Transform! 10 Fun School Supplies Ideas and More DIY School Hacks

Hey, Emily, how are you doing? Wait a second! Is that a marshmallow Oreo?! Where did you get it from?! We didn’t see
that in the buffet! Hmm… Something smells fishy… Did you do something with it, Emily? Apparently, it’s not an actual Oreo – it’s just a tasty looking eraser! Wow! Madison, we should make one of our own! We’ll need a bowl of cornstarch and a batch of silicone. Just give it a good squeeze onto the starch powder. And use plastic gloves to form a ball shape. Clean up the area and flatten it down by
pressing in a single Oreo on top of it. Be generous with the push and let it dry
for a minute. Take out the cookie and fill the stamp with some eraser clay instead. Use your fingers to push the clay around
to form an Oreo shape. Now take it out and place another circular frosting piece within the two Oreo pieces. And bake it at 120 degrees for 30 minutes. Go back to school and surprise your friends with a pack of home baked Oreo cookies! Your classmates will have no clue what’s going on and will be happy to accept
your tasty offer! All right, this is it! You’re one evil genius, Madison! *evil laughter* Madison is done with her art assignment and wants to submit it to the teacher. Sadly, her stapler didn’t punch through and just ran out of ammunition… Darn it, it feels like things always stop working when you need them most! I’ve had enough of it! Meanwhile, Emily is working on her artsy piece and is using a precision knife which is just what we need for our super quick hack! Lay down the papers and draw a small cut line on the left corner. Now bend the tip back through the newly cut hole That’s it! Our papers are now secured and we won’t need to worry about them falling apart! See you later, stapler! Emily is highlighting her notes in math class. The problem with highlighters – they don’t like getting mixed up with each other because the tip gets stained quite easily and it can be a real bummer. But why not use that to our advantage? We’ll just need a couple of extra
highlighters you already have in your case! Lay them down and continue to color one of the corners with red and cover the other side with green. That’s it! Now grab your notebook and try it out! The painted highlighter will nicely
transition from color to color and draw three stripes instantaneously giving a chance for you to make rainbows in seconds or neatly color your unicorn’s tail! Noah has been dreaming about Jessica for days now! Yes, those two have been dating for a while and she has seriously stolen his heart. He thinks it’s the right time to tell her how he feels. Writing “I love you” seems a bit too simple,
wouldn’t you say? I’m sure you can
do better than that! I “heart” you might be a bit too cheesy for
a girl like her… How about we give it more of a twist? Noah, I know you can get
even more creative. All right, let’s bend the top of the paper down and write 128 square root of e 980 Oh wow, Noah, you sure know your math! What?! You totally exceeded my expectations! This is pure genius! Best of luck, buddy! Oh no, he didn’t! He got you, girl! *laughter* Well Jess is also a creative person. I wonder how she’ll react to this one! Don’t keep us waiting! I’m eager to find
out how all of this is going to turn out! 8R? Okay… *chuckle* Love can be painful, Noah. Madison is working on her math assignment at home. She needs to draw
some circles in order to finish this exercise. Oh no! It looks like her compass
got damaged in her bag! Are there any alternative ways to make a
perfect circle? Nope, sorry… That attempt looks like an ugly potato… How about we use a paper clip instead? Lay down a single paper clip and put two pencils on
both ends. One is going to keep the center intact and the other one spins around Just like that, it’s done! The fun part, you can simply attach another paper
clip to extend the loop! Or even go further and add as many as
you want! It looks like Madison is not stopping
now. She managed to empty out the whole paperclip box. I hope you have enough paper for it! *chuckle* Oh wow! You weren’t kidding! You’re actually going for it! *laughter* That’s definitely going to be
a new world record right there! *laughter* And a bling-bling
to keep for later! Madison has been left after class. Apparently, she didn’t press the subscribe button on her phone! Always subscribe to Crafty Panda! Class is finished!
I hope you learned your lesson! Emily is chilling outside in the park and is focusing on her art class masterpiece. And now we have that classy “I accidentally pressed a whole yellow palm on the backpack” type of situation. Oh no, she didn’t! Oh yes, she did! No worries! Cover the hand stain by painting a circle over it. Be generous with the paint, it takes a lot to cover dark black color. We’re about to create an artsy looking emoji. We’ll use the whole color palette to
design some rainbow puke. Make sure to re-clean your brush before dipping into a different color. Use some white for the fluffy clouds. The black will be used
to give a stroke outline for our piece. And don’t forget the eyes! *blargh* Amazing. Emily just redesigned her
art bag with a pack of rainbow creativity! Off you go, sister! Jessica is a fashion enthusiast and she’s looking for new clothing ideas. So far nothing good has popped into her mind… We’re looking for something simple and
minimalistic. Hold on a second! Maybe those sharp notebook lines are
just what she needs to make her white shirt pop! Lay down the shirt and place a
piece of cardboard inside. Cover the whole shirt with horizontal lines of
paper tape keeping small lines in-between . Next, paint the space between
the tape using a blue paintbrush. Remove all the safety tape and add another two
vertical strips in order to create a single red line. This is the key element
for the notebook vibe. Remove the remaining tapes and write your name on
the very top corner using a permanent marker. Maybe practice first! You only have one chance! Voilà! Jessica is about to go back to
school and show off her playful eye catching t-shirt! Classic Emily… Lay down the shirt, put a cardboard cover inside. We’d rather keep the other side
white. Drop all of your pens out of the case. Yes, we’ll need all of them! Add a couple more dots around your pen mark and a drop of rubbing alcohol. Wow! Did you see what just happened?! Continue to unleash fidget spinner
fireworks all over the shirt! Keep them coming! The more the better! It’s just so satisfying to watch! Skip the shoulders! It will look better. Remove the safety cover and get the shirts in fresh air. That’s one eye catching t-shirt design there, Emily! Wow! Who knew a simple stain could turn into a masterpiece? After an exhausting class, Emma is back at home
and feels like staying in for the night. These sticky notes are everywhere! It would be a shame to waste all this paper without at least reusing some of it… Emma might have just come up with an
idea on how to stay on track while reading. Take a sticky note and flip it to the
unused side to draw a delightful minion character Grab a pair of scissors and
cut it out. Next, glue your minion stick
to the flat edge of an elastic band using a single drop of hot glue. It’s done! Go ahead and hook the elastic
band over the book! Emma just created a custom bookmark and is going to spend
the rest of her night reading. While she enjoys her book our fellow minion will
keep her company and keep an eye on her lines! Hey, Crafty Pandas!
I hope you enjoyed these school hacks! Let us know which of them you’re going to use next to the comments down below! If you want to learn more
feel free to check out our older videos! Hit the subscribe button and ring
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