Transfer Celebration

Transfering to UC Davis
as a math major… [applause] Transfering to Cal State Monterey Bay
in Marine Science, congratulations! Transfering to Cal State
Northridge as a film major… Transfering to UC
Santa Barbara in Economics… [applause] [Dean Cipres] I’d like to congratulate
all of you that are preparing to transfer. I got a cramp in my hand last
night signing all your certificates I’m so proud to have
that opportunity to do that. [Narrator] Marking a special
occasion for many community college students is the day they find out that
their hard work has paid off when they discover which 4 year universities
they’ve been accepted to. At a recent celebration held at
Irvine Valley College, many of the students who will be transfering paused
to reflect on this major accomplishment. I’ve been at IVC for 2 years now.
Now I’m transfering to UCLA. It’s my second year at IVC.
I’m making a decision. I’m either going to be transfering to
UC Santa Barbara or UC San Diego. I’ve been here for 3 years.
I’m a communications major. I’m deciding between
UC Berkeley and UCLA. [Narrator] With some of the highest numbers
in the state of California for transfer rates, IVC is a leader at preparing students
for the next chapter of their higher education. [Isabella] The academics at
Irvine Valley College are amazing. Leaving this place, I love it, I
wish I could just finish here, honestly. I’ve had a great experience here
with many great professors. [Narrator] Year round, the IVC Transfer Center
prepares students to transfer to their dream four-year school. Transfer
counselors provide coursework guidance, application workshops and campus
tours to set students up for success. [Brandon] All the
props go out to IVC. They really do prepare you
and they want you to succeed and they do their best to
make sure you get there.

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