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Today we’ve brought for you an amazing Challenge video and that is don’t you even know the challenge name Its” General Knowledge Torture Challenge” in this one will get tortured until she has given the correct answers to at least five questions and we’ll tied her with a rope first hit LIKE to this video 50,000 LIKES for her 50,000 LIKES for me and she is newcomer..give for her at least 25,000 LIKES…LOL don’t say like this. I too will get 50,000 make that laugh If I’ll do so. will you hit LIKE for me? yes they will listen it carefully she is a newcomer We will be together and try to trap her So who is going to do face this challenge first? how can we determine this? would we pick the slip to know this that is so boring so what we’ll do? we’ll do that we did in our childhood ok I’ll do. then somebody else after me ok so how you’re feeling so first we’ll tied her with this rope so that she might not get stand so we’ve tied her well with this rope now we’ll start with Q & A I’ll answer so easily this is so tough one so think well before answering solve this riddle two birds in front of a bird and two at the back two right and two left so now tell us how many birds are there? its so simple the answer is five ok next question I know he’s actually I am asking about the Vice President If she’s is not able to answer it we’ll start torturing her now we’ll serve her,,. with milk no.. with the lime water it smell so weird I’ll be waiting for your turn girls plz do it fast when you’ve stop doing home remedy? it almost around one year back so answer to this question? and the options are I don’t need options dear it is used as a disinfectant ok what’s the next question? I don’t even know I’ve my account in which bank I don’t know so get us one more stuff to torture is it husk? how you’re feeling? you’ll feel better whenever you’ll come to me for applying foundation i’ll add that itching powder in your foundation..LOL don’t mind it dear. its a challenge plz take it as a challenge No no… I don’t mind ok next question Gobar gas contains mainly which gas? need options ok give me the options i had read it 7th class I think its Methane she has given the right answer ok will tell her its wrong We’ve a discussion its wrong answer its methane I’ll waiting for my chance Do you read Newspapers? ok then tell us the Full Form of NEWS making guesses. Nothing will happen again get another stuff for torture even I am getting the chance so why you’re giving the wrong answers why don’t you tell us full form of NEWS What’s our fault if you don’t know the answer I’ll make you sit in mini skirt for this challenge you know when Arjun Bahiya’s Birthday falls? yeah its 5th April and Anu’s bithday?? 21st july your father’s? 28th August and what about Grand father’s birthday even he don’t know even his mother don’t know about it? so how may I know?? its not like that ok next question When a tiger is not a tiger its so simple in front of his wife in front of a tigress means in his own house or in his own cave I’ve listened that you sing well ok then sing a song ok I don’t like this not singing it well ok give her a one more chance sing another song now you’ll get the next torture as your hair messed a lot so we’ll so shampooing ok get me the shampoo its not a shampoo this is a handwash so what we’re shampooing your hair with it why you gonna do this to my beautiful hair feeling much better ok you’ve done shampooing so rinse it off too you got this much at this cost now you gonna to repeat this tongue twister so the tongue twister is its wrong ok you just repeat it first line.. I’ll give you all my property ok just get me free now its your turn we don’t play If you’ve liked this video seeing me tortured a lot do LIKE & SHARE this video also SUBSCRIBE to my channel ShrutiArjunAnand follow me on Instagram

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