Top Tips For Staying Safe on Your Stag or Hen Trip

my first tip is that you should make sure
that you have valid travel insurance this is required whether you’re going away for
a weekend or a whole week make sure that everybody in your party has also purchased this and
make sure that it covers for any exciting adventure activities if you are planning on
travelling in Europe then you could also ensure that you’ve obtained a European Health Insurance
Card as this would help if there is any accident whilst you’re abroad don’t take unnecessary
risks it’s often the tendency of people when they are abroad or on a stag and hen trip
to drink more than they would at home however don’t take risks that you wouldn’t do at home
also make sure that you know the laws of the local area of where you are staying and use
only registered taxis and make sure that you keep all your party together and that everybody
returns at the end of the night finally be prepared make sure that you’ve got enough
money in case of emergencies and that you have all the relevant contact details in case
something does go wrong it is also advised to leave a copy of your passport and insurance
details at home with a family member or friend

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