Hi guys. For today’s video I thought I would
do a toddler gift idea video. It is my youngest’s second birthday today. Not a baby anymore
and he has got so many lovely, new presents and I thought, because his birthday isn’t
that far away from Christmas that I would show you some of his favorite new gifts that
might be a nice idea for Christmas. A lot of these are unisex as well, so they
would work boy or girl, and a lot of these ideas as well would go from little baby to
four years old, because my four year old’s been playing with these and some of these
I could see a little baby enjoying as well. I will just get into it.
People texted and said, “What would Caleb like for his birthday?” I was like, “Well,
he loves Minions.” You see all the Minion stuff around. “He loves Minions and he loves
building towers.” People bought stuff based on that as well. The first thing that he got
that he loves is this Minion backpack. It is so cute and it’s so, so soft, so he walks
around cuddling it, but you can actually put some toys in it. I don’t think it could be
your day bag out but you can put some toys in there and then he loves getting them out,
and it’s just really, really cute. As I said, he loves to build towers and he
got this set of boxes, and they’re so cool. They’re just boxes, but it has kept him so
busy playing with these and building towers and even his older brother who’s nearly five
has been playing with these with the stopwatch and seeing how quickly he can build a tower
and how quickly he can break it down again. These are such a good gift for a baby or a
toddler, or even a bit older as well. He really, really loves these.
Next thing that he got was something that I bought him, because I had such fond memories
of it as a child. It’s the game Penguin Run. I think that’s what it’s called. A lot of
you will probably recognize this from your childhood as well, but we got it for him and
he absolutely loves it. He keeps putting the little penguins on. They can go forward or
backwards, and then go up and they slide all the way down. It’s kept him busy for ages.
The only negative to this toy that me and my husband have been like, “Ah,” there’s only
one sound setting and it’s quite loud. Other than that, it makes him so happy and also
it makes me a little bit nostalgic. Love that gift that he got.
You know every year there’s a couple of gifts that are like the main best presents that
he got? The Penguin Run was definitely one of them and the second one was all of his
new toy food. All of it at Toys R Us, it was 25 pounds for this huge pack of food. The
best thing about this food that he really likes about it is it’s all Velcroed together.
You stick it together and then he takes the little knife and he chops it on the chopping
board it came with and yeah, it keeps him busy for ages. He loves just sitting there
and cutting all the food up. He can cut quicker than I can put them all back together. He
really, really enjoys it. Homey eggs, oh, I’m missing one of the shells.
They come like that, they’re plastic but all of the heads, they all have fake little faces
on them and then they all come off to be different colors and underneath there is a different
shape on each egg that you then have to match up when you put them back. It’s quite educational
as well. He just loves it. What is it about eggs, surprise egg, any of kind of egg? Children
just love it. I forgot to say that all the little chicks
in the eggs makes this cute noise. Also got him this set of Melissa and Doug
blocks. It comes in this little cart that has wheels so he can drag it along as well.
It’s got all different letters on it, numbers as well and pictures. There’s lots to look
at and do. As I said, he loves to build towers and it’s nice that we can build towers so
that we can also talk about what is on the blocks. I’m sure they’re not going to stay
in order for very long but yeah, I thought that was a really good buy and I ended up
buying it on Amazon. Aunt and uncle also got him one of these puzzles.
It is also Melissa and Doug. Love all of their toys but it’s not just a puzzle because it’s
got little magnet dots on each of them so they’re all bugs and it comes with a magnetic
flyswatter and you sit there and you get them on the flyswatter, you can put them back as
well. He sat there the other morning at breakfast just concentrating so much and doing it. This
was a really good little puzzle with magnets. He really enjoys that.
Oh gosh, they’re going off already. He also got these three emergency vehicles. He got
an ambulance, a firetruck and a police car. These are VTech ones and they actually go
with the garage that he’s got. He’s got the VTech Toot Toot Garage and he’s always really
loved this and his brother as well. These go perfectly with the track and it’s thing.
Frank is in now. You say hello? Hi. The best thing about these and the most annoying
thing for parents. Don’t be rude. He just loves them and he loves pressing the buttons
and making them sing their songs. If you’ve got a little boy, I would recommend this garage.
Sings songs and all of that as well. We actually ended up buying this secondhand from a charity
shop. We’ve got one of these toys. I think they’re
from the early learning center, this is the Old MacDonald Lotto. It’s basically a game
like Bingo or something where you just do it with the animals. Always really loved these
early learning games, it says Orchard Toys on it so you probably get it elsewhere. They’ve
got a few now. They’ve got the shopping game, they’ve got the making your lunch game. I
can’t remember what it’s called. Also got some Bristle Blocks. I bought these
on Amazon. We went to a play group and he really liked playing with them. I don’t know
if you remember these from being a kid yourself but they kind of stick together with their
bristles and you can build cars and towers and things like that. That was a good buy.
Also got one of these giraffes. This is from Wilkinson’s. I was thinking this would be
a really good stocking stuffer for Christmas as well. You can get different ones. But basically
he walks around doing this. Got so much Duplo Lego as well which was brilliant.
We got one of these, a digging set Duplo and it’s nice big stuff that toddlers can sort
of work with their hands. We got that and we got a numbers one as well.
Got another VTech car that is basically on a little track with pusher. You push it back
and then you press the button and it goes flying. Obviously he’s only two but he can
use this absolutely no problem and his brother’s been showing him how it works as well. That
is a really nice little present from a friend. Couldn’t resist buying him a Minion outfit
from Toys R Us. I just thought it was so cute and his birthday is so close to Halloween.
I just thought we could dress him up in it and get a cute photo.
You can probably hear the penguin game in the background because he is playing it as
we blog. I got a couple more bits to show you. He also got this big JCB digger. What
little boy wouldn’t love something like this? And I have plans to take this to the park
with me and fill it up with little stones or sand and stuff like that.
We’ve got some Minion goggles. Last thing I want to show you is this Hungry
Caterpillar book. This is one of his favorite stories. We read it every night. You can get
it in all different types of sizes but I think any baby, toddler, would love this book. Both
of my boys always loved this especially this page. Yeah, so he also got that.
The last present that he got that I really wanted to show you, it’s such a nice present
and it’s from his Nan. It’s a little ride along mouse. The wheels on this are really
easy to ride around on and our whole house is wooden floors so Caleb will have so much
fun on this and I just knew that he would love it.
Anyway, I’m really sorry about that noise. It’s driving me crazy but he loves that game.
Right, thank you so much for watching. I hope that gives you a few gift ideas for your toddlers.
Thank you so much for watching and I will see you very soon. Bye.
Today is Caleb’s birthday party so I’ve just run out and got some bits for it.

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  1. Thanks for sharing. My little guys turns 2 in a few weeks also and we needed a few gift ideas. Good timing on the post!!!!

  2. I just had to REbuy that stupid police car because it's Jonah's FAVORITE and it landed in a diaper while being changed so I had to chunk it. But it's funny how it's different for the British vs American one. Mine says way more horrible! And it's a woman's voice that says "hi I'm Paul "

  3. How do you organize all of the toys? We are in clutter HELL In our living room ! I know you've done the home and clean up type video but just curious if you had any extra insight or if you're in the same boat !

  4. Thanks for sharing Emily, Ollie turns 2 on 27th November so you have given me some great ideas! Ollie is also minion mad! ☺️ xx

  5. Some fab ideas. I had the eggs when i was younger so i bought them for my little girl for her 2nd birthday last year

  6. Beau has the suprise eggs and we love them, my 6 year old ends up playing with them too! I completely forgot about penguin run 🙂 what a toy 🙂 love your videos Emily xx

  7. Emily, thank you for the ideas!!! My daughter is 14 months and I am running out of toy ideas…hahaha. The food set is brilliant, do you know which store it came from? My daughter is in the stage where she likes to take the things apart, I think she will enjoy the velcro veggies…lol

  8. My toddler is turning 2 and I know he'll love the car set at 5 min, lego duplo, toy trucks, omg minion googles and books. Gosh you gave me tons of ideas! Thank you! Thumbs up. 🙂

  9. Great video – struggling to know what to get for a friend's 2YO! So thank you. Also, I can't place your accent – sounds like an interesting mix of Australian/Irish/English 🙂

  10. I have got to know where to find that adorable giraffe noise maker!! but of course, in the states 🙁

  11. We have those eggs but my sister dose not really like them . Ps I am watching this because it's soon her second birthday and I want some ideas of what to get

  12. If the noise is way to loud my sister has a toy like that and its super loud so i put duck tape over where the noise is coming from and you can still here it just not as loud

  13. You can buy educational fun toys here and Great Hand Made Gifts

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