Top 10 Best Cities to Celebrate Christmas

Top 10 Best Cities to Celebrate Christmas. It has been a tradition to commemorate the
birth of Jesus Christ every December 25. Christmas is the perfect day to spend most
of your time with your family and loved ones. It is the time of the year when you can hear
Christmas carols, Christmas decorations hanging everywhere, and the sharing and giving of
gifts. Christmas time is the merriest time of the
year which unites the human race as they celebrate the holiday with love and giving. Hence, it is one of the most colorful holidays
of the year. Most of the people celebrate their holiday
in their own different ways. But some of them spend their Christmas vacation
travelling into a foreign place. This season, try out different ways to spend
the holiday. Discover and explore new places, traditions,
culture and food. And to make it easier for you to choose your
exciting holiday destination, here are the top 10 best cities to celebrate Christmas. 10: Nashville, Tennessee. Known as the center of the music industry,
Nashville has also been recognized as the ‘Music City’. Experience the magical Christmas in Nashville. As early as the mid-week of November, the
city is already preparing for the yuletide season. From your favorite Christmas melodies to the
usual Christmas carols, the music city changes its lights from honkytonk neon gold to the
holiday’s red, greens, silver and gold. Although the city rarely experiences white
Christmas, there are a lot of fun activities the city offers like parades, shows and events. 9: Edinburgh, Scotland. The capital city of Scotland, Edinburgh offers
a new unique experience during the holiday season. While the city promises fun and exciting activities
and events, beautiful fireworks from the Edinburgh castle to the Palace of Holyrood house illuminates
the sky. Explore The Royal Mile, St Andrew Square,
and East Princess Street Gardens; listen to the bagpipes while they play songs around
the Sir Walter Scott Monument. Have fun at the Big Wheel, Star Flyer, the
ice rinks, and the busy Christmas markets. Fill your sack with Christmas goodies. 8: Boston, Massachusetts. The largest and the capital city of Massachusetts,
Boston turns into a city of flickering lights and beautiful decorations during the Christmas
season. The city boasts off special holiday music
shows and events. Spend the holiday at the Boston Common, and
at the Faneuil Hall Marketplace. Attend The Nutcracker or Black Nativity, experience
a Holiday Pops concert at Symphony Hall, and enjoy the Christmas Eve events, celebrate
Christmas with the Christmas Revels at Harvard’s Sanders Theatre. 7: Santa Barbara, California. Known for celebrating year-round, Santa Barbara
also offers a wonderful chance to experience the Christmas spirit. In the winter, the city mixes New England-style
refinement and old California qualities with a blend of holiday events. Attend the annual holiday festival at Santa
Barbara Public Market, and the holiday party at the Historical Museum. Experience snow at Paseo Nuevo, and spend
the holiday with the city’s various activities and shows. 6: Reykjavik, Iceland. Reykjavik promises a colorful city which enables
the displays with its stunning Northern Lights. The city has attracted many visitors during
the yuletide season from the winter attractions to the city’s breath-taking Christmas decorations. The city is a great holiday destination for
those demanding tourists who want something new and unique as it is expected to exceed
the expectations of the visitors. The liquid-green aurora borealis lights the
night time sky with the city’s four-hour daylight time. 12 Yule Lads are all over the window and every
corner of the shop peering out. 5: Zurich, Switzerland. The largest city in Switzerland, Zurich is
the central area for railways, road and air traffic. In the mid of November, the city displays
12,000 crystal lights marking the beginning of Christmas. You can hear Christmas carols all around the
city and you can already smell the scent of cinnamon and mulled wine and enjoy the firework
displays. During this season, visit the galleries at
Rämistrasse, stop by the Conelli Christmas Circus, and attend a holiday concert at the
Romanesque-style Grossmünster church. 4: Charleston, South Carolina. The oldest city in South Carolina, Charleston
offers a Christmas in a more interesting way. During Christmas, the city roasts pecans instead
of chestnuts and offers a plenty of fun-filled activities. Try their eggnog spiked with bourbon, listen
to the choirs at Drayton Hall plantation as candlelight twinkles at the weatherworn bricks
and Gullah spirituals ascents through the night air. 3: Lapland, Finland. Known as the homeland of Santa Claus, Christmas
is the merriest time in Lapland. It is a magical year for your family as you
get to meet and greet Santa Claus. Experience your own fairy-tale in the city
with its architectural designs ensemble from a storybook. Within the city, it is very usual to city
reindeers more than people. Experience reindeer sleigh riding through
the woods, say Hello and take a ‘selfie’ with Santa Claus, snowmobile and ski on the
Saariselkä trails and enjoy your action-packed getaway with Santa’s elves. 2: Trømso, Norway. Every December, it is a usual circumstance
that the sun barely shows up in Tromso. Although the city receives no visitors during
the Christmas season, the locals enjoy the holiday in their unique ways. When in Tromso, attend Christmas concerts,
visit cafes and restaurants full of merrymakers, go shopping, and try the traditional quivering
lutefisk. Go dogsledding, enjoy the delicious cuisines,
and try the mountaintop cable car. 1: Prague, Czech Republic. On top of the list, Prague is one of the best
cities to celebrate Christmas either with your family or with your special someone. During this season, you can see the place
illuminated with lights, shop windows brightly flickering through the night, Christmas trees
are donned with beautiful ornaments and the people smiling at each other with glee. Walk around the historic Nerudova Street in
Mala Strana and enjoy the view of the city’s Gothic and Baroque architectural designs. Book an opera or ballet at the State Opera
or National Theater and troll around the Old Town Square and Wenceslas Square.

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