TOP 10 | Would LADY GAGA turn for these young singers in The Voice Kids? ✨

Such a beautiful voice. Come on, Max.
-Now you have to do it. Seriously? Come on. You got this. Come on, Max. Don’t cry please. Come on. You got this. Great start. Nice raspy voice.
-Yes, turn? I was very nervous.
-What? I said I was very nervous. What?

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  1. Germany people has a nice voice it looks like they’re using autotune … but filipinos are simply the best !!! 🥰

  2. “8. Denis P. – "Applause" (The Voice Kids Albania)”I think he is average and not worthy of the list.☺

  3. i'm sure that Jona girl can sing really well!
    But the audio quality though…
    i have been to karaoke bars that have better sound than this…

  4. The first kid was still amazing, but I can definitely hear autotune…

    Edit: Nevermind, I can definitely hear autotune in quite a few of them

  5. What are they putting in the water in Ukraine – just one amazing singer after another coming out of that country.

  6. 08:12 and 16:39 These two gals are exceptionally good! I think the one from 16:39 was The Voice Kids Holland? She's got a real powerhouse voice and a lot of grit, and attitude!!😍 👍👍

  7. Idk, but it is so hard for me to be impressed with some of the performances in this video. Maybe because I live in the Philippines. 😂

  8. 1) He got a good voice there, When hit the highest note, he was so natural 3) her voice full of power. 6) no word here. Her voice control is brilliant!!!

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