Transfer Achievement Celebration 2019

[music] So Foothill has made me become a much
better student. In high school I wasn’t really that good, but when I came to Foothill, I really changed my life. I found my motivation, the teachers were amazing. Foothill has been a great experience. It was one of the
greatest decisions I’ve made for myself. I came to Foothill really unsure of my
major and what I wanted to do with my life, and I ended up meeting people here who
were so wonderful. My professors, the counselors, Psychological Services, DRC, and everyone helped me move towards
what I wanted to do. Foothill is awesome, and I
had a great time and it was definitely a great choice and I’m so glad that I
came to Foothill. My experience at Foothill really changed how I
view community colleges. I wasn’t the most excited person to come here but I
feel like everything in my life has changed for the better and I’ve just met
a bunch of faculty that really pushed me and gave me individual care.
I’m going to transfer to UC Santa Barbara, study economics and hoping to
start my business from there. I’m transferring to Stanford University. I’m gonna transfer to UCLA. I’m super excited to go to UCLA because I feel like Foothill really prepared me. And I’ve got a lot of tools in my toolbox. Now I want to go to UC Berkeley
and become a lawyer someday and hopefully change the world. [music] This fall I’ll be transferring to
UC Berkeley as a chemical engineering major and quickly getting a master’s or a
Ph.D. afterwards. [music] I think Foothill was the greatest
experience I could have had and going into Stanford I’m so glad that I was at
Foothill and I had my time here. I met amazing students and incredible teachers and I’m just really glad that I was able
to have that experience.

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