Toy Master Ruins Maya’s Birthday Party

(pencil scratching on paper) – [Small Voice] Tic, Tac, Toy – This video is sponsored by Osmo. Bye Avery by Sophia, thanks so much for coming to Maya’s birthday party. See you girls later. (upbeat music) – Wow Maya, you got tons of Osomo kits and games for your birthday. – I know, that’s all I
had on my birthday list. I can’t wait to get these
babies opened, Addy. – Detective Agency, Coding with Awbie. These look so cool! – Wow birthday girl! You really scored today. Tell you what, let me get the Ipad and you guys can start
setting up your Osomo. – Awesome!
– Awesome! (Uubeat music) – Which one are you gonna open first? – Hmm. Osomo Creative Kit. – Is that this one Maya? – Yeah that’s it! I heard that Mo is so funny and adorable. – Who’s Mo? – It’s this cute orange fuzzy monster. (laughing)
– He is pretty cute. Well, I’m gonna go clean up the kitchen and cut the cake. Who wants a piece? – Me!
– Me! – I thought so. You girls have fun and I’ll let you know when it’s cut. – Bye. – [Lucy] See you in a bit. – [Toy Master] Assistant, this
is the Toy Master speaking. I have an important mission for you today, are you up to the challenge? Report to the top address on this paper. Enter the residence without being noticed and take the objects form
the dining room table. Then deliver the objects
to the bottom address. My top secret toy dungeon! Make sure you are not followed! Do you understand the directions? Then go now assistant! (upbeat music) – [Maya] Here’s a banner board. – Okay next we need the Ipad base, Maya. Then the Ipad. – Next we need the red reflector. It covers up the camera. – Yeah, that’s when it unlocks the magic. – Well, I think we have everything setup. Let’s get started, Addy! (upbeat music) – Ooh, nothing better than a little bit of birthday cake. This looks good! Have to eat this before
the ice cream cake melts. – [Addy] Oh press play, Maya. (grunting) (laughing)
That’s Mo! – Hello new friend! I’m Mo! What’s your name? – We’re Addy and Maya.
– We’re Addy and Maya. – Please to meet you! Welcome to the land of imagination! (trumpets) To create something here you need to draw something down there. Let’s give it a try. Draw a balloon. – I’ll draw a balloon! (upbeat music) – I like the blue. Looks good Maya. – Now to pull it in. Stand back. Cross your fingers. (grunting) – Whoa, he took the balloon I drew on the creative board
and put it on the Ipad. – Wow, that’s so cool! – What do you want to do? We can put on a magic show, draw a bedroom, or go on an adventure. – Let’s draw the bedroom. – Oh, I was hoping you’d choose this. I’ve always wanted my own bedroom. Could you clear the board and draw a star? – I want to draw the star! (upbeat music) – Fill it in now Addy. Looking good Addy. (mysterious music) (upbeat music) – Okay, all done! – Nice! (magical music) (chiming) – Oh my gosh, he made
wallpaper out of your stars! (mysterious music) – How about something cool to look at? Could you clear the
board and draw a window? – I’ll draw the window in blue. (upbeat music) (mysterious music) (magical music) – Hey girls! The cake is cut. Want to come in the kitchen? – Ooh! – Mo, we’ll finish drawing
your room in just a minute. Delicious! – So, did you girls get
the Osomo up and running? – Sure did and we even
played games with Mo! – I bet you girls would also like the Pizza Company game and
the Detective Agency. – I want to try to learn the coding games. You can actually learn to code and make cool music at the same time. – Wow. It sounds like you two have a fun filled day ahead of you. I think I’ll just be
here eating cake all day. – Me too! (dramatic music) (rustling) (zipping) – That was such a fun
party wasn’t it, Maya? – It was the best! (phone ringing) – Oh, excuse me, let me see who this is. (ringing) Hello? – [Toy Master] Hello!
This is The Toy Master. I’m just calling to wish Maya a very happy birthday. Hopefully, she wasn’t too attached to her Osomo Play System, or that monster game. (beeping) – You okay? Who was that? – Oh yeah, uh, it was
just a wrong phone number. Excuse me for just one second. (dramatic music) Oh no, the Toy Master strikes again! It’s all gone! Ugh! And he’s gone too. Okay, what to do? What to do? Okay, think Lucy, think. What’s this? Now this looks important. – Dad, can I have another piece of cake, when I’m finished with this one? – Hey girls, um, why don’t you come here and help me clean up real quickly. It is a big mess in the other room. – Can’t they wait a few minutes? They’re still finishing up their cake. – Um, I think they need
to clean it up right now. It is a giant mess. Come guys, hurry! – Okay.
– Okay. (bright music) – Shhhhh. – Where did all the Osomo’s go? – Shhhh. I didn’t call you girls in here to clean after all. We
have a bit of a situation. – Don’t tell me the
Toy Master was in here. – Well, it looks like it. Either that or the Toy Master Assistant. – So, what are we gonna do? I want my Osomos back. – Well, let’s come sit down. I want to show you girls something. Right over here. So he left behind this piece of paper. I think it’s pretty important. As you can see there
are two addresses on it. The top one is ours. The bottom one, I don’t know. – Maybe that’s the
address where he took all of Maya’s birthday presents. – You know what? I’m kind of thinking the same thing Addy. – Well then, we need to find that place. – As you girls know, being a toy spy is a very important job. Full time, and sometimes you even have to accept important missions
on your birthday. – Wow, I’m up for it. I want my Osomos back. – But what do we tell dad? He still can’t know
we’re toy spies, can he? – No he cannot. This
has to remain a secret. If you girls are really
up for this mission I’ll let you go hunt down the stolen toys. I’ll tell dad that you took
the Osomo up to your room and all the games, you’re playing with it. He’ll never know. Are you sure you girls are up for this? – I’m up for it. It sounds like a plan! – All right then! You girls don’t forget this address and good luck! – Okay then.
– All right, we got this! (tense violin) – A magic show! Great! To the theater! Before we perform, we’ll need a stage. Could you clear the board
and draw a music stage? Sturdy lines, great
form, a magnificent stage for a magic act. (magical music) All right, on with the show! – How much further can this be? It’s so long and dark and scary here. – I don’t know, I agree
it’s spooky though. – [Addy] It’s so scary,
I don’t feel like being out here right now. – I know, I wish we could stop. But we have to finish this mission for the Toy Master. – Uh huh. – Okay Maya it has to be
a little more that way. (spooky music) (orchestral music) (ringing) (beeping) – [Toy Master] This is the Toy Master! Report back to the hide away in the woods immediately for your next mission. (beeping) (spooky music) – Oh my goodness, what is this place? – I have no idea but it
gives me the Heeby Jeebys. – Agreed, I have shivers
on my arm just being here. – Check it out Maya, there’s your Osomo. – And it looks like somebody
has been playing on it. Let’s pack this thing
up and get home quickly. – Well hang on here just a second, maybe there’s some good intel that we can share with the CTIA. We should at least take some pictures of this place before we go Maya. – Definitely Addy, the CTIA is gonna totally want to know
about this creepy place. – I want to get a picture
of this skeleton first. (clicking) – [Maya] Totally creepy. What do you think all these wires and cords are for Addy? It can’t be good. – I don’t know but I’ll
get a picture of them. (clicking) – All this creep stuff on the ceiling. – Yeah, I bet those
are filled with spiders or bats or something like that. I’ll get a picture. (clicking) – And what’s this heavy thing? It’s like a giant hammer. – I’m definitely getting
a picture of that. (clicking) – This is all way too creepy for my taste. – Hey, what do you
suppose are behind those big blankets over there? – Wow, Addy, you won’t believe it. – Wow, tere are bins and bins
of toys behind this blanket. – Remember when we found
that hide away in the woods and it was stuffed with toys? – Of course I do. – Well, this must be another place for the Toy Master to keep
his toys that he steals. – Well, I’m glad we found this place but now that we’ve taken pictures let’s get out of it. – I don’t think I’ve ever
heard of a better idea – Well, if you can hold
the door open for me and I’ll put all the
Osomo toys in this box right here, then we can head out. – Sounds like a plan! (bright music) – We may have a bit of a situation. The door is locked. – Okay well don’t panic yet. There’s another door over this way. (spooky music) Okay, now it’s time to
start panicking, Maya, this door is locked too! – This is so creepy! I don’t want to be stuck in this old dungeony place. – At least we’re not alone. We got Mo with us here. – Maybe Mo wouldknow what to do. – What do you want to do? We can take a bath, redraw the room, draw a kitchen or explore the house. – I don’t know what to do. Let’s just try drawing a kitchen. – This is a kitchen! It’s making me hungry
just thinking about it. Oh, how about some wallpaper first? – Hey, you know how Mo take the drawing we draw on the creative board
and puts it on the Ipad? – Uh huh. – Maybe with a little
magic, we can draw an object and Mo can help us
bring it into real life. – Okay, but then what will
we draw to get out of here? – A key to open the door. – I suppose it’s worth a shot. – Then I’m gonna draw a key. (uplifting music) – All right, let’s see that put in there. – Oh, wonderful! (magical music) – Okay Maya, now that
the key’s on the Ipad, we need just a little bit more magic. Close your eyes and
wish really, really hard that the key would appear in real life. – [Both] I wish the key would appear. I wish the key would appear. (magical music) I wish the key would appear. Look, a key! – That really was magic. You unlock the door, I’ll finish packing up the Osomo. – Come on, Addy, it worked! (upbeat music) – Oh good! Here they come. Perfect, girls I’m so glad you got it. Listen, Daddy said he’s
gonna go check on you two in just a minute. You guys gotta get upstairs and start playing with the Osomo, okay? Quiet, quiet. – Maya, press play! – Oh, you’re back. Ready to imagine? – Yes we are! – What do you want to do? We can put on a magic show, draw a bedroom, or go on an adventure. – [Both] Let’s go on an adventure. – An adventure! Marvelous! Let’s get going. – Where did he go? – I know there’s a door
around here somewhere. (clearing throat) Maybe you can help us out. Could you clear the board
and draw a fancy door? – Ooh, I can draw a fancy door. (upbeat music) – Oh, don’t forget the door knob, Maya. – There we go. (magical music) – Look, it’s my door! – Okay, adventure, here we come! – He disappeared again. – Hi girls, how are
you guys doing in here? – Just great Daddy, we’ve been playing with Mo for hours now. – Yeah, you two must
be glued to this thing. I haven’t heard a peep from you in hours. – Yep, We sure are. Want to see how it works? – Of course I do. – We’re about to go on an
underwater adventure with Mo. – Ah, sounds like fun. – Now, to have a proper
adventure we’re going to need some scenery. Could you clear the
board and draw a bubble? – You can draw a bubble Dad. – Okay. On the board here? – Yep! (upbeat music) – Now watch what Mo will do, Dad. – Stand back! This part’s tricky. (magical music) – Whoa, my bubble is on the screen now. – Yeah! – Whoa, looking good! – Well, it’s getting late. You girls better head to bed. I’m gonna go ahead and
take this downstairs. You know, for safe keeping. – Dad!
– Dad! – Well, I just want to make sure you girls get a good night’s sleep. It’s been a busy day today. – He has no idea, Addy. – No, he doesn’t. Besides, I think he just wants to play with our Osomo. – Well, who could blame him? (upbeat music) – Hi parents. If you want more fun with Osomo there are more magical experiences. They have over 13 games and are growing. You can buy them at, Amazon, Target and Best Buy. All right, girls which ones
do you want to play with next? – Pizza Company! – I want to play with Detective Agency. – Detective Agency, okay
let’s see, there’s yours. Pizza Company over here, Maya. All right, let’s go have some fun!

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