Traditional Japanese Food | Eating a Ryokan Multi-Course Kaiseki Dinner!

welcome to what may be the best meal of
our lives so today we’re seeing at a ryokan in
Takayama yes part of the ryokan experience is that you get to dine in
your room and yeah pair you a feast it’s traditional Japanese food (Kaiseki) in a feast
form yes we have the menu with us yeah and I counted the courses earlier it’s
11 courses of food this is the appetizer well they brought a few of the different
appetizers on the table yeah we’ve got like four different dishes right um but
yeah everything just looks so wonderful the presentation the way it was brought
out like I’m already impressed and I haven’t even put anything in my mouth
yet you know so I can’t wait to dig in and I’m really excited to share
traditional Japanese food (Kaiseki) on a ryokan yes with you guys oh I know oh yes first
things first we begin with the aperitif so this is a fruit wine made with quince
since so let’s see smells great I already smell that
it smells very sweet it smells kind of floral fruity fruity and floral oh my
goodness good job the flavors are just like really sweet
really concentrated yeah it’s also kind of crisp and refreshing it reminds me of
a very very sweet white wine between a wine and a liquor mm-hmm this is lovely
nice oh nice bit of stir it on like this
you’re showing off some chest a dinner there soon oh okay so do that so I’ve
got a little box over here a little trace that means Oh over here
it was explaining that this is chicken cheese can you see that cheese yeah it
looks really good these are little mochi balls on a stick
mmm over here curl and then I forget that what with this one this is canola
flower okay plant oh my goodness not good Wow
all right you dig right in that’s right all we are living vicariously through
you at the moment yes some of that chicken and cheese you get edgy
combo I’m going in for both okay mmm that’s a really soft cheese it’s kind of
like a bream and the chicken is really tender this also meant like kind of
marinated in a sauce mm-hmm that’s really good nice and soft and flavorful
mm-hmm good start wow these are it they look really small but they’re quite
dense there’s kind of heavy in the head mmm that has kind of like a soy sauce
and teriyaki like kind of combination on the outside please the glaze yeah that’s
that’s what I’m trying to say these are actually more chewy and gluttonous II
remember lieutenant ma I’m worried I’m pretty sure okay moving on to the
mackerel fish that’s all been rolled up nicely I’m just going for one biter oh
it’s like next-level tender mm-hmm so juicy and flavorful Tim oh my gosh
number Velen to the greens hmm those are juicy and they kind of have a little bit
of a sweet taste to them too wow that’s interesting okay we have another little
appetizer here again beautiful presentation you just took a
moment I know admire it you almost don’t want to attack it with like little
flowers and nothing it just looks almost too beautiful to
touch I’m gonna move some of the greens to the side mm-hmm like pine needles yep
pine needles flowers yeah and this is tofu we have a green tofu and it gets
its color from these green beans it looks like a Lima Bean
oh that’s off – yeah it looks mmm Wow it’s similar to a silken tofu
yeah very very smooth very soft and of course
we have a shrimp yep so let’s not forget about him don’t forget about the lonely
shrimp so good oh nothing like fresh so fresh what a nice way to start with
appetizers that’s like the perfect word to describe this dish it was very
refreshing and fresh yep freshing and fresh yeah it was served cool yeah
lovely sauce you know what a great start this is the beginning guys just figure
on so much stuff to try and sim what is next can you hold that up for us do that
mmm pork over here we have some other vegetables and ingredients that looks
like kind of like mushroomy can you tilt it our way the bowl whoo look at that
roast pork the layers are got in between that is gonna be good
I cited mm-hmm since having a moment with it was so deliciously fatty and
tender like look at the layer of fat there’s the fat at that look at that can
you see that go out well and there goes the pork bye goodbye pork no delicious
oh my goodness Wow and what else was in there you showed us some some veggies
yeah there’s some different vegetables I think I see some bamboo shoots in there
I believe it mmm crunchy nests of the bamboo sugar no
idea what this is what do you think that is I don’t know let’s try it and you
tell us I still don’t know I think it could be
either like a spongy kind of fishy thing or a tofu spongy thing mmm no idea but
it’s pretty good next next steamed beef bun oh look it
has character I know that yeah you know what we were um eating some Street food
today around Takayama yeah and I’m pretty sure we ate this yeah if this is
filled with Hida beef i believe it didn’t have this if it is it is hot okay
I will be using chopsticks not my fingers mmm Wow and I love the
presentation as well I think it comes in a little bamboo basket Wow
this is probably like exactly what it was steamed in mm-hmm can you see that
oh yeah let’s just light into it I feel like it’s very important coming in that
in that tray or sorry in that basket ha look at the filling maybe wow this was
really really good really impressed with my first bite mm-hmm you taste that beef
oh this reminds me yeah I’m the kind of thing we used to eat in Hong Kong uh-huh
he’s going out for steamed buns oh the but was it like the barbecue pork
bun or something yeah reminds me of that the Hida beef is much better quality
obviously I think is I can’t tell if it’s key to be for if it’s regularly
I’m not that much of a connoisseur mm-hmm um but yeah it’s got some little
bamboo shoots in there cool just a really good it probably is
Hida Beef to me if I mean would have to do that is coming YUM. This fish is bonito. Bonito. oh oh oh grated radish oh oh okay okay
okay okay next course it just keeps on coming to
kill me nothing sashimi yeah which is this plate over here and it is bonito
fish this is a fish that’s used for the bonito flakes what should be on in the
okonomiyaki that’s right so yeah oh wow and we also have a little bit of seaweed
some lemon we have grated ginger and grated radish yes and she said we should
oh I knew he spelled that oh my gosh she said we should add it to the sauce this
is a soy sauce yeah headed to the soy sauce yeah to give it a bit of flavor I
put in all the ginger that’s gonna be pretty strong maybe I’ll do one with
just lemon juice yeah and then we can do a couple others with um with a sauce
this one here is just bonito mm-hmm with a bit of lime juice
squirt it over top I don’t think I’ve ever had bonito fish before like we
have first honestly it reminds me a bit of tuna Oh
in terms of its color and even consistency Wow
if I didn’t know any better I think this is it so I’m gonna dip it in the sauce
sauce of all their soy it with the ginger and radish oh they’re good I’ll
see you at butter do better uh why have I never added ginger and radish to soy
sauce is my question and you just every light combination that is an amazing
combination I’m even gonna dip my vegetables in there
oh no I’ve dropped them all you’ve got way too many vegetables in there discovery of the day is just lovely yeah
this is great the great uh-huh all right make it Sam what’s coming up next – a
kid Sam is presenting you Shabu Shabu so the first part of shabu-shabu is of
course the vegetables we have an assortment of that we also have tofu and
the second part is the meat that’ll be added later
yeah the veggies take a little longer to cook yes so we’ve been boiling for a
while sauce yeah it’s really a no like that yeah all in at once it’s like we
have so grease just flopping as Alex and cabbage there was tofu there and
tofu yeah we got lots of greens and now we just have to wait for that to cook
yes so recently gonna put the lid on it give it some time to boil yeah a few
minutes and once it’s boiling again we’ll also start cooking the meat seed
so just wait oh right I’m seeing some steam rising yeah this is more than
ready guys we’ve been cooking this for a little while all right now it is time to
bring put in the beef meat the star of the meal it’s heart of the show plop that
down in there guys it cooks so quickly look at this yeah the girl told us just
ten seconds isn’t it goes from like that ruby red color to look at this it’s
already like basically cooked turning brown so III maybe a few more seconds
yeah so they gave us salt but also a sesame sauce I sure did
so I’m gonna try mine first with the sesame sauce because I love sesame sauce
Payne oh my gosh just gonna drown it in there guys
wow it’s drowning watch the right foot too much like it look at it drip mm-hmm
how’s that oh my gosh that meat is so tender have I had meat that tender
before I don’t know you tell us I’m not sure how good oh my goodness a sesame
sauce complements it so well it’s thick it’s almost like a peanut buttery kind
of sauce and let’s talk about the beef quickly so this is the Hida beef
yes which is a bit marbled to a faith and it comes from the black-haired cows
from this video here in Japan it is a specialized kind of beef that is known
in this region like weird Takayama mm-hmm it’s known this is a special beef
yeah when you come here heeda is on every menu yes are you gonna try it with
salt now I will so what I’m gonna do oh great I’ve already prepared some salt
yeah I’ll cook this next one little swish swish swish swish
she’s shabu shabu Schenley that’s how it gets its name it goes shh shh
so this time it’s gonna be coated in salt okay
got some salt going some salt action going and I’m just gonna dunk it
slightly in this yeah you can stay away from the sesame sauce oh yeah the salt
tastes so good all right guys we’re reaching that point of the meal where
I’m stirring to hit a wall this has been fine next course this is more of a
western-style course yes so we have Hida beef we do with some broccoli
corn potato pumpkin and they also brought us some rice yeah they brought
us some pickles oh whoops ooh that is like your turn to the side
action the suction anyways that’s in there you
know what I’ll give you my miso soup and a half years later so here you go okay
there you go so we can show it yeah you got to twist the lid yeah I’ve done it
in the past yeah so yeah this has the dressing you
getting this are you capturing yahks I’m sharing the action this is unfolding
live everything and I just realized I only have chopsticks for this yes like
where’s my fork and knife there is no fork and knife okay should
this be a one bite or should I try and savor it as much as I can bite it one
right oh this is just cold it is hmm oh wow what about the sauce is the
sauce warm yeah cool must be a cold dish mm-hmm okay so the beef was pretty good
um it’s interesting that we’ve gone to try Hida beef a lot of different ways
over the course of this meal but and see what the potato is all about I’m still
dessert not like this yeah it’s Miss feast of feasts this has been
lovely and I have my miso over here yeah I know what kind of me so it is
heat on miso soup Wow oh that’s good rich that’s very rich yes
please and of course I have my rice we’re just
basically ever work cut out for us to finish it all
I’m pickles and pickles forget the pickles it’s poor little even looks like
some pickled cabbage yeah I’m not sure Wow a wonderful meal traditional
Japanese food (Kaiseki) and desserts – come on oh okay
so we had milk pudding oh and a fruit cake with a little piece of pineapple
yeah and they also brought us roasted green tea the houjicha would you tell
yeah actually my favorite that’s really good so yeah let’s dig into this
show me that pudding into leaf that’s quite nice so good uh-huh it’s almost a
little bit moosie mm-hmm yeah I thought I was gonna be a bit like
a creme brulee uh-huh but it almost has the most like consistency
yeah like very areum I’m trying some of that tea mm-hmm
hoji cha right Cheers yes and apparently the proper way to have the cut is it’s
like facing the pretty design outwards for the person in front of you so that
you can enjoy so you’re I’m allowed to enjoy your cup
right now basically okay good basically I just that’s the palette of it yes it
does just time to try Oh cake yes we should say this is this is the end of
the meal yeah it’s a good oh that’s cherien mm-hmm cheering a little sweet a
little sour yeah I like Joe I find Japanese desserts to be pretty good in
the sense that they’re not they usually not too sugary there’s this more like
subtleness to it huh a bit of fruit very juicy has been lovely what a feast uh
what it like what an incredible traditional Japanese meal (Kaiseki) I feel like we
need to take a moment to just appreciate yes we do everything we’ve just
experienced in a culinary sense like that was an amazing meal a lot of courses
I’ve never done that before I just also like the attention to detail
with the presentation the service was wonderful
so yeah the theme for this meal was definitely Hida beef have that so
many different ways like in the steamed buns shabu shabu in the Western dish
yeah like it was just really cool it wasn’t yeah me over stuff wasn’t just a
meal it was an experience it was an experience so something we highly
recommend so yeah like before coming into this meal I was kind of thinking
like ryokan stays are a bit overpriced this is a little bit expensive but after
having experienced this like I get it because we had so much food but also
having a server with you the whole time taking
care of you explaining every dish yeah like you’re really paying for what you
get yeah and also keep in mind it’s it’s not just the food it’s it’s the room
it’s a services it’s a sauna we’re gonna have we’re gonna have a breakfast which
we’re gonna show you in a future video so yeah yeah we hope you enjoyed this
video we are feeling stuffed ready for bed Sammy hit the public baths yeah um
but yeah that’s it for today and see you soon with more food and travel see you
guys bye you

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