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  1. I am sorry for the USA to have Trump as president on the other side you deserve him because he was elected. I these times all around the world like never before unusual unfit personalities get in powerful positions as if earth is a sinking Titanic's where options are so limited that it little matters who rules…

  2. Hey trump supporters why do you support a petty punk like trump? Just look objectively at Obama's and trump's speeches at the National Prayer Breakfast. All class in Obama's speeches, while trump acts like a classless fool, childish with no humility.

  3. Come on Jimmy, even I'm not a Trump fan but if he's cleared of all charges then just leave him alone now and move on. You're a comedian and a good one at that, so just move on now to other things that you do.

  4. He destroyed the Democrats the entire week and will destroy Bernie or Buttigeig in November. Can't wait to see Jimmy meltdown on election night.

  5. All I can say is you better get your binkies because he's going to be in there another 4 years and if we're lucky we'll get eight years of Don Jr

  6. He obviously hates himself because he’s the one who uses religion for dubious personal benefit…🤔😟👌👍

  7. Sterilization the trump family, so that they can not reproduce more badass like trump.jr. They are the disaster of the USA.

  8. What a joke.. and he honors Rush with a greatest honor… and his “be best” preaching wife, gives the award. Will there be any end to this stupidness?

    In real world, people don’t do bad things as the karma follows to them and their families. I guess life of crime pays, as evident from his grandfather to him and his grandkids, having it all. Is this a mirage?

  9. this guy speaks like a moron yet people cheer at his every word no matter how bizarre and untrue..what happened to i will only employ the BEST PEOPLE..oh i think he meant his crooked family..how many of his best people have been sacked or quit….lol @ America and the moron you have as president

  10. The Democrats got Hollywood and the media on there side

    Trump has g-d on his side

    And that’s why Trump will always win

  11. Trump is the best President in American history, just look at his statistics and what he has done for America, Barack Obama has not done anything for black people or people of color, he was a waste of time… Obama is responsible for ISIS and the terror that came with it, Trump is the one who ended ISIS and it’s Caliphate, Look at Obama’s failed economic policies that left America in debt, high unemployment, failed health policies, influxes of immigrants etc…

  12. Alot of anger here. Luckily, you are a small percentage of Americans. The majority of people like Trump and what he has done for this country. He never needed this job, he wanted it to expose the corruption. However, the government doesn't want to be exposed, and are trying everything they can to keep Trump from exposing their corruption. Take off your blinders little sheep.

  13. “Russia, if you're listening, we need to look into the orinjes of all known or suspessted criminickals (wuh wuh, LOOK!). ‘It was a perfect call’ that will not be tolerided in the stanktuary of the United Shtates, the country where the action is

    ('I have done nothing wrong', “crooked Hillary” Obama Obama Obama Obama Obama …(sniff) (sniiiiff) (sniff) (sniiiiiff) (sniff) (sniiiiff).”

  14. Jimmy the jackass. No respect honor in this jerk. Your head on the chopping block assholes you no Johnny Carson
    Late night sucks the people are such idiots in the audience nowadays

  15. If you take the first two letters of Breakfast (BR) and the last two letters of pray (AY), you get what Trump did at the National Prayer Breakfast. He did bray, gentlemen, and quite loudly!!

  16. I guess All these comments You think Hillary Would have been the BETTER choice! Get your axes out the sand !! Obummer They all need be in prison!!!

    Called instant lose your job

  18. Amazing, at a prayer breakfast and states he doesn’t want people to pray for him.

    Ivanka is making a fortune over 100 million while in office!

  19. Total scumbag Drumf is,
    I "pray for him" (coronary)
    Bless his (clogged arteries) heart,
    my thoughts (fall down Air force one stairs) and prayers (diabetes) for him and (grifter crime) family. ; l

  20. Good luck America getting out of this disaster. Who will take up the mantle to challenge? You will have to have someone otherwise guess what? he'll get back in and you will have to put up with him for another 4 years. This affects the whole world. he will take the world to war for business and not bat an eyelid

  21. Jimmy I'll never watch your show again .I'm not a trump fan.
    Comparing trump to Jesus and even worse implying that jesus lashed out at those who opposed him .
    I suppose your celebrity status has gone to your head and you can just say anything no matter how offensive.

  22. Jimmy – you are an evil deluded excuse for a human being.. a liar and a cheat. Where do you get off telling such bullshit to your demonic followers..

  23. Mitt in mom jeans? Anyone ever google pic of trumps mom Mary?
    Trump has mom hair!!!!!!!!!!
    Look her up! Same color same style.

  24. OMG HOW THIS IS A FAKE NEWS.this is pure racism. please, if anyone has the opportunity to do it, do report it because you have to start fighting against racism with their own weapon

    a know its should be funny but this is something about ouer future.

  25. I just love, how the entire American media collectively hate Trump. 😃 😃

    Your hate is so evident. Which means, he will keep winning.

    All the best Trump!

  26. “Evil triumphs”, indeed.

    “Pettysburg address”. Brilliant!

    This administration can’t get out of the White House soon enough.

  27. "They tried to get rid of me but couldn't. Because I have every Senator but one in the Republican Party by the ba*ls."

  28. Trump knows a lot of things. But he doesn't know how to do a prayer breakfast. Actually, he might be creating the new way to do a prayer breakfast. Reminds me of festivas. In festivas, you have to tell everyone how they disappointed you

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