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  1. "The United States is the greatest force for freedom the world has ever known." Margaret Thatcher, Former British Prime Minister. Happy Thanksgiving from your friends in the UK.

  2. What a wonderful President we have. It's sad that all the people can't see, what the rest of us see. God bless our President, God bless our troops, a d God bless America.

  3. On his first trip to Afghanistan President Trump tells the troops "there's is nowhere I'd rather celebrate Thanksgiving". Thanksgiving lasted 3 hours.

  4. What an awesome president. Spending thanks giving with the troops. Love him as I do, I do wish he wouldn't blow his own trumpet so much. But heck if you're the president of the U.S.A then I guess you need some ego to help you be a great leader.

  5. Mueller Report
    No Collusion = 272+ Russian Comms 38+ Russian Mtgs  — DJT claimed, there were none. He knew of none.
    No Obstruction = 11+ counts.
    Anyone attacking the witnesses (DJT's own people, BTW, and Republicans), or the whistle blower for that matter, is embarrassing themselves.  Talk about stalwart Americans willing to put their necks on the line for what they believe in, constitutional values.  Like CHECKS & BALANCES.  
    Laughable that Ukraine would or could have interfered with our Elections (too poor, without organized capability). During the 2016 campaign, Trump was praising Putin, while Ukraine was fighting the Russians for independence, as they still are.  NOW, Russia is framing Ukraine for what they themselves have done; and DJT, along with meek GOP Republicans, blame-shifting as always, is convincing all of FOX America of V PUTIN’S LIE.  SHARING the same talking points as, (not to mention making key concessions to), V Putin, Russia’s militant dictator who operates empowering criminal mafia oligarchs, physically suppresses voters, imprisons the opposition and murders any journalists who might expose him.  So, as of now, the DEEP STATE consists of American professionals unwilling to subvert the Constitution, abide by and commit crimes, of and for, DJT — except here, in V Putin’s FOX America…
    Stupid Sean
    Gets It Wrong

  6. This trip was a juvenile retaliation move because Navy officials disregarded his order to reinstate rogue seal Eddie Gallagher. He has zero respect for the military (thus his draft dodging) and can only find meaning in creating enemies even among his own supporters. He is a very, very sick man.

  7. Trump wanted Turkey but Ivanka did not want to cook for him this Thanksgiving, it's the reason why he went in the first place !!!!!! 🇷🇺😝🇷🇺

  8. obama never did anything like that on the holidays. President Trump is the best POTUS ever. What a coincidence he took the office from obama, the worst POTUS ever. President Trump and VP Pence 2020!!!!!

  9. Really? Great pr…. while undermining the legal process of the military…… interesting. Depleted ? Not really….. keep saying the wrong thing and people believing…. budget is nowhere in his dictionary…. look at the debt since he was elected if you have doubts….. it’s trade war and tax cuts for the rich we are heading into the worse recession we have seen since the Great Depression. But everyone is looking at the stock market historical highs…. keep dreaming.

  10. How can I get my mindless supporters to forget all these impeachment trails and have them fall for it????? I'll go to Afghanistan and visit the troops. President Donald f.o.s Trump.

  11. Are his supporters to stupid to realize that he has a trend of trying to do something good in order to get everyones minds off the shitty job hes doing in office and the laughing stock he has made of the Republican party.

  12. I want you all to think about something. We… The People! are still alive. Could you imagine if Hillary won? How it would be RIGHT NOW? God Bless this Country. God bless all of you. and God Bless Donald Trump for saving us all.

  13. Want to find the few remaining idiots who support trump? They're on this page. Hmmm let me guess……. the right hand lower corner of the United states????? The most easily fooled of the USA. The lower IQ states. Yup that correct

  14. Greatest President Ever Ty 35/45 WE ❤️ YOU BOTH GOD BLESS OUR MILITARY GOD BLESS OUR COUNTRY 🇺🇸🇺🇸

  15. I wish I was American just so I could vote for President Trump or I wish we could have him for president of my country Mexico.

  16. Wow!!! They must be censoring all of the good comments!! Unbelievable amount of trolls in the comment section!! Who in their right mind would not love this man being present, alongside the people who protect america. This president shows over and over his loyalty to the people he represents. I love your president!! Canadian people, who are WOKE, love the american president. Please continue doing what you were elected for, Drain the swamp.

  17. This man works tirelessly for us, then flies 8,000 miles to support our heroes, and the dems have so little they have to slander him with this golfing BS. It's really mind-boggling to me. Thank you to our Brash, Bold, Brave and non-pc President!!

  18. The U.S. Military is a thing of beauty …. and I'm a Life long Democrat!! "First to go, and Last to leave". God Bless them!!!

  19. Great President to be with the Troops in a foreign land,boosting they're Moral. Letting them know,they are not alone. That means alot to them. God bles all our troops abroad in harms way. They'll all be home soon.

  20. Thick face! A draft dodger has no right to be there and present himself to the patriots who are fighting for U.S.A . He is just fortunate to be born with richness. HE JUST WANT TO LOOK GOOD AND AGAIN CON AMERICA FOR ANOTHER TERM.

  21. Sorry troops take one for the team. Someone isn’t needed or wanted at the White House 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  22. I love, support, stand with our Commander n Chief of The United States of America! Our President leads our Nation as no other President has in my lifetime! We shall march forward in continuing to make America Great! God Bless our POTUS his staff, and those dedicated to his agendas and policies! 🇺🇸💪🏻⚔️

  23. 2.22 look at the expression on the people change as if they were being told by some superior not to smile! From serious to joyous back to serious…..

  24. Its still weired when Mr Heelsporn talks to the troops.
    He talks about stock markets and of course himself. He is a total farce.

  25. Friends of Trump say he does stuff like this ALL THE TIME! Don't believe the evil lying democrats, they only hate him because he fights evil.

  26. Bloody Yanks you should not be in Afghanistan anyway. The Russians tried and failed and they are close to Afghanistan so the the super human android Americans are going to succeed. Ha, ha ha, ha, you sure need god to bless you. Misguided pompous idiots.

  27. It's sad how he flew all the way to Afghanistan and instead of thanking the troops and talking to them he just bragged about himself and how great he is. They don't want to hear that BS like this was some sort of Trump rally.

  28. The orange turd – “I sat down, I had a gorgeous piece of turkey and I was all set to go,” Trump said while speaking to the troops in Afghanistan, according to Politico. “And I had some mashed potatoes and I had a bite of mashed potatoes, and I never got to the turkey, because Gen. [Mark] Milley said come on over, sir, let’s take some pictures. I never got to my turkey. It’s the first time at Thanksgiving that I’ve never had anything called turkey.“

  29. He is doing well hopefully he can step Pakistan to send weprin and support Talibans. Also Iran which interfere in Afghanistan.

  30. If Trump really was keen to be in the company of troops he would not of invented lies about having bone spurs to get out of service in Vietnam.

  31. I am making a special appeal to anyone who can get to the President to help save the lives of 22 missionaries that are sentenced to be killed tomorrow by the Afghanistan militants.

  32. You know why the Dems are so furious with Trump, is because they can't really figure him out. The guys has just too many tricks on his sleeve. TRUMP2020!!!

  33. Trump's visit to Afghanistan was nothing more than a stunt. he's trying to drum up support with the rank-and-file because he just basically obliterated the chain of command and freed war criminals.

    About the only thing anybody can give Trump credit for is being clever. Not smart mind you, but clever. But of course that's the nature of a con man.

  34. President Trump is a Manly – Man that Loves and Respects the Military. He is a true American President! 2020 Landslide 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 God bless President Trump and God bless the USA .

  35. How our President loves our troops and even Conan. No one can even come close to this President and FLOTUS. She has such beauty and grace but not good enough to be on the cover of our magazines. That's OK she buys and pays for her clothes from her personal funds. I know the fake news is talking about how much money she is spending on her clothes. But this Thanksgiving those troops with our President have had the best Thanksgiving ever.

  36. Poor President couldn't eat his turkey first time!
    Talking nonsense to the military, who sometimes don't eat for days and days.


  38. Thank You!🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸❤

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