Tommaso Ciampa & The Velveteen Dream crash The Undisputed ERA’s celebration: WWE NXT, Oct. 9, 2019

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  1. They need to fire everyone that messed up Hell in a Cell, take that money and invest more into NXT…it surprises me every time I realise this brand is related to the others

  2. I think they should bring back the Big Gold Belt for Ciampa when he goes up to the main roster, so he can have another Goldie there

  3. EN EX TEE EN EX TEE EN EX TEE ! this man VVTD is awesome, one of the most colorful, flamboyant and intriguing characters in wrestling in a long time.

  4. Would much rather see AEW move to Monday nights and destroy Raw, that way we can all enjoy both NXT and AEW the two best shows in wrestling at the moment

  5. Now Ciampa got all the attention he deserves. Not boos but cheers. He needs to be a brutal anti hero in NXT. Amd I can't wait.

  6. Insert witty comment about how smart I am for seeing this is leading to War Games with the UE against Balor, Ciampa, Dream and Gargano.

    Realize 5 seconds later that everyone already knows that

  7. NXT is, by far, the best product that WWE has to offer right now. It's just too bad that it feels so small-time compared to AEW. They need to start touring because the Full Sail crowd really drags it down, IMO.

  8. the way that Ciampa came out. the reaction he got from the fans. the reaction and physical actions undertaken by the Undisputed Era, leaving the ring and keeping their distance. all this made Ciampa look like an unstoppable, feared GOD! Adam Cole vs. Ciampa is $$$ (and i'm an AEW fan over the WWE (main shows))

  9. We could have a wrestlemania worthy match here, Adam Cole vs dream vs ciampa vs balor, if this match happens, it would probably beat most wrestlemania matches, survivor series raw vs smackdown matches, royal rumbles, this is a dream match right here, and it needs to take place in nxt, don't have this at wrestlemania or a main roster ppv, nxt Is the place it needs to be at

  10. This has such a 2000 Smack down attitude era feel with Cole as HHH, Undisputed Era as DX, Velveteen Dream as The Rock, and Tommoso Ciampa as Stone Cold Steve Austin. I know Gargano is not is this segment but if he was he'll definitely be Kurt Angle

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