Top 10 Reasons To Take A Cruise

Hey cruisers I’m Sheri with CruiseTipsTV with
our top 10 list of reasons to take a cruise. Be sure to leave your reasons in the comments
below. Number 1. -Aaah, the Romantic getaway- whether
you’re considering a honeymoon at sea or a week of pampering away from your inbox, cruising
is so romantic. Pack up your honey and reconnect! Number 2- how about a getaway with friends
? this can be anything from a bachelor party to a girlfriend getaway. Cruising with friends
is a blast and we see this a lot on the west coast, particularly on shorter cruises that
range from 2-4 nights. Number 3- Holidays are some of the most popular
times for cruise vacations – you can celebrate everything from Halloween to Christmas or
New Year’s Eve onboard. Be prepared though you’ll, probably pay a little more. Number 4-some of my fondest vacation memories
are of multi generation family cruises. If you’ve ever considered a Family reunion or
a family cruise, don’t wait any longer. Grab those grandparents and cousins, choose a great
travel agent and let the cruise line do the rest. Number 5- getting older has its drawbacks
right? Well, not if you’re on a ship! That’s why spending your Birthday on a cruise is
such a fab idea. In fact, we are a little addicted to spending our birthdays on the
high seas. Number 6- an Anniversary cruise – we know
this falls into the romantic getaway category but there are so many reasons to consider
a cruise vacation for your anniversary. Starting with the adorable stateroom decorations you
can surprise your significant other with on embarkation day. Number 7- how about Introducing your kids
to cruising – moms and dads- do you need a break from the exhausting family road trip?
– don’t worry…on a cruise, You won’t lift a finger the whole trip, and you can introduce
your children to all that cruising has to offer. Number 8- Personal milestones offer a great
excuse to get on a cruise. we’ve met cruisers celebrating everything from graduation to
marking the end of cancer treatment. The options are limitless. Number 9- get married on a cruise, whether
you’re eloping on the high seas or taking your family and friends for a long weekend
wedding adventure is getting more and more popular. Cruise ships are very well-equipped
to handle weddings of all sizes and styles and they can be a lot less expensive than
destination weddings. And finally number 10 – Have you ever heard
of a theme cruise? There is a whole world of Theme cruises out there folks- everything
from music focused cruises with artists like Pitbull, Styx and tons of country artists,
to food and wine focused journeys to sports, and even film themed cruises like Star Wars
voyages. The list is really endless and we know we’ve
missed some, so be sure to leave your cruising excuses (I mean reasons!!) below. Thanks for watching, and be sure to check
out our other channel, CruiseGear and follow us on Facebook. until next time we’ll see
u on the high seas.

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