hello everyone this is pokemon go
trainer Chris here to give you the latest and greatest for Pokemon go
topics. in this video we’re gonna go over the top four tips to get the most out of
the first sinnoh celebration event in Pokemon go
this event comes with two new shinies and lots of opportunities to get the
best rock type in the game plus sinnoh stones for your evolutions. this event
runs for four full days from February 7th to February 10th. everything you need
to know right here let’s get right to it tip number one keep hatching seven
kilometer eggs. clear your eggs slots before the event starts and ask your
friends to send you gifts now but don’t open any of them yet .wait for the sinnoh
celebration event officially starts then open gifts to get your seven kilometer
eggs a common question players asked is if I got an egg before the event starts
but hatched it during the event will I get an event Pokemon the answer is no you
must get eggs during the event in order to hatch event Pokemon
so remember open your gifts to get seven kilometer eggs after the event starts
there are 11 sinnoh event Pokemon in the 7 kilometer egg pool 7 of them can be
shiny including shinx bronzor bonsly budew riolu hippopotas and gible. alolan
babies might be in the mix too but keep in mind those can be shiny as well every
type you hatch an egg immediately open gifts after that that way you ensure you
always have 7 kilometer eggs and don’t have a chance of getting an egg for
spinning a pokestop. the 7 kilometer eggs are your biggest chance to obtain
something awesome so make sure you walk and hatch as many seven kilometer eggs
as you can each day be diligent if you’re using the free incubator and good
luck. second tip do field research tasks to obtain cranidos hippopotas and
sinnoh stones. there are three top field research tasks you should be looking for
at this event hatch 5 eggs use a sinnoh stone to evolve
Pokemon and win a raid hatching 5 eggs rewards you a sinnoh stone
with all the walking and hatching you’ll be doing with seven kilometer eggs this test
should be really easy if possible try to find three of them to stack so you get
three sinnoh stones for the price of five eggs before using your hard-earned sinnoh stones make sure you find tasks to evolve a pokemon with a sinnoh stone in
order to encounter cranidos evolving cranidos to rampardos gives you the
best Rock type in the game if you find a really good cranidos to evolve
make sure you optimize rampardos moveset with smack down and rock slide finally
the third task win a raid will give you the chance to encounter a shiny hippopotas. be strategic with obtaining and completing field research tasks and your
rewards will be huge. third tip evolve with your sinnoh stones to get top tier
Pokemon. because you’ll have so many opportunities to obtain sinnoh stones at
this event now would be the time to evolve to get top tier Pokemon to make
your team stronger. you want to evolve your best murkrow Sneasel swinub
roselia and Electabuzz murkrow evolves into honchkrow who is a top tier
flying-type pokémon optimize honchkrow moveset with Peck and sky attack.
Mamoswine and weavile from swinub and sneasel are both excellent ice types.
optimize Mamoswine moveset with powder snow and Avalanche
Weavile should have ice shard and Avalanche roserade is effective as a
poison type or a grass type Pokemon there are better grass type movesets out there so I would recommend to optimize roserade moveset with poison
moves like poison jab and sludge bomb electivire is a great electric type
optimize electivire’s moveset with Thunder shock and wild charge lastly
save a couple sinnoh stones for your best Rhyhorn
when community day finally arrives after this event your teams will be so much
stronger fourth and final tip keep a lookout for these boosted Sinnoh Pokemon
in the wild pay attention to your nearby Pokemon radar and tap on any gible
bronzor Snover or hippopotas. those four can be
potential shinies also keep it
keen eye for any cranidos you find in the wild so you could earn more candy
with pinap berries. if you’re into the starter pokemon like chimchar Piplup
and Turtwig those will be spawning in the wild as well. follow all these tips
and you’re bound to get a super good pokemon or a sweet shiny. as a recap make
sure your walking seven kilometer eggs only search and complete research tasks that
give you cranidos sinnoh stones and hippopotas. evolve to get top tier
Pokemon with your sinnoh stones and keep a lookout for any boosted potential shiny
Sinnoh Pokemon in the wild. and that’s all hope you found this helpful. I’ll be
rooting for you and I’m wishing you the best of luck. which shiny pokemon you’re
hoping to get this Sinnoh celebration event? let me know in the comments below
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