Top Ten Birthday Ideas for the Ladies

Hey there. It’s me, Mark, back once again
to chat about birthday ideas for the ladies If you’re a guy like me you’re probably short on ideas for that special gal and that’s why you’re here.
Luckily, I have a few female friends with a lot of great birthday ideas for the gals. It’s a good thing I made some notes. Okay, here we go!’s
Top 10 birthday ideas for the LADIES #10 – Go to brunch with friends #9 – How about a picnic? Ah, that sounds romantic wait, didn’t we just suggest that for guys? OK, #8 Have a Pin-Up Girl Boat Party.
Oh, invite me to that one would you please. #7 My favorite! A 70’s disco and fondue party
Oh…I love chocolate #6 How about an 80’s rollerskating party? #5 A Bowling Party. …wait, how did that get in here? Ok, #4 A wine, chocolate or dessert tasting among friends #3 How about a karaoke party?
I love to sing. #2 A Shopping Spree!
Not for groceries though, for fun stuff! and #1 a relaxing day at the spa.
That’s what I need. Okay that’s it for me if you have a
great birthday idea why not share if here on Birthday Blueprints for those
other tortured souls looking for thoughts on what to do for their next event. Ciao for now!

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