Toy Story 4 Benson Dummy Turned ME Into A Dummy!

[Adventurous music] [Suspense music] [Adventurous music] [Fun dance music] [Benson] Oh my! [Cackling laughter] [Fun dance music] [Door handle clacking] [Fun dance music] [Door handle clacking] [Door unlocks] [Fun dance music] [Tiptoeing piano notes] [Fun dance music] You can’t hear me! [Cackling laughter] [Boing noise] [Adventurous music] [Swoosh] Hey bunny, you want to play house with me? Now where did our mom and dad go? Jessie? Buzz? Time to play house! Where are you guys? Where are you guys? Are
you playing hide and seek? [Fun dance music] [Kalia] Kaden! [Kalia] Kaden! Kaden! Oh, oh sorry Kalia I didn’t see you there! Kaden, have you seen Jessie or Buzz? Oh, were you playing with
your “Toy Story 4” toys again? Yeah, have you seen Buzz? Yeah, he went to infinity and your mom! [Laughing] How rude! I’m serious, I can’t find my toys! I’m just kidding, you left
your Jessie toy right… Wait, what? Where, I don’t see her! What! I.. I saw her just right here! Ugh, I’ll just ask Jack! What? I know she’s here! What, I know I just saw her! I know I just saw her! [Suspense noise] Where could she be? Peek a boo! Huh? Benson! You took Jessie didn’t you! [Cackling laughter] [Swoosh] Ahh! Ahh! What! You can’t take our “Toy Story 4” toys! Ahh! That’s it! Where are you? Ah! [Swooshing] Ah! [Cackling laughter] Ah! Ah! [Suspense noise] What the? [Laser sound] [Gong crashing] [Cackling laughter] [Robot Voice] Ready to assist! [Slow cackling laughing] Now go find Buzz! Must get Buzz! Must get Buzz! Must get Buzz! Must get Buzz! Jack, have you seen Jessie and Buzz?! I haven’t seen them! [Suspense noise] Jessie and Buzz from “Toy Story 4?” Yeah I’m trying to play house, but I can’t find the mom and dad! Maybe Benson took him?! [Exclaims] Just kidding! Dolls don’t walk, talk or move! [Swoosh] Are you sure? I haven’t seen Jessie or Buzz, but Forky’s on the bed! That’s weird, Forky was just on the bed! I saw him right here! Ugh, I guess I’ll go ask Mom! That’s so weird, I knew
Forky was just right here! Maybe Forky’s under here? [Suspense noise] Ahhh! [Cackling Laughter] What?! Benson are you taking our toys?! Ahhh! [Laser sound] [Gong crashing] [Slow cackling laughter] [Suspenseful Music] Go. Get. Buzz! [Robotic Voice] Must find Buzz! [Slow rhythmic music] Oh man, I just can’t get these kids to clean up after themselves! Jack! Your job’s the toy room! Come clean it up please! Jack! [Robot voice] Must find Buzz! Buzz? Must find Buzz! Jack, what are you doing? Pretending to be a robot or something? Hmm? Must find Buzz! Kyler’s playing with Buzz
outside in the sandbox. Will you please take
these “Toy Story 4” toys to Kalia’s room? I’m trying to keep this place clean! Go, go, I’ll see ya later! Must find Buzz! Must find Buzz! Must find Buzz! [Playful music] Must find Buzz! Must find Buzz! Must find Buzz! Must find Buzz! Must find Buzz! Oh, oh no we forgot one! I guess I’ll take the sheriff down myself! Must get Buzz! Must get Buzz! Must get Buzz! Must get Buzz! Must get Buzz! Must get Buzz! Must get Buzz! Must get Buzz! Must get Buzz! Must get Buzz! Must get Buzz! [Kyler laughing] Must get Buzz! Must get Buzz! Oh no! Why, what’s going on? The boys are funny? No Kyler let’s be nice, okay? Oh, what’s this? Oh.. Boys! Did you guys bring this
remote outside again? [Both Boys] Must get Buzz! Must get Buzz! Must get Buzz! [Laser sound] Were we just dummies? Boys, weren’t you looking for the Toy Story sheriff? I found him in the toy room! Mom, give me that remote! Mom, give me the sheriff! Guys, please don’t bring
the remote outside! It’ll get lost! Don’t worry mom, we’re, ah, just playing a game! Yeah, we’ll bring the remote back in when we’re done! All right! Come on Kyler, let’s go inside! Hey Kaden, we have to catch Benson! He keeps taking our “Toy Story 4” toys! Wait, I have an idea! When Benson pressed the remote, didn’t we turn into dummies? Yeah, and when we pushed it again, we turned into humans again! What would happen if we
pointed this at Benson?! Whoa, let’s find out! Wait, but where is Benson? [High pitched yelp] [Exclaims] What is Benson doing in the middle of the backyard? Kaden, quick push the remote! [Laser sound] Wait, who’s that? I’m.. I’m Benson! Is that Benson? I’m.. I’m Benson! I’m.. I’m bigger! Put him back how he was! Ahhh! Now you have it! No you have it! No, no you have it! Fine! You have it! Fine! [Click] What did you do, he’s even bigger now! Heh-heh, I am Benson! I am bigger! He’s taller than both of us put together! [Cackling] Ahhh! [Laser sound] Kaden, just get him back to normal! I’m trying, I’m trying! [Cackling laughter] [Exclaims] [Slow cackling laughing] [Remote clicking] You’re doing it all wrong, it’s this button! Oh no! [Laser sound] What? I’m small again! Thank goodness he’s a dummy again! Well that was super weird! [Tiptoeing piano notes] Oh no, he’s getting away! [Tiptoeing piano notes] I guess he’s not our problem anymore! [Soft acoustic guitar] No, no Benson! I put you down for your nap so what’re you doing out of your crib? Kalia, you caught Benson? Yeah, we caught him taking all of the “Toy Story 4” toys! Benson, no no, time to go to time out! [Exclaims] Next time make a better choice! [Suspenseful music] Make sure to like and subscribe below! And if you want to see
another cool awesome “Toy Story 4” video, click
on the video below! Click it, click it, click it, click it! [Boys] Ahhh! There’s two Benson’s! Thanks so much to “Babyteeth More” for giving us this awesome idea!

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