Manchester United Fans almost hate this celebration … Because they all hate Liverpool’s Legend: Steven Gerrard and they hate this celebration, too Steven Gerrard kissed the Camera in Old Trafford stadium after he’d scored It really was the most terrific kiss ever with Manchester United fans It also is the last moment that we saw Steven score … With many fans of The Red Devils They all want to see this performance of Nani ‘Cause they hope that Nani was the second version of CR7 … Every fans remembered his goals Also his Santo celebration With a tall footballer, everybody just remember about his goals from head But with Peter Crouch, fans also remember about his goal celebration: ROBOT DANCE And don’t perform it at your home! If you don’t want to make a fool with somebody This was the historic celebration … … in a historic match Manchester United 1 – 6 Manchester City They all hated Balotelli not because his goal … They hated him because his celebration Everybody knows this goal celebration Because it’s owned by Cristiano Ronaldo RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW This celebration shows CR7’s physique: Strong and Tenacious He is a good mirror for every body about … fighting spirit never accept to be a loser Actually CR7 never is a loser

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