@TorontoPolice Caribbean Carnival Kick- Off Celebration 2018

The Carribean Carnival Festival is first and foremost a
celebration of the cultural heritage of people from the Caribbean, but is also
a celebration of the vitality, richness and colorfulness of the kaleidoscope that is our city, and our great community. TPS has been hosting their kick-off
celebration for about 28 years and like everything that ages each year it needs
to get better and better. This is truly commendable and they should be applauded.
The history of Caribana in Toronto is just as long and storied. Inspired
primarily by Trinidad’s annual pre-lenten Carnival this
three-week festival of the arts reflects the diverse expressive traditions of the
Caribbean, bringing together a wide range of indigenous songs, music, dances,
masquerade, and oral traditions, and of course, our food…
[Chief Saunders] So the fact that we have so many young men and women here, I am so proud of that… and all of
those leaders that take the time to recognize that we care, it is so important… so thank you to all of those people, who recognize, that WE care

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  1. Why do heterosexuals get a day to parade around in almost nothing or dress up in colourful drag to flaunt their sexuality? Disgusting.

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