Toga! Toga! – Animal House (6/10) Movie CLIP (1978) HD

Ah, she broke our date.
Washing her hair. Dead mother. We’re in trouble. I just checked
with the guys at theJewish house. They said every one of our answers
on the psych test were wrong. Every one? Those assholes must have stolen
the wrong fucking exam! Oh, God, look what just creeped in. Well, well, well.Looks like somebody forgot there’s
a rule against alcoholic beverages…in fraternities on probation. – What a tool.
– I didn’t get that, son. What was that? I said, uh, what a shame… that a few bad apples have to spoil
a good time for everyone… by breaking the rules. Put a sock on it, boy, or you’ll be
out of here like shit through a goose. Yes, sir.Now, have you boys seen
your grade point average yet?– Well, have you?
– I have, sir. I know it’s a little below par…
It’s more than a little below par, Mr. Hoover. It stinks! It’s the lowest on campus.
It’s the lowest in Faber history!Uh, well, sir, we’re hoping
that our midterm grades…will really help our average. – Ha!
– Laugh now… because you clowns have been
on double secret probation… since the beginning of this semester. Double secret probation?
And that means…one more slipup,
one more mistake… and this fraternity of yours
has had it… at Faber. Uh… Well, that was pleasant. Nice of him
to stop by, don’t you think? We’ve gotta do something. He’s serious.
I think he knows about the exams. He’s right.
You’re right.
We gotta do something. Absolutely.
You know what we gotta do? [Both]
Toga party. We’re on double secret probation,
whatever that is. – We can’t afford to have a toga party.
– You guys up for a toga party? Toga! Toga! Ah. I think they like the idea, Hoov. Otter, please don’t do this. I got news for ya, pal. They’re gonna
nail us no matter what we do. So we might as well
have a good time. Toga! Toga! Toga! Toga! Toga! Toga! Toga! Toga! Toga! Toga! Toga! Toga! Toga! Toga! Toga! Toga!

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  1. Hahaha the way the Wormer says "It Stinks!" and then the reaction from Hoover. Hahaha I lose it every time. Then the way he says "double secret probation." Actually, fuck it. Everything in this scene is funny.

  2. "There gonna nail us no matter what we do!" –Otter
    In Oct. 1978, John Belushi made the cover of 'Newsweek' magazine ("College Humor Comes Back") with him pictured with a vine on his head.

  3. Robert Hoover: We're in trouble. I just checked with the guys👥at the Jewish✡️house🏠and they said that everyone of our answers on the psych test📝were wrong.
    Donald "Boon" Schoenstein: Everyone? [Boon Pointing☝️️at D-Day and Bluto] Those assholes must have stolen the wrong fucking exam📑.

  4. This is one of those scenes you learn about long before ever seeing the movie .. I remember shouting "Toga! Toga!" with my friends in elementary school .. never knew about animal house til years later

  5. en 1979 en ecuador se pasaban 2 peliculas en los cines ….. y a esta pelicula siquiera la ví más de 20 veces
    ….. estuvo un largo tiempo en cartelera ……

  6. Never seen this movie or the scene. We had toga day at school for the seniors and I kept chanting until someone asked me if I was referencing this XD

  7. My dad is in this scene 🙂 He’s the one wearing the blue shirt and purple vest leaning against the fireplace. He doesn’t let me watch this movie although I’m in college now. Some scenes were shot at the Sigma Nu Gamma Zeta chapter at U of O, my dad’s frat. He said they completely altered some rooms of the house to make it look like a shithole, and he said John Belushi used to sit and drink beers with the guys while they were watching football on TV. When he used to say he was an extra in Animal House I thought he was just an extra in a low budget movie, I didn’t realize how big it actually was haha

  8. I was kind of hoping Wormer would add (for dramatic effect) military service, and I'm going to recommend all of you for frontline infantry, full combat!….I loved this movie..

  9. This was a great movie, So much better than that cheap lead painted knockoff from the 1990s. PCU I think it was.

  10. thrown out of school, and, as a result, stripped of their student deferments (and, thus, eligible for the draft). They decide to commit one last, utterly senseless (and screamingly funny) slapstick act of rebellion, making a shambles of the university's annual homecoming parade, and, in the process, getting revenge on the dean, the Omegas, and everyone else who has ever gone against them.

  11. This Movie Is Really Funny And Amazing And Hilarious And AweSome And WonderFul And Cool And TighT And Coolio :DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD

  12. I AlSo Plan On Wanting 2 Buy And Get The DVD Of This Movie Animal House So ThaT I Can Continue 2 Keep Watching It AlWays And 4Ever Etc

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