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Previously, we made some
Angry Birds and a slingshot, and now we need some targets. So today we’re going to make
some targets by taking eggs, painting them to look
like fragile green pigs, setting them up, and then using the slingshot
and birds to knock them down. [music] We’ve got our birds made. We’ve got our catapult built. Now, what we need is some pigs. And it may seem a little strange, but what we are going
to use for pigs is eggs. And I know, eggs are more like the birds. But, in the game the pigs
are extremely fragile. One little bump,
and they just poof into dust. And I figured if we use eggs,
then will easily be able to see if they get broken or
even just slightly injured. Here’s the basic plan. We’ve got our birds. We’ve got our slingshot. So now we need targets. And we’re going to be painting
some eggs to look like green pigs, setting them up in towers, and using a slingshot
to shoot our birds at the targets. [music] Green eggs and ham,
green eggs as ham. Green eggs, and then they’re pigs. Green eggs as ham, but yep. Yep. [music] All right, little bird,
let’s see what you can do. HA! Direct Hit. Yeah, that piggy egg is dead. I got him. I like that. It didn’t hit the blocks
of wood and fall over. I just smashed him directly. Yes! Destruction! Broken egg, broken egg. Well, that guy’s only leaking a little,
bit but in Angry Birds that’s enough. They just puff and turn
to dust when you get them. Well, he is broken. [music] Two success is in a row. [music] Oh! Half points. Oh no. Well, that’s one pig
definitely got squished in there. The building fell on him. [music] It’s gone. That’s all of them. Three, two, one. [music] I think a couple of them survived. At least one of them. This guy somehow managed to
roll down and land on the soft grass without getting injured. Way to go, pig! [music] His face is nicely presented their. Giant Angry Birds slingshot,
real life projectiles cracking eggs. Everything you’ve ever hoped for.
This is a lot of fun, now I just got to figure out what
to do with a giant slingshot. I think I might get one of those
water balloon slingshots, and just permanently attach it to here. Like just one person launch
water balloons like 300 feet. That should be great. This was awesome. Guys that’s not all. We’ve got more for you to see. The box at the top will
take you to our last video. You should check that out. The box at the bottom will show
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and we will see you in the next one. Talk to you then.

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  1. I have a puppy, and I was just downstairs watching a movie, and she got one of her toys and brought it over to my lap. But the thing is, she's got those sharp little puppy needle teeth, so when she tried to chomp down on her toy, she also chomped down on my leg and now there is a big bruise there and it hurts. So now im upstairs in my room watching this video instead.

  2. At 2:51

    Pig: Ahhh!!! Oof… I'm alive

    Pig 2: You're Gonna Jynx it..

    Pig: No I'm N…


    All Pigs: Ahhhhhhhhhhh!

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