Trump Charges Taxpayers $3.4 Million For His Super Bowl Party

Donald Trump spent the weekend down in Florida
at Mar-a-Lago and his Trump international golf course because he wanted to host a Super
Bowl party after getting in a couple rounds of golf early in the weekend and US taxpayers
had to shell out $3.4 million just for the president to have his little weekend of fun
after a week of impeachment trial. $3.4 million for the president to throw a
little party and play some golf. Now, to me, one of the more interesting things
about this story is the fact that Huffington Post who reported on this actually reached
out to White House press secretary, Stephanie Grisham, just to, you know, find out, hey,
spending a lot of money down here. He’s hosting a Super Bowl party at Mar-a-Lago. It’s on his official schedule that he’s having
a party and Stephanie Grisham responded, the premise of your story is ridiculous and false
and just more left wing media bias on display. The president never stops working and that
includes when he is at the winter White House, which is what they refer to Mar-a-Lago as. Now, never stops working, according to Stephanie
Gresham there, who has, by the way, still never held a press conference and in fact
actually has more DUIs under her belt than she does press conferences. So something to keep in mind there. But nevertheless, she tells us the men never
stops working. Well, Donald Trump actually tweeted out a
picture of himself playing golf, a very unflattering picture, but he tweeted it out. So we know right there, Steph, he wasn’t working. He was golfing. We know he’s not sitting around at that Super
Bowl party working. No, he was playing and having fun at our expense. Oh, and of course, tweeting out the wrong
state that the Kansas City Chiefs call home. In a tweet yesterday evening, Donald Trump
congratulated the Kansas City Chiefs on being the Super Bowl champions and said they did
a great job representing the great state of Kansas, except for the fact that it’s not
Kansas City, Kansas that the Chiefs are from. It’s Kansas City, Missouri. And Donald Trump after getting ridiculed for
this, and I’m assuming somebody telling him he got the wrong state, decided to go back,
delete that tweet and tweet it out with the correct state after that. But again, all of that’s beside the point. We know the president’s stupid, we know, know
he doesn’t know where things are, but the fact is we’re paying millions upon millions
of dollars, millions of dollars that could go to literally anything else in this country
that’s being underfunded. And instead we are spending it on Donald Trump’s
billionaire behind to have a little fun. And this was a man who relentlessly attacked
Barack Obama for allegedly vacationing all the time. Fox news attacked Obama for allegedly vacationing
all the time. And here we have Trump who in fewer than three
years managed to spend more on vacation and travel than Obama’s family did in eight. So that argument goes out the window right
away. But I would much rather see any of this money
go to help fund education, maybe go to forgive some student loans, maybe go to improve libraries
around this country. Something, anything, other than paying for
a billionaire to go have a little bit of fun at our expense. That is unacceptable. If Trump wants to go have fun, go have fun
bud, but you’ve got the money to cover it, but instead you’re using our dollars at your
own hotels and resorts, so you get to put the profits back in your pockets. This man is corrupt to the core and the only
reason he ever wanted to be president is basically so he could do things like this, go out, play
golf, throw parties, and get all the profits back into his pocket, and that is exactly
what he’s been doing since day one.

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  1. And how much food would that buy for hungry children. He never works. How can he when all he does is tweet and play golf

  2. We can't afford decent health care, adequate education and other social issues but we can pay for him to drag his fat ass around a golf course he probably owns.

  3. Of course the media don’t understand that schmoozing your donors and golfing with Senators or your billionaire buddies is working. It’s the most important part of working too. At least that’s the way they see it.

  4. Chump is the most laziest, fascist, bigoted, racist, corrupted and traitorous "President" America has ever seen.

  5. Donald Trump has always been a fraud and he has always found a way to rip someone off. Here is a man that lacks a conscience,is entitled and feels zero remorse for anything that he does. So scamming the public comes easy to a narcissistic sociopath like Double Dipping Don. What's truly pathetic is how many mindless cretins voted tfor his embarrassment and how many of them will be stupid enough to do it again.

  6. No just the golf outings are over 120 million.That doesnt include his wife kids jet setting all over the globe doing business for themselves.Thats conflict of interest but again its ttraitor Ttrump so hes above any rules and laws!!

  7. And right now I bet his brainless dogs supporters find nothing wrong about this and how this is not a waste of money, but if this was done by a democratic president or someone else from the democratic side they would be going nuts and saying how this is was waste of money and crying about it and how this is wrong. Republicans and their supporters are a bunch of hypocrites!….

  8. Americans must unite behind the Democratic nominee not matter who, even if it’s not your preferred candidate, you must still unite behind him or her otherwise we will get another four years of this. The deficit is back up to a trillion dollars and now he says after elections he will have to look at entitlements to bring down deficit which is caused by his tax cuts to the rich. Furthermore social security and Medicare are not entitlements we payed for them in fica tax and Medicare deductions in paycheck when working and still pay for Medicare with deduction out of SSI check. He brags about his help for American Farmer yet farm closures are up 20 percent over 2018 closures. He sueing in court to take away existing conditions protection while telling you he is protecting them. Says he has rebuilt Military? How? Increasing budget is not rebuilding and you don’t rebuild it in 3 years it takes long term planning. I could go on and on but these are just a few of his misrepresentations!!!

  9. Trump always working! Give me a break! Signing executive orders, then pathetically turning them around for everyone to see what he's done, is NOT working, more importantly it's NOT governing! He has turned the governing of the country over to the heads of his administration, because he doesn't have a clue about government. He is the laziest President that America has ever had!

  10. This is ALL the ELECTORAL COLLEGES Fault. Get rid of those idiots and make each VOTE count. All over the Country!

  11. You would have to know he wouldn't know the name of the State where Kansas City resides.Just as smart as his voters.

  12. Boy! We know where this so call reporter stands. Sooooo negative. Jealousy is rearing his ugly head. So sorry for this guy. Delete delete delete.

  13. Remember when the republicans were always up in arms when ever President Obama played golf ? Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan were screeching like barn owls.

  14. Trump did violate (again) the law by deleting his tweet. Any tweet he makes is a presidential statement and is public record. Why is no one talking about that?

  15. Come on what else should he do with taxpayer's money feed a few thousand kids school lunches or have that money go to SNAP or welfare where It will go to better use. But some rich people might get less of a tax break or he wouldn't host an over priced SB party at his way over priced S-Hole of a resort.
    He has been an over privileged A-Hole his whole spoiled life, not like he would start being a decent person as President. If anything more often than not being President has amplified an individuals true self. For better or unfortunately in T-Rump's case worse.

  16. This has basis for grounds of impeachment right? He's using tax payer money for his personal use and to enrich himself. Trump is a POS of a human. Damn why are there still people who still support this incompetent president? His supports must have shit for brains.

  17. The Republicans just accorded Trump his kingship which means he can spend our money and do whatever with no accountability. No more need for the senate or house in a kingship.

  18. Trump has shown all countries what they so called leader are doing behind close doors.
    They think the tax payers money is their to do with as they wish and fuck the people they are pose to work for.

    I know like million if i had over 3 million to do with as i want – LIKE hell it would be for some stupid party. I would for starters by a home and no it would not be of some over priced crap large home that would home 3 or 4 family’s. I would by a normal home and then buy a few that i could rent and not a greedy amount. So saying this – if trump was even have as smart as a he claimed then he would have put this money into say housing for the homeless or even to the hospitals they are always crying out for money to help those that are poor. O that is right the only person trump cares about is himself and those that kiss his ass.

  19. Yes, people keep the money coming!!! I need to be re-elected and guess what: you get to pay the bill. And don't forget the wall!!!

  20. Trump has gotta to be the stupidest leader ever in the history of mankind, Kansas city, Kansas??
    The guy's literally an ignorant fool..

  21. Won't do single payer for healthcare because "we cant afford it" but has no problem having americans pay for his golf trips and parties.

  22. Trump’s such a fraud of a president and his supporters are too stupid to realize that 🤦🏾‍♂️🤬🖕🏾😡Kansas when did the state Kansas acquire a professional football team 🤔🤣

  23. Stephanie Grisham is stupid. Trump never starts working. Hes golfing. He watches tv, tweets gobbledygook, and eats. He yells, rants and raves and insults. But he does not work at anything.
    Smarten up steph, you constantly make yourself look like a fool when your story doesnt match anyone elses.
    Hes a thief…hes used our treasury as his personal check book since day 1.
    Smarten up repubs.

  24. When , when  , when are the Trump supporters going to give up on this guy. The country is falling apart and his is having a party.

  25. Trump and Republicans are literally Bernie Madoff on steroids..
    Taking millions of peoples' money and spending it on themselves, but they're politicians, so it's legal 😉, I bet you Bernie Madoff is wondering why he never ran for political office, he'd be a hero right now in the Republican party, instead of behind bars…

  26. The traitor idiot Trump spent million of tax money to pay his own business this fake President Trump is so corrupt and the bitchy twitchy Stephanie brainless barked it's a schedule of his presidency work. What a shocking corrupt in this administration.

  27. So, since Mar-a-lago is the "winter White House", does that mean that it now belongs to the citizens of the US? I like that! I'm sure that the next Democratic President will enjoy a chance to go someplace warm in the winter months. Thanks for giving us your resort Donald!😁

  28. They need to stop calling it the Winter White House. It's not the White House.
    You don't see me calling my apartment Disney World Toronto.
    And if I did, Disney wouldn't like it. Well, the government shouldn't approve of him doing that, either.

  29. Jesus Christ, HOW MUCH MORE DO WE HAVE TO PAY FOR THIS CRIMINAL STEALING OUR TAX MONEY TO PAY FOR HIS OWN HOTEL STAY!!!!! This is a Crime and needs to be prosecuted!!!!!

  30. MAGAts say Trump is giving his POTUS salary back to the government, so working for free. No doubt, he's covering that, and a LOT more, by extracting his salary in other ways.

  31. I'm not saying I am voiting for Bloomberg, however, he will expose this FRAUDULENT behavior for using our tax payers dollars.

  32. This is the same man that's trying to blackmail the Ukraine president to come out and say that they are investigating the Biden's so he can get re-elected. This guy has used his position as president to enrich his businesses around the world. He and his family has used their position of power to enrich themselves now and after the leave office and he is trying to say that the Biden's are dirty no one can be as dirty as the trump family and that has been proven even his lawyers admitted that he blackmailed the Ukraine president in order to be re-elected.

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