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She had the biggest, sweetest set of [email protected]#$ I’d ever wrapped my lips around!– Oh [email protected] Is Conaway’s Camera on?! Oh [email protected]# Again from Southwest Airlines, we’d like to welcome you to Chicago… Alright. Phoenix Arizona. It’s Kelly’s Bachelorette weekend in Scottsdale. I have arrived first. I’ve been at the airport for about 4 hours now and waiting for Kelly and Sam …and we have Julia, I believe and then we have and Kathleen and Emily join us. so should be a fun weekend. Stay tuned for some more later. You guys have a nice day. You too! To the front door? Back door? What’s the password? “Naked Dutch Boys” Come on in. Hi everybody! Hold on. Yeah. Okay. All right. All right here– I haven’t been filming it!! The whole time? What is this Julia? You need to clean your “Beev”? Clean the beev! and do you also have ball cleaner for Joel? He’s got some dirty balls. I’ve got one for each of you Oh! Thats–There’s a lot of blood in that! A lot of girth. There’s one straight vein. How does it feel Kael? What does it say? “Save water. Drink Tequila, baby.” “The first one is a little wack, but I brought another one in case I have to wear it…” Let’s talk a little more about Kael’s [email protected] Uber job. I grew up in Michigan for the most part… Where are we O’Brian? I have no idea. We’re at a restaurant. So it’s Saturday morning. It’s a pretty nice morning here in Scottsdale. everybody’s still asleep Except that Emily and I are just having coffee by the pool (Thundering) Guys. Hold up. Shall we say grace? Oh. Yeah. Our father… “I’m a tiny little penguin waddling here. Waddling there!” (Joel laughing) Ride the flamingo! How are we feeling Emily? Are you hot? Yes. Okay, what do we have here? Kelly? What DON’T we have here? What’s that on your head? Oh. My hat? On your HEAD. the hat on my head? attached to your hat. Oh. This is just a friend. Oh yeah? A very close rubbery friend Yeah. It’s all blown up. What is this conversation about? Well does it even mean? You realize this conversations going to be in the vlog? This is what guys find out what girls talk about? This is what GUYS talk about This is what they WANT to think we talk about. –and we ARE talking about it. “To Kael!” Dinner Time! Julia, what is a fish taco? Uh? No, not yours. I mean like the real food. It’s over there. Put some cabbage on that bitch. We be good to go! violin and cello and electronic– (atmospheric music) What are you squirting out of there?! You know! Juice! what was that impersonating? trans siberian orchestra violin player oh! “–are you guys from Church?!” (drunken slurring) “What are you guys up to?” Welcome to Gino’s North Check this sh!t out… Last day here, and there’s only five of us left And here we have very energetic group of people. What do we think? We’re tired. “It’s going down for real”

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  1. Petra must have simply not been filming when the ladies all said grace before their liquid brunch.

  2. I liked the two different vibes!! Very unique! Can't go wrong with Scottsdale! This video is a ray of sunshine to my cloudy day! I always look forward to your great quality and stellar content! Your channel is magnificent! I can't wait to see what's next! Keep it up! Success will come! πŸ™‚ Have a nice day! πŸ™‚

  3. oh I love the takes! new subscriber and I've been truly enjoy your vlogs! I LOVE the "save water drink tequila" shirt πŸ˜‚ the girls definitely turned up!!! hahahaha

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