Hey guys, it’s Ro, today I’m hanging out with my friend Justine Hey! you guys know justine! but, if you are new to my channel, i’ll be putting her links down below! So go check her out, subscribe, show her some love Today I invited her over because I did a little holiday shopping A little holiday shopping?! Maybe a little, and I was at the store And I could not believe how many holiday candy and treats there were so I thought let’s have Justine over Let’s try some holiday treats and candy so we’re gonna try ’em So you guys don’t have to we’re gonna find the good ones Justine: Yes I’m so excited cuz I actually have tried a few of these because I am a holiday treats Uh… Extraordinaire Ooh, an expert over here, Can I can I get my favourite?! Which ones do you wanna do first?
Can you do these?? So the first treat I found at the store Peppermint bark pretzels??? Yes. And I cannot believe it and so one of my favorite things about this is it’s called snack factory Oh my gosh. I just picture like this factory. Just making snacks, and I am just sitting there like MMMMMMMMMMMMM There’s just like a conveyor belt yeah, and it’s like BBBRRRRMMMMM INTO MY MOUTH. these are pretzel crisps they are white chocolate flavored covered in decadent peppermint flakes. oh my god, I’m so happy. It’s a flat pretzel. I like these okay. These are delicious This is something that I am so into getting a tummy, ache for Wow Love I’m actually hungry because this is my breakfast so I was looking over here at these little cookies they are little gingerbread men cookies, and I found at the store, but I thought these are a little odd because it’s Ginger family, so you don’t just need gingerbread men you can eat the entire family You’re eating mom, dad, and the twins here. the kid looks like they’re joined Happy Holidays Justine Let’s really just make some big decisions here I feel like, what’s that fable? Where there’s that candy house, and then she eats kids uuuuuuuhhhh…UUUUHHHHHH..Walking dead? there’s a lot going on that happened this year on Walking Dead I think this is Dad. Oh, yeah a lot of the smells really delicious. Oh, here’s the kids This reminds me I think it’s on Delta they give you like that little biscotti You coffee’s that good like that little round my god. No I’m talking about I know exactly what you’re talking about because I asked for seconds and thirds major and they’re like But I always get an airplane coffee to go with a little whatever that biscuit yes these will go perfect with a cup what What? didn’t plan this, but it’s working out well Oh boy, dad. You know how they have like rule gingerbreads like decorating kids look. There was a gingerbread boy. Kid. I was like Fuck man like they had to be like this is a boy a gingerbread boy I can’t I got it so if you want to come over and Find out which treat do you want to try next you know as much as I would love to try these Oreos I think that we should maybe dive into these triple gingerbread feet this Honestly looks like something that when I have a nightmare and I wake up like this is what I see now These are little Christmas tree. They should have called these tree But treatments missed opportunity, that’s okay. They didn’t hire me for their marketing They obviously didn’t hire you to bake their marshmallow I’m very particular So I would have been like quality control the I bowels look terrifying this one only has one we got a cyclops gingerbread marshmallow over here Yeah, I want to try one I want to know if they’re flavored or is it just a traditional it smells good, okay? Still delicious light and fluffy delicious and has some like holiday spice and sugar on it I actually really like that and then this one. Let me take a bite No tree That’s a good Pete. Yeah, yeah, the next treat. We’re gonna try are these a traditional candy cane But with a cool twist these are flavored like hot cocoa and I thought oh How cute it’s like hot cocoa you said it was a cool twist yeah, hot twist Hot cocoa how do you open what are you now usually I go for the end and I bite off Like that and then I’ll peel it down. I usually just go like that I Just break off the top, and then this one’s like ready to go, and then I save this for later. Oh treat multiple dreams Treats for your dogs hold on Justine. I’m sorry okay this one, so cookie doesn’t eat it. She’s a little Hoover She’s a little vacuum. She’ll eat anything on the ground trying to love it. Is it good mm-hmm Oh Yeah, that’s right on. This is a great flavor. Oh I think I may have crashed a thumbs up. Thanks. Just like hot cocoa no surprises delicious run Oh, and if you take a little nibble of it it takes even more like hot chocolate. I’m gonna try We got something else hot cocoa what are we oh yes, hot cocoa themed Oreos I’m violent oh Look at these And half of it’s like a marshmallow and half of its like cocoa this is great Okay, I’m gonna do the full sandwich see what we got going on. We’ll do science Move I love science Meet you there’s so much candy. Hey Derek. Good morning. Hello Hi, Darrin, would never mean hi Papa pizza damn look what we look what I found at the store jellybeans Okay, so the one thing I really want to try But I don’t have two of so we’re gonna have to try it together these little candies Maybe would be like a cute stocking stuffer as a joke if you’re naughty You know you get coal in your stocking But these are like supposed to be delicious coal candy have you ever got cool in your stocking? No. I’m always know I’m always nice If Santa’s always watching he’s like He’s the CIA he’s like watching us all the time yeah. He’s might watching us through this camera right now Whoa One these look like you wouldn’t mind these out of them a coal mine It’s like something when I’m playing Minecraft, and I’m like yes, finally I can make a fire Justine Emily open these will go nice we go With me okay, let’s open it Okay so on the tag. It says it’s delicious cinnamon hard candy that looks like cold That’s cool. This. Seriously. Just looks like we went in your backyard and like found some rocks and try this oh Very soon a minute. Oh oh oh gosh, yeah It’s like that like big red gum that when you just like start chewing it like you’re diab all out I’m just pretty large. I think if it was half the size Like a little smaller. We just feel it Just stop your mind and don’t mind me We made great coal miners, and by the way the story that my dad has told me from the mines Is he was a coal miner his whole life? did I am a little bird with them like in the movies when they’re my knee and they got a little bird and So they go too deep and the bird you can’t breathe he’ll stop singing no tired of even uncomfortable he’d be like and then Everybody would be like oh yeah, yeah here may be produced with genetic engineering What’s that mean? Okay? Why do I maybe you either are why you’re not handmade me us a genetic engineering B What’s next look I’m feeling super allottee Wow coffee guy yep I’m gonna be like crash. I’m not gonna fit your second Okay, well the next rate we may be trying is gonna be something that Justine love Yes, so I found these at the store again a traditional candy Junior Mints, but this is their holiday twist So I thought I’d give it a try We tried this version. I have any are delicious. Yes, I can’t even wait okay It says they got some junior mint peppermint crunch I am so happy so Junior Mints are like you see one of my favorite candies still is my favorite candy But I kind of overdid it. I mean I had junior min lunchboxes. I had junior mint blankets I had t-shirts here and back in a day. I was on demons Wikipedia page for being their biggest fan I didn’t know this about you know we’re learning new things about friendship And how crazy you were about these Junior Mints is how crazy I was about Minnie Mouse I’m gonna show you a picture Justine. I had a Minnie Mouse can people that my mom made It’s real it was a cake. It was hideous. It’s really ugly. Yeah. I was a big fan of Minnie Mouse. Oh Gosh you know like In a movie when you’re watching it, and they’re really cool Yeah, take a knife and they’ll light eat their Apple off a knife or something and that means you’re like you’re a tough guy Yeah, I’m super tough. Yeah. Let me try. Let me see if I can love you very careful I’m trying to get on the naughty list this year. See they do this and then they’re like okay, I’m Not cool, but I don’t want to cut myself Be very gentle careful. Yeah, I pulled stuff cool stuff. I’ve seen one of these. I just picked these up. Oh Yes, I found these at sugarfina. They’re so cute sometimes They do holiday candy and these ones it’s like a little Rudolph reindeer noses I mean if you flip the lid gimme you I don’t know how to open this can you cut them right here? Oh, we’ve got to cut them. Oh I feel bad. Okay, just like right there where the lid is it’s really sad oh This is so exciting. I want to know what flavors. They are oh, they’re so cute. What do they taste like? What do you toss one to me? I’ll toss one to you. Okay same time okay 1 2 3 up 1 2 3 up It hit please Hit it hit it okay. Oh judge. Oh This is nice. Oh, it’s a fruit raspberry let’s drop This looks like a raspberry Raspberry raspberry, that’s it. Okay. What’s next? What we got here? Oh? Well since this is the holiday season should we maybe like have a Christmas tree Yeah So there’s white chocolate drizzled on top it looks a little pokey And I don’t know what flavor it is I’m gonna guess like a green apple Maybe or like a pine. No they wouldn’t flavor a pine That would taste like here sucking on a branch Okay, let’s see here. I Got you Thanks, Jesse here. I’ll go oh Oh my gosh, this is very sharp, you know what tree this looks like hmm This looks like a good old Noble What flavor do you think it is I think it’s gonna be green apple green apple. Okay? I’m gonna pick pear. Okay, okay? Yeah mm-hmm What is it? Flavor oh oh oh oh oh oh Josephine is right. I’m reading here. There’s apple flavorings artificial It’s not real mm How it looks it’s super cute, and I like the taste I like Apple But it’s really hard to eat cos so pokey. I have children’s vitamin C. Lollipops that I like to eat. They’re really good Yeah, they’re like for kids those are like my favorite lollipops, because I’m getting my vitamin C. And a sweet treat I knew the kids gummy vitamin – I just got they’re delicious – the woman’s oh I couldn’t believe it. I was like I think I might be a lady now Justine we just learned that there’s something else we have in common what I am not joking stay right here, okay? Amy show you something I Look what vitamins I just got these like couple weeks ago. I Just made the switch. I just made the switch as well oh my gosh Did she uh Europe are you now? Is this are you ladies? Oh my gosh you guys We all what I just got their gummies For women now same we’ve only got two things left yes two things left And I wanted to try these ones next Justine hold these up. I love jelly beans I don’t know why I think my grandma used to have them out a lot like in a little candy – and I love Guessing the different flavors when I was eating them the holiday flavors that you can find inside are pumpkin pie moody eggnog cranberry sauce hot chocolate boom and Candy canes so I’m gonna taste these flavors. I missed my knife Time is do I want to try pumpkin pie me, too. I wanna see if this tastes like pumpkin pie It’s like you can spicy, but not tasting the crust of the pie no but pumpkin spicy Yeah, I taste the spice what about eggnog yeah, let’s do that a lot of people. This is a polarizing flavor Do you like eggnog? Yes or no? I’m not sure I’m gonna like the eggnog that I get at Starbucks. I think I like it Because I like this taste it’s like a sweet moon, okay, let’s try some cranberry sauce Oh Woah Punch in your face never okay, okay? Which one is on hot oak? Oh, how cool. Okay? Let’s try hot cocoa Very chocolatey yeah, but no peppermint, I’m panicking oh That’s a candy cane oh that oh, so I’m gonna save those ones. I’m saving those for later. Those are my favorite Huh it’s only it’s 10:30. Yeah. It’s early and which we do Thank so much candy for breakfast a lot of care your last treat is just a little after Breakfast mint they’re both poop, so let’s see what else poop looks like just a little after breakfast poo Lulla smells minty oh That smells good. Okay. I have a tummy tickle that’s probably cuz we eat so much sugar. I think so let’s keep eatin We’re gonna have to get them the house like a pasta That’s good. It was very good, and then oh my gosh. I forgot I What I got us one more candy no. It’s not out there and crazy. It’s just my favorite I had a problem. I think if I don’t I love these Holiday turtles they’re little yeah caramel pecan and chocolate are you kidding me? Kill me to open them for you. Yes, okay. I only got one box It’s okay if I got another but I would eat all of that. I wouldn’t share at all I know me and even when I got these at the store I wouldn’t put them in the cart because I was scared that my boyfriend would eat that While you’re in Target. Yes, so I held them like a baby Oh my gosh my little Turtles I just have one bite. What just cuz I was expecting them to be actual turtles, but okay. Let’s try oh Yeah, oh now I see why your cradle leaves like a baby these need to be they need to be treated with respect Okay, okay. I’m gonna put these down. Okay. We save this for uh, maybe like my after breakfast dessert Oh my gosh. We we went crazy here Alright that does it for all of the holiday candy and treats that I found a big Thank you to my friend Justine for helping me try all of these yummy little treat Thanks for having me, and I’m glad you didn’t find any more I’m so full once again. I’ll be putting her links down below So go check her out subscribe show her some love and if you’d like to see any other fun videos you can click up here Or up here. Thanks again. You guys. Hope you enjoyed the video bye and Happy Holidays Eat candy responsibly and brush your teeth. Yeah are their holiday candies that you like that. We don’t know about that We haven’t try on down the do another one for sure definitely 100%. I’ll be back

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  1. Justine : I gatta save these for after breakfast desert
    Me : wasn’t the entire breakfast desert
    Luv u guys ❤️❤️

  2. RO: (Trying to pop the gingerbread family package)
    JUSTINE: (Secretly takes a sip of coffee)
    RO: Ohhhhhhh!
    JUSTINE: Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!

  3. Ro: What’s that fable with the witch who eats the kids
    Me: Hansel and Gretel?
    Justine: The walking dead
    Me: Yeah that’s probably right

  4. Ro: that little bird they take down in the mines in the movies

    Me who has seen silent Hill 200 times: oh a Canary

  5. Ro: what is the fable were a witch eats children
    Justine: Walking Dead
    Me: 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂Hansel and Gretel

  6. 7:26/7:27–7:35 Sounds like something you'd hear from a Christmas slasher film or a holiday-themed serial killer.

    And I LOVE it.

  7. It’s Hansel and Gretel the fable ro was talking about where there is the candy house and the wicked witch eats the kids by making them fat with chocolate

  8. I can't have eggnoge because I'm lacktos and talorant

    I'm not sure if I spelled that right

    Also I'm watching this in August 😂😁

    EDIT,oh and I'm watching this at 5 in the morning 😑

  9. They used to keep a bird in the mine so that if they’re was a poisonous gas the bird would die and they would know its time is stop mining there

  10. Ro-the fable with the candy house and they eat kids?
    Justine- Uhhhhhhhh walking dead
    Me- 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣

  11. 8:27 I think you call that a Kinnari. Miners would use it to see if danger is near. If the danger was there the bird would die. I think they used it to find King Tutankhamun's tomb.

  12. Ro:What’s that fairy tale with the candy house where she eats the children?
    Justine: umm….the walking dead?
    Me: 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
    Me: Ro and Justine it’s Hansel and Gretel
    Ro and Justine:oooohhhh

  13. My uncle got me the Rudolph noses 2 years ago and they became one of my fav candy!
    Btw my fav candy store is sugerfina lol 😆

  14. 8:29 they took canaries with them. Canaries are extra sensitive to the toxins in the air. If they canary died they knew it was unsafe. They don’t do that anymore cause it’s animal cruelty.

  15. “YouTuber Justine Ezarik (iJustine) is known as the biggest Junior Mints fan. As a child she owned Junior Mints fanfare such as a lunch box, T- shirts, and a blanket. Now it is still her favorite candy but she is not as enthusiastic about it.” – Junior Mints wiki

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