Top 10 Best Ways to Celebrate Halloween at Disneyland

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button and click the bell icon to be notified when we upload a new video. We also have Instagram and Twitter- you can
find us @TPMvideos. The Halloween spirit has filled the air at
the Disneyland Resort in California. {Oogie boogie} You down there! Boo! Hahahahha It’s only the 2nd year Halloween has been
celebrated at Disney California Adventure but halloween time at Disneyland offers you
a lot to do that isn’t just limited to Halloween Party nights. From special Character meet and greets, to
multiple attraction overlays and of course the Halloween Party, the spooky Disney magic
fills the theme parks every day until October 31st. So are you ready to see what Disneyland really
has to offer when it comes to Halloween? Well think of this as your complete Halloween
guide as we count down the Top 10 ways to experience Halloween at Disneyland. Number 10 Welcome to Mickey’s Halloween Party! One of the more obvious ways to experience
Halloween is Mickey’s Halloween Party which takes place on select nights at the Disneyland
Park. Now the party is completely sold out for the
remaining 2018 dates but if you’re lucky enough to have a ticket to the event, you
can expect many tricks and treats. From the The Headless Horseman with Ichabod
Crane to the Frightfully fun parade with all the Villains, plus the Halloween Screams fireworks
show, the evening is full of Halloween entertainment. And you can’t forget about Trick or Treating. As you make your way through the many candy
trails in the park, there’s more candy and treats than you can imagine. We’ll be looking at the Halloween Party
in more detail in a future video coming really soon, so keep an eye out for that. Number 9
The entrance at both Disney California Adventure and Disneyland are just the gateways to Halloween
fun at the parks. At Disneyland, one of the most popular photo
sots is the giant Mickey Pumpkin in Town Square. Wether its day or night there’s always a
crowd waiting to get their picture taken; its an iconic symbol of Halloween at Disneyland. Then as you walk right down the middle of
Main Street USA, pumpkins line the tops of the buildings and even Tilly, the ticket attendant
at the Main Street Cinema, loses her traditional outfit in favour of something more in the
Halloween spirit. Over at Disney Calfiornia Adventure, Buena
Vista street is also decorated for Halloween but this area really comes alive at night. The headless horseman statue is a highlight
and not only is it a great photo spot, you might just hear him come to life. Number 8- Dapper Dans
Entertainment offerings like the Dapper Dans are part of what makes the Disney theme park
experience so unique. Now during Mickey’s Halloween Party this
quartet turns into the Cadaver Dan’s as they float on the foggy Rivers of America
singing some of your favourite villainous Disney Halloween songs. {Singing} Cruella. Cruella de Ville. Cruella de Ville But you don’t need to go the Halloween Party
to hear the Dapper Dans sing these tunes. {Dapper Dans} Folks, if you just joined us
we are the Dapper Dans. Sining songs to scare some smiles. Hopefully we’re not too frightful. Nothings more frightful than your famous halloween
jokes. During regular park hours the quartet can
be found along main street multiple times per day singing songs like cruelella De Vile- {Singing} Cruella. Cruella de Ville. -and This is Halloween. {Singing} This is Halloween. Halloween. Halloween. Now Scream. Make sure to check the times guide so you
don’t miss the Dapper Dans. {Singing} In this town of Halloween (Cheers) Number 7
Every day during the Halloween season, you can meet your favorite Disney pals dressed
up in their Halloween outfits at both parks. Throughout the entire day, characters that
usually meet in Town Square at Disneyland and on Beuna Vista street at California are
dressed up for the Halloween occasion. You can also find some Disney Villains lurking
around Town Square. While we were there Jafar and the Queen of
Hearts, both at separate times were meeting by the flagpole. The most popular Halloween Meet and Greet
would have to be Jack and Sally who meet next to the Port Royal Gift Shop in New Orleans
Square. Unlike Walt Disney World where Jack and Sally
only meet for the Halloween Party, you can find them everyday at Disneyland. The waits were pretty reasonable, especially
earlier in the day, so check the times guide or ask a cast member to find out the exact
times you can meet your favourite Disney characters. Number 6
At Zocalo Park in Frontierland, you can celebrate Dia de Los Muertos or Day of the Dead. Now Day of the Dead isn’t a Mexican version
of Halloween, but it’s often associated with Halloween since the celebration begins
on the evening of October 31st and ends on November 2nd. Did de Los Muertos is a way to remember loved
ones who’ve passed, and colourful skeletons and skulls like the ones seen here are symbols
of the celebration. At Disney California Adventure you can also
find Plaza de la Familia in Paradise Gardens. It also celebrates day of the dead and is
themed to Disney Pixar’s Coco. There’s activities for the young ones and
you don’t wanna miss a Musical Celebration of Coco. It’s a really fun show filled with puppetry,
song ,and dance that performs multiple times per day, right in Paradise Gardens. {Singing} Un poquititi-ti-ti-ti-ti-ti-ti-ti-ti-ti-ti-ti-to
loco! Number 5
For the 2nd year, Cars Land has been transformed from top to bottom for Halloween. All the decorations are cleverly made with
items associated with cars like pylons, gas cans and booster cables. Definitely make a point to stop by when the
sun goes down, because the lighting in the land makes a big difference. Just like the Cadelaic Mountain range- the
lighting package really sets the mood. From the the spider in front of Flo’s Cafe
right to the car celebrating day of the dead in front of Ramones shop, a lot of detail
went into this halloween overlay. Every where you turn there’s something fun
to see including these movie poster spoofs and the Brakes Motel model in the Cozy Cone
lobby. Also at the cozy cone motel you get the chance
to meet your favourite Cars characters dressed up in their halloween costumes. This includes Vampire Mater, Pirate Cruz Ramieriz,
and even super hero Lightning McQueen. This overlay is very clever and highly detailed,
so visiting California Adventure just to experience Cars Land is definitely worth the trip! Number 4
Now the Halloween overlays in Cars Land have also been extended to Mater and Luigi’s
rides. Luigi’s Rollickin’ Roadsters has become
Luigi’s Honkin Haul-o-ween and Mater’s Junkyard Jamboree has become Mater’s Graveyard
JambOOree. As you pass the mummy in the petting zoo and
enter the the Graveyard JambOOree, prepare to be whipped from side to side to tune of
something a little like this: {Music} Listen to Mater, rest in peace, at
the graveyard jambOOree. Listen to Mater, rest in peace, at the graveyard
jambOOree. At Luigis, after you pass the tire pumpkins
in the queue, get ready to take a spin on the dance floor to traditional Italian tunes
with a spooky halloween twist. {Music} Everybody love to have a honkin’
halloween. This is the first trackless ride that’s
been built at the American Disney parks and although from the outside it might not look
too exciting, its actually a lot of fun once you ride. Number 3
Space Mountain is one of the popular thrill rides at Disneyland, and since 2009 the ride
has been transformed into Ghost Galaxy for the Halloween Season. A mysterious and powerful phantom force has
taken over the ride and once you ascend up the two lift hills, its a race to escape the
phantoms of Space Mountain. This exhilarating coaster through the dark
becomes even more exhilarating with new lighting effects, the ghost projections that pop up
outta nowhere and the awesome soundtrack with these eerie ghostly sounds- It definitely
gets your adrenaline pumping. This halloween overlay is extremely popular
during the Halloween season, which can mean some pretty long waits, so getting a fast
pass for Ghost Galaxy isn’t a bad idea. Number 2
Beginning at 5pm every night, Guardians of the Galaxy Mission Breakout is transformed
into Guardians of the Galaxy: Monsters After dark. The story of this overlay takes place right
after Mission Breakout once the Guardians have escaped. {Rocket Raccoon} Oh! What are you guys still doing here? Tours over! The cages are open and the creatures are loose,
you gotta get outta here. Wait! Don’t get outta here! It turns out they accidentally left Groot
behind. {Rocket Raccoon} And I need to find him before
he gets ate. You guys can be a big help while I look for
my pal. The gantry lift full of warm parents makes
a really great distraction. Then once you enter the gantry lift you’re
on a mission to distract the monsters and save Baby Groot. {Rocket Raccoon} Distract them already! Not you! Just like Mission Breakout, your ride vehicle
is constantly moving weather its dropping you at speeds of 39 miles per hour or pulsing
up and down as you dangle in front of the show scenes! It’s a clever way a to do an overlay since
you’re able to experience the original ride during the day then Monsters after Dark at
night. The lines for this one can get kinda long
as well so getting a fast pass is a good idea, just make sure that your return window begins
after 5pm and you’ll be sure to experience Monsters After dark. Number 1
From mid September until early January, the Haunted Mansion gets transformed into the
Haunted Mansion Holiday based off the 1993 film the Nightmare Before Christmas. {Jack Skellington} Happy Holidays everyone!
hahahaha This overlay has been installed on the ride
since 2001 and is a defiantly a favorite during the Halloween and Christmas seasons. Pumpkins and snow from head to toe can be
found in the Mansion as Jack Skellington and his Halloweentoewn friends do a little redecorating. Now although the movie is a technically a
Christmas movie, this overlay still fits in really well halloween. There’s some really fun show scenes, plus
some great animatronics like Jack- {Jack Skellington} I really outdid myself
this time. Look at all the happy faces! Seasons Greetings everyone! Ho ho ho ho ho Sally which was just added in 2016 and Oggie
Boogie. {Oogie Boogie} So you found me. Too late now. It’s time for your gifts! The line for the attraction does get a little
long especially later in the day and at night so your best bet is to grab a fastpass for
the attraction or visit early in the morning or just before park close. So there you have it. Those are 10 ways to experience Halloween
at Disneyland. Now do you plan on visiting Disneyland for
Halloween? Or if you already have, what’s your favourite
thing to do or see? I’d love to know! Leave a comment down below to start a conversion
and don’t forget to hit that like button if you enjoyed
the video. Thanks so much for watching! Click the TPM icon on the screen to subscribe
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