original DIY with that quote. So I’m gonna put it on here. So I literally just did
like a little rough sketch of what I’m gonna write. I want this to be kinda messy. Ooh, I already got some
paint splatter on it. So it’s definitely gonna be messy. I just want it to look like very like brushy and handwritten, so I’m just gonna use this little brush
and some little black paint. Ta-da. Nothing special, but I
think it’s gonna look cute in the little picture frame. So I’m just gonna make two
more little things like that for the other two little shadowboxes. I had to move inside, it was too hot. But here is what I made. Literally just three
pieces of little paper, painted with a small paint brush. I put, barbie snacks and milk
in a cup, ’cause you know. And then I put a little
kind of cliche quote but I do like this quote. She believed she could and so she did. And then the, though she be
but little she is fierce. So I’m just gonna put this
one, it’s nice and dry now. Gonna put this one in the frame. And then the other two
will go in the shadowboxes. And then that will be the finished room. Okay guys, so here is
Ziya’s finished room. You know, a little bit revamped. Not a full makeover or anything but, I’m actually pretty
proud about how it came out. I think it looks really cute in here. Obviously most of the
stuff is still the same but I still think the little changes that I added really kinda
just finished it off. So just to give you guys a little tour. We still have of course the
rocking chair over here. Same blanket, same pillow. The pillow I know is from Target, the blanket I think is from Home Goods and the chair itself is
actually from Target as well. Above the chair we have
my DIY dream catchers. I hung both of them up just kind of layered on top of each other. And I have a video for that. You guys can check that
out in the down bar. Then over here we have her crib. Her crib was gifted by a company. I will put the name down below. Like I said, I wasn’t able
to turn it into a toddler bed like I hoped, but that’s okay she can still sleep in the crib and when we get in our new house she will definitely have a big girl bed. But I just have her favorite
pink blankie in there. I’m not even sure where that’s from. It’s from before she was born. And the new pillow that
I got from Home Goods, magic is all around us,
with the little unicorn. Above the crib we have
the two pieces of artwork which is the same. Both of those are from Home Goods. Above that we have the tassel, which I had made by somebody
on Etsy for Ziya’s baby shower. Actually it was a decoration
and I just kept it. And then above that we have
my DIY glitter wooden letters. I got the actual wooden
letters from Michaels and I just painted them gold
and put glitter on them. It’s really simple. So I feel like the wall looks
a lot more balanced out now ’cause it actually kind of like
fills up more of the space. And then over here, of course we have the three basket set that I got, the mint green wall basket thingies, which I actually just hung
on the wall with thumb tacks because, honestly I was being lazy. It came with screws to
really screw it in the wall if you wanted to secure it to actually put books and stuff in there. But since I was just putting
these little fake flowers I just used thumb tacks. And the set of three
baskets came from Target. It was actually in their baby section. And then of course like you guys saw I got these fake flowers from Michaels and just arranged them in the basket. And I think that came out really cute. That’s actually like my
favorite little thing that I added in here. So, that is that wall. I really like it. I think all the colors
coordinate really well with the mint green and
the pink and the gold. Also down here I just have her same little white, well I mean it
used to be pure white, this little shag rug is from
Home Goods I believe as well. Honestly, it’s seen better days. Over here in the corner
is just her laundry hamper which is from Target. Complete with actual dirty clothes. And then we have her dresser which was gifted by this same company. It’s like from this same set. Which used to be used as a changing table but it’s not a changing table anymore. It’s literally just a
dresser and on top of it I just have her white noise
machine which helps her sleep. You guys have heard me
say that a billion times. And an oil diffuser to put like lavender essential oils and stuff in
there to help her sleep as well. And I can link these
two things down below. You can get them on Amazon. The brass curtain rod and
the actual blackout curtains are all from Amazon. So I will link all of that down below. So that is the whole area over there with the windows and the dresser. And then over here in the corner is just her same canopy
that she always had. This canopy I got from Ikea actually and it’s just screwed into the ceiling. And underneath there
I have another little, well a big pillow
actually from Ikea as well and then some decorative pillows. These are the same ones
since her original nursery. These are both from Target. Hip hip hooray and oh happy day. I think those are so cute. And these two little stuffed animals are from Target as well. All this stuff she has had
since before she was born. So that’s like her little reading corner princess canopy area. And then over here we have
the little cubby shelves. This cubby shelf unit is from Ikea. It was a hand-me-down from
my mom from a while back. It used to be in my mom’s office. Most of the stuff on here is
still the same as you guys saw. This is a DIY from her
original nursery video. This is a DIY from her
original nursery video. I told you guys about my
friend who painted this. This is also a quick little DIY, I painted this pot and
put some flowers in it. The bunny piggy bank is from
Home Goods a while back. And then you guys saw
the unicorn piggy bank that I just got in this video
from Home Goods as well. I told you guys about this
flower pot DIY from Michaels. The lamp is from Target I believe. This little mirror right here is a DIY from a long time ago. This used to be in my college dorm room. It’s a mirror that I stole
out of my mom’s house a long time ago and I painted it gold. Oh, and then of course, the little DIY that I just finished for
the little picture frame. I think this turned out so cute as well as the shadowboxes up here. She believed she could and so she did. Barbie snacks and milk in a cup. The actual little boxes are from Target. These ones and these ones are from Target. These hold all of her
headbands and hair clips and little hats and kind
of like dress up stuff. And then there’s really not
anything in here anymore ’cause I got rid of all her
baby blankets and stuff. So I do really feel like
this whole little section looks a lot more put together now. It just looks more complete. Oh, and off to the side of this these were already
here, but these are just two little hooks that I
got from Target as well. They’re gold with like a
little marble thing right there and I just use these to hang
her little jackets on there. And as for the closet, not
much to look at in here but it is nice and clean. We have her little shoe
shelf, which is from Amazon. I’ll link that down below for you guys. We have some of her clothes hanging up. I also get these little
mini toddler felt hangers off of Amazon, so I can link those. We’ve got her keepsake boxes, which has all her baby stuff. But yeah you guys, that
is Ziya’s entire room. I think it turned out really good. I’m pretty proud of myself,
if I do say so myself. Y’all know I just love these colors. I love mint green, light
pink, white and gold. That is like my thing and now
I have made it Ziya’s thing. She has no choice but, you know I think she likes it too. You like your room? It’s all clean and decorated. You like it? – Look, you have new artwork. I like your room. – [Raven] This is now a toddler room and not a newborn baby room. It’s all gone boo-boo. I cleaned her closet a little bit. – Wow, look at your closet. – It’s a towel.
– But we just have that one ’cause it’s special, ’cause
it has your name on it. Yeah you guys, that is it for this video. I’m literally sweating. I broke a sweat trying to
get this room together. So let me know in the comments down below what you think, do you like it, should I change anything, add anything. Let me know. Also, don’t forget we’re
gonna be doing this all again, before you
know it, in my new house. Making Ziya’s new room and my new house. So, get excited for that. Make sure you’re subscribed to my channel so you can follow me on
my house building journey with all of that. But, in the mean time I’m just trying to like live in the moment and still just enjoy this current
townhome that I live in. So I am really happy that I
kind of got this room together ’cause we are still gonna be living here for like a whole nother year. So yeah, comment down below,
let me know what you think. Make sure you’re subscribed and make sure to give this video a thumbs up if you want to see more videos
like this in my townhome before we get to the point
of doing it in the new home. And yeah, I will see you
guys in my next video, bye.

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