Top 5 Disney Treat Ideas! Mickey and Minnie Mouse!

Welcome to Pins and Thing! Today, we’re going to be making my top 5 Disney treats So now we’re going to be doing these Minnie and Mickey Chocolate dipped pretzels, so this one is really easy. What you’re going to need is Pretzels these are just the regular twists kind. And then some milk chocolate melts or dark chocolate works too. These are red Candy melts and pink candy melts And they’re just vanilla flavored and then this is just some sprinkles. I got this in the holiday section I’m going to be using the little white beads. So first we’re going to want to melt down your chocolate candy melts And I’m just putting it into microwave at 30 seconds at a time, so after every 30 seconds Just take it out and mix it and depending on how strong your microwave is you might have to do 10 seconds at a time? But this is working for me, so we’re going to do another 30 seconds after this So first we’re going to dip it in the chocolate and just put it on the wire wrap. The whole thing we want cover it in chocolate. And you don’t have to have a wire rack for this you can just put it directly on the parchment paper or Wax paper either One works fine So now we’re going to melt our candy melts in the exact same way as we melt in our chocolate So now I have my pink melted and just dip The bottom half of the pretzel and you shake it up. Shake off a little bit I’m going to put it back on here And now I’m going to add these little white beads all over to give it a little bit of flair Minnie mouse dial and then to make a little bow on these and you can do these in either pink or red both look great So to make a little bow. I’m just taking a Toothpick and Kind of spreading out in the shape of the Hourglass and then top it off, we’re just going to put a little Bead right in the middle the bow so I’ve dipped the pretzels in the red And it goes up just halfway and now to make a Mickey mouse one I’m just going to be very careful and place two white beads for his little white buttons would be Just like that. Didn’t they turn out so cute? So next we’re going to be making these mickey mouse cupcakes. What your going to need is some cupcakes And these are just chocolate. Some chocolate frosting. I have some chocolate sprinkles These are little candy pearls, toothpicks and mini Oreos. So first I’m going to frost the cupcake I just want to make sure that I’m getting it all the way down to the edges Now I’ve poured all of the chocolate sprinkles into a bowl and I’m going to tip it upside down and just tap it to get it covered in Sprinkles And you do have to do this while it’s still sticky. Oh I’m just going to take one toothpick and break it in half And I wanna poke it into the middle of the oreo gonna squish it back together. Don’t have to use mint You can use whatever kind of oreo you can find I’m just going to poke it right into the cupcake do the same on the other side just like that. Now I’m going to take my little pearl beads and put the tiny bit of frosting on them I do want to make it even so I’m just going to push the bead Right into the cupcake liner and do the same on the other side and let it dry Isn’t that beautiful? So you can use the big oreos or the small oreos. Here are some Mickey and Minnie dipped Oreos so what you’re going to need for this one is some big oreos and some small oreos And I have some red Candy Melts and some pink Candy Melts, little white candy beads Toothpicks and wax paper. Also smaller white beads. So we take the mini oreo and split it in half And I’m just going to dip it in a little bit of red Candy melts, just like that and break open your oreo, your big orea a little bit. And just put that in there and the candy melt is just going to help it stay in place a little bit better So we’re not doing very much of it on there I’m just kind of slip it in and then squeeze it together And if you want you can use just milk chocolate on this part, so it will blend a little bit better But we’re just going to use the candy melts and now I’m going to take and dip it halfway into the candy melt And shake off the excess and now I’m going to take two little white beads And put them right in And that’s it. So for Minnie, we’ve done the exact same thing. Now I’m just going to take a whole bunch of the little pearls and place them all over the pink. Now I’m going to take the pink and now I’m just going to put four dots right in the middle to make the bow Now we’re just going to place our big bead right in the middle It’s so cute and so chocolate Mickey pops So what you’re going to need is some melted chocolate a baggie and a pair of scissors some popsicle sticks You’re going to need wax paper and a mickey mouse template. So first we’re going to fill this bag with chocolate I’m just pouring in the chocolate. Now I’m just going to cut a hole in the corner here, I have this template all set up And I actually want to put a little bit of chocolate underneath the popsicle stick kind of gluing it into place and now I’m just going to put chocolate over the whole top and I want to be really extremely careful around the edges I’m just going to continue going along the line Now I’m just going to smoothing it out with the tip of the bag Not really putting not really trying to put more chocolate on but just kind of trying to smooth it out Making it all swirly and beautiful So now to make more all I have to do is hold down the wax paper and move the template over to the side Put another popsicle stick down and repeat the whole process Oh my goodness! It turned out so cute. Look at that! I love it so much! This one might be my favorite so far. It’s simple, but beautiful. And now we’re going to make some rice krispies treat You’re Gonna need 40 Marshmallows 3 tablespoons of butter 6 cups of rice krispies Some different kinds of Candy Melts and also some round cookie cutters So we’re putting the butter in the marshmallows together And we’re going to heat it up on a stove until it’s melted and just grab a stir Almost there Now just mix it together Spider webs Hey, we are just putting them into the cookie cutters. We’ll squish them and tight to make sure we have a really good form on So I’m still just molding them into the different shapes that I need I have to do it quick because right now already It’s starting to just stick a lot So just packed it in there really tight, and it holds its shape immediately and I can just push it through And it’s done easy as pie So this is the cookie cutter that I’m going to be using so we’re just going to make a very small cut on these ears With the same cookie cutter that is around it on both ears and just like that, so I’m just putting some glue on To attach the ears. This is Candy melts again, and now I’m pretty much just frosting it like a cake. You can do this with melted chocolate It doesn’t have to be the candy melts But this is gonna be really fun. So remember this is on alternative to a cookie cutter So if you don’t have a cookie cutter, this is perfect at least if you don’t have a Mickey mouse cookie cutter This is a perfect way to substitute. Look at how these turned out I love them so much, so I hope you guys loved this video These are some of my very favorite ideas that I saw on pinterest for Disney treats Please subscribe to my channel if you haven’t already I’ll see you guys next time -bite mark. Look at that! That’s so cute, but you are in trouble. That was the best one too. Oh well, save the best for the baby I guess. Is that good? Yes, it is

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