Trump blasts Pelosi: ‘She hates the Republican Party’

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  1. nancy grown up in balt md her father was mayor back in a day, lets retire her back to her home of balt in little italy she knows the st ,

  2. She is not wrong, the Republican party is terrible and displeasing for there support of a ignorant racist lying dumpster

  3. I’m so tired of being called a trump hater when I just think we could do so much better. I’m like Nancy, I don’t hate anyone. But how many times does trump use the word hate? He loves the word. Uses it to tear family and country apart. Merry Christmas to our hateful president.

  4. This game that the cowardly Pelosick, "Piece of Schifft", and Naddie are playing HAS TO END!! They are the most SELF ABSORBED, LYING pieces of GARBAGE I, in my entire life, have watched and listened to!! I listen to LEARN and I have LEARNED A LOT FROM THESE CORRUPT LOW LIFE'S and hope I am NOT the ONLY one. NOW they want the Republicans and OUR POTUS to GIVE THEM EVERYTHING THEY ASK FOR TO SAVE THEIR SICK IMPEACHMENT FARCE!! These scum are not only corrupt and disgusting in everything they say and do, they are IGNORANT in the ways of the law and truth! BUT they sure have it down on how to steal from the AMERICAN PEOPLE and OUR COUNTRY!!! DRAIN THE SWAMP FOR GOOD. Even if it means CLOSING WASHINGTON our Capitol down for good!! There HAS to be a BETTER WAY to RUN OUR GOVERNMENT, just HAS to be……

  5. Trump is clearly mentally ill. Seriously, not some troll comment…he is obviously sick. In America, we elevate him to president not let him seek help lol…it really is such a perfect encapsulation of this countries insanity.

  6. News Flash:⚡

    Christianity Today has stopped supporting Donald Trump because the House of Representatives voted to impeach.

  7. God 100% winner, men 100% losers, seek him while he can be found. You can't do that while hating your brother or sister. 1 John 3;15

  8. Nancy Pelosi…DOESN'T have a brain lead her party

  9. The latest good news is that Joe Biden and his son.investigation shows that corruption and extortion political pay off will bring them to trial. The should put this S O B. IN PRISON.

  10. President Donald J. Trump is going to lose his PRESIDENCY because he keeps underestimating Nancy Pelosi…Nancy Pelosi is a GENIUS POLITICIAN…she is a MASTERMIND! He keeps talking about her like she is some kind of dummy and clown! He is in a fight with someone who is infinitely more politically skilled than him and he's still not taking this seriously. He will when the Republicans in the Senate flips on him and votes to remove him from office. Nancy Pelosi has built relationships over the years in Congress…Donald Trump has built 0 relationships over his 3 years as President. He runs the Republican party the way he runs his business…He tells the Republicans to do something and they better do it or else…that's how that works. All those people who have been in Congress for years while he was fighting to win an election…he just DEMANDS they do things his way or else…because of his fan base. He does not understand that these people have great resentment towards him for the shitty way he has treated them since taking office. Trump fails to realize that when the Republicans in Congress fight for him, they are doing him a COURTESY…they are doing him a FAVOR…he actually thinks they have to fight for him…he thinks they don't have a choice and that's where he is making his biggest mistake. Unlike the House where there are a lot of new faces, the Senate is a more EXPERIENCED body of politicians who understands clearly that they don't work for the President of the United States of America…they work for the PEOPLE and they answer to the United States Constitution. I really don't think that this is going to work out the way President Trump thinks it's going to work out. Despite what they might say in interviews, the Senate has to treat this Impeachment Trial with a great deal of SERIOUSNESS. They can't put on a FAKE TRIAL…they are going to have to atleast try to make it look like they are doing the right thing Constitutionally…they can't make it look like they are siding with the President over the Constitution.
    So, President Trump can keep underestimating Nancy Pelosi…but, again…she is a genius politician…she hasn't sent over the articles of impeachment to the Senate yet and the Republicans have criticized her for it. But, if you think about it, it wouldn't make any sense for her to send over the articles of impeachment to the Senate this close to the Holiday Season. She's gonna wait until the holiday season is over and send those articles to Mitch, in the NEW YEAR when there are no DISTRACTIONS. Donald J. Trump…keep underestimating Nancy Pelosi…it will cost you your Presidency!

  11. God Bless Our Troops & Families, God Bless America & God Bless President Trump & Family, they don't deserve what they've gotten. Merry Christmas & a great 2020!! Trump 2020 no doubts!!

  12. I heard from an acquaintance that a friend of some guy was trying to purchase a legal firearm from a reputable, registered dealer and after the guy passed the background he was sold the firearm. I hope they impeach Trump for that.

  13. Trump: "She [Pelosi] hates the Republican Party"
    Then I must be much worse than her, as I hate both parties since I hate all parties in the world, just like a really great American President George Washington, you know, who lived back in the days when America was in fact great, unlike today.

    Trump: "Democrats have no evidence in impeachment"
    As a true evangelical, Mr Trump should closely follow the eighth commandment of Ten Commandments, which are widely understood as moral imperatives by evangelicals and Catholic scholars:

    Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbour.
    Also [Exodus 23:6]
    Thou shalt not pervert the justice of thy poor in his lawsuit. [poor = 'We The People']

    The command against false testimony is seen as a natural consequence of the command to “Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself”
    Therefore, I stand corrected and rephrase my first statement: I love Republicans and Democrats, I only hate parties. Probably that's true for Ma'am Pelosi too about the Republican Party, if she hates it, then she is perfectly right, even by the Bible, which says that about parties in [Titus 3:9]
    But avoid foolish controversies, genealogies, dissensions, and quarrels about the law, for they are unprofitable and worthless. This is perfectly true about all party politics, which are debates about fake problems (parties' selfish struggle for power), that are unprofitable and worthless for real people.

    And for all Americans and dwellers of the world [Jonah 2:8]:
    Those who cling to worthless idols [i.e. lying vanities] forsake their own mercy [i.e. turn away from God’s love for them].

    P.S.: I wasn't kidding or 'mocking' the Bible. Everything is true (or 'deadly' serious) in my comment.

  14. There isn’t always a right or a wrong… but Trump even smears that. Trump is always right and anyone against him is deadly wrong. Republicans are right and Democrats are always wrong… not only what they think what they talk what they do are wrong but also the way Democrats peepee and poopoo in the restroom is not right at all… Trump is a genius…

  15. Trump is the one getting all the Republicans tossed in jail, having to resign, lying constantly, and loosing the house. Hmm, who has done more damage to Republicans party ? I guess he did plan to drain the swamp, lol.

  16. How can it be that the GOP DUMB STATE PUTIN SYMPATHIZERS are not embarrassed of their approval of the biggest jerk ever elected to public office?

  17. In my opinion
    I read here 23 trillion in debt and rising.
    Go back to the year 2008
    Who was in office.
    The year the banks and who ever needed money business went
    BANKRUPT yep
    paid the banks debt right
    Then why do I still have a mortgage
    GM went BANKRUPT
    They say they have paid off their debt. Last check they still owned a small chunk only
    Around 12BILLION yea.
    Wheres my truck
    Now we have to pay off the debt.
    Hmmm isnt that paying

  18. I am back you up Mr. President 100% my vote will be for you as wells as my family in the 2020 elections. Be ready for you next term kicking buts !!!!

  19. so, the bezos/bloomberg lobbyists got to murkowski? the senate GOP desertions are commencing in earnest. soon, mitt will take over and nancy will transmit.

  20. My real question is this, why didn't the Republicans go after Hunter Biden sooner? T Hunter Biden was at Burisma from 2014-2019. Trump was inaugurated Jan 20th 2017.I don't recall ANY investigation of Hunter Biden being brought up by Trump for over 2 years. First time I heard anything was AFTER Joe Biden said he was running for President in April. Also, the Ukraine was given US military aid in 2017, and 2018. No mention of a 'corrupt' government, no mention of Hunter Biden. BUT, Joe Biden announces his candidacy in April, then all of the investigation starts. It's all BS!

  21. Trump is guilty as hell. it has been proven. reps will not testiy
    because they know Trump is guilty and the reps dont care. anyone that
    votes Trump innocent in the trial is guilty of a crime and should be
    removed from office and arrested. no need for you trolls to reply Trump
    is innocent because everyone knows the truth. if you only listen to
    Trump and wont look at the evidence thats a cult like following.

  22. I'm pretty sure Nancy pelosi and her people are trying to incite a civil war in the United States cuz if she wasn't then why would she be doing what she's doing

  23. Merry Christmas President Trump. Continue as you have been. We are behind you 100% and you WILL continue to be our President. Nancy Pelosi has allowed the other demons in the House to suck her into this debaucle. The elections will prove that out. President Donald Trump AGAIN in 2020.

  24. LOL. I love how he's saying Nancy "hates" just to get her frustrated.
    Nancy "I don't hate anyone" Pelosi!
    I'm sure Nancy is praying overtime since she's so deeply religious and sad about this. 😉

  25. Dementia donnie exhibits all the classic signs of advanced disease – paranoia, fear and anger. He’s off his rocker and self medicating. Next he will be tucking his mile long tie into his shitty diapers.

  26. Fairness is the last thing any democrat wants. They want Absolute Control. They want Quid Pro Quo. They want to suppress Truth and spread Lies.

  27. People need to watch the corruption videos on OAN CHANNEL because Fox and the other MSM outlets are hiding things from the people

  28. actually you are being very nice to pelosi, She may hate you and the republican party but she also hates the American Voters, she is basically telling the voters they are not smart enough to elect a president and we refuse to work with him and if you reelect him we will continue to obstruct the government for four more years. There is only one solution to the democrat problem — vote them out of office in 2020. They aren't doing anything constructive anyway , I do not understand why we are paying them to do nothing, they should have to repay their salary for the last three years.

  29. Let me get this straight. Trump lost popular vote by 3 million in 2016 and now that he’s getting impeached it’ll guarantee a Trump win in 2020

  30. You’re no Republican. You’re part of the religious right Wing. You don’t even belong in Civics. In fact, you shouldn’t even be a dogcatcher. cutting all the brake lines, taking off the governors and telling everybody how wonderful things are for the greedy..until that big bad bus has to come to a stop. You’re an imbecile.

  31. The whole World is watching the fall of the corrupt Democrat Party, due to their coup against the President Donald Trump, so what follows is:
    1. Trump 2020.
    2. Apply the rule of law rigorously.
    3. Make the necessary reforms to guarantee that this won't happens again.

  32. I have to disagree with you President Donald J Trump. Polosi actually hates America and Americans. I know that includes Republicans but she also hates herself.

  33. “I'm going to whine so much. You're going to get tired of me whining. you’re going to say, ‘Please Mr. President, I have a headache. Please, don't whine so much. This is getting terrible.’ And I'm going to say, ‘No, we have to make America grate again.’ You're gonna say, ‘Please.’ I said, ‘Nope, nope. I'm gonna keep whining.’ " – Donald Trump


  34. Pelosi took tax paid funding and paid for a hate journey doing NOTHING positive in the position held for 3-years…A waste of an individual who being in an elected position for the job designated. You or I in public domain would be fired from the job and jailed for some of her offenses.

  35. She doesn't hate the Republican Party. She hates the few Republicans who dare call out her BS and expose the crimes of the DNC. She loves Republicans who are willing to roll over and submit to her. She, like most Democrats, hate America's founding principles and the Constitution which limits her power and control.


  37. The lawmakers proposed keeping aid to Egypt and Israel intact. However, the continuing resolution would cut off foreign aid to the Lebanese armed forces unless Secretary of State Hillary Clinton certifies such funding is in the United States’ national security interest.  Twitter: @joshrogin

  38. Pelosi hates logic. Doesn't have a logical thought in her mind. Lets make the lives of people who live in our country and pay the taxes harder than for people who come here illegally or are just lazy and looking for a handout.

  39. Nancy hates anything that poses a threat to her power and corruption, up to and including members of her own party that won't down bow and scrape to her.

  40. Impeachment fails in the Senate. Trump is re-elected. The world is on the brink of a catastrophic war. Jesus returns, fights and defeats all corrupt world leaders. The Kingdom of God is established forever. And soon.

  41. This COWARD go after womans and kids following, trolling, and bullying them and that suppose to make him a big man. He is in a 80 yr old body with the mind of a 11yr old boy he is so childish, we need a grown man for a president not a child.

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