Hey guys, it’s Ro, today I’m hanging out with my friend Justine, Hi! you guys know Justine We’re just hanging out in my sunroom, and when she comes over I like to rope her into trying a bunch of yummies with me, and I thought this would be perfect for us Yes, because we love pumpkin spice lattes Are we basic? So I went to the store I picked up a bunch of different items that are pumpkin spice flavored, and I also want to note that I was a little extra because I got items that were not Pumpkin flavored they specifically had to be pumpkin spice flavor I wanted it say pumpkin spice, perfect! Alright, Justine cause you’re the guest what do you want to try first? Okay, this is gonna sound crazy. I want to try the cereal Is that okay? Yes lets do it! okay. My dad used to always eat these but he would eat the ones like weren’t frosted like the super like not good He wants the healthy ones Ooo! It smells like pumpkin spice and the thing also, you know what the thing with pumpkin spice is they put a lot orange dye in these things And look at it, it’s frosted, it’s orange. Oh, it’s only on one side look it look it look uh I can’t wait any longer, right? Mm-hmm Oh this is good. Can you marry in like a bowl of milk it needs milk, yeah, we’re having the cereal dry. Its so dry! (Coughing) Oh try for pumpkin spice flavor, I’m gonna give this a thumbs up. Yes pretty good mmm the next thing I want to try and I’m so sorry cause I know you’ve already tried these but As soon as they came out. I really want to try one I haven’t had one a pumpkin spice flavored Oreo And I will taste test these all day long because I’m just gonna spoiler alert. These are so good Okay, lets just try it I mean you see what you think Little pumpkin like a pie on the front of the box this makes sense so they little pumpkin pie and in the middle it looks like pumpkin filling Although when I smell this this smells like an electrical fire It doesn’t smell like um pumpkin spice I like I’ve definitely plug things in and had some sparks fly out before and that’s what the smells like okay, but let me taste Mmm Oh man, I love it so much. Thats so good Oh, but you got a little… on my nose? (Laughter) The filling is right on! I’m gonna give this a thumbs up. I’m gonna try this just the filling. Im gonna eat it, too That’s very spicy. I got the filling is a perfect pumpkin spice flavor these are gonna disappear Very quickly in my house. I’ll tell you that your turn, Justine. Oh, what do you want, try those are kind of sweet? Maybe let’s try the chips They are spiced with pumpkin spice on top oh It smells like chips. I’ve never had a pumpkin chip. I don’t even know what to expect now. What’s about this What’s different about this they’re crafted with simple ingredients? pumpkin puree, pumpkin seeds, cinnamon, and nutmeg oh, wow But it’s a tortilla chip, so let’s try it It tastes like a naked Dorito They’re really good but..they don’t taste like pumpkin spice. Hey, I might cry oh, man You’re gonna make fun of me. Why would I make fun of you? You’re gonna make fun of me. I don’t think I, I might… I don’t know! I know at the store, and I saw these one of my favorite candies with a twist Aw these remind me of my grandma. That’s why I fell in love with is my Nana always had these and then I loved them I saw these at Target, and I lit up you wouldn’t even see my face. It went like this… Smell spicy oh it does it smells like pumpkin spice. Oh, it’s very soft A little to soft. Mm-hmm I was concerned that it would rip out my fake teeth. I think I’m gonna be okay, my dentures!! Oh Give it a thumbs up it tastes like pumpkin spice. It does. I’ve been eyeing up these pretzels To be honest, okay, let’s try em. Now are these coated? They are! Covered pretzels in anything like white chocolate And just chocolate or like a favorite. This is the best thing I’ve ever ever tasted How’s it making you some good smell? Oh? That’s a strong flavor oh oh very orange Hmm Salt like something and too much Nutmeg too much pumpkin. I hid actually party with RO Okay, it says that it’s white fudge coating and God with pumpkin harvest spices I feel like I have a Clorox wipe stuck in my throat! (Ro laughing) Its burning! This will punch you in the face with flavors! But was it enjoyable? Not so much. It was a little much. Ok, I need some water or something I need a drink. Gosh! We have so many things. Oh my gosh. This is crazy like marshmallows and are they actually pumpkin shaped?they’re shaped like pumpkins, we’ve got to try these real pumpkin spice flavored and shaped like pumpkins. They’re so cute, and we got a smell tip anything these smell like a pumpkin These are very cute! Im gonna try it. alright. Very faint I think they’re liars, are you a liar? the slightest hint a Cinnamon it’s so light is very light. I think that my taste buds may have been burned off on those pretzels. I’m gonna keep Light I’m gonna give that a thumbs down for a spice flavor. Yeah could not taste it, but they tasted really good Ok lets do these ones, okay the chips so I feel like this is more something that you would be baking with pumpkin spice little chips it smells good. Oh That’s strong and nice and like that okay. You first. Here’s just a few all right. Let’s try it Tastes like pumpkin spice. Oh, I think so this is a yes Oh yeah, and it’s delicious. Oh, yeah, I would eat this whole bag It smells like pumpkin spice, it tastes like pumpkin spice, and it’s delicious This is a triple threat over here ladies and gentlemen! Im going back for seconds! This is delicious! Now these little pumpkin spice cookies at Trader Joe’s. Oh, yeah Do you know those like animal crackers cookies that look like this? Yeah the pink and the white ones? I used to eat those all the time. They also remind me of my grandma she would always buy them for me and they were so good! Nostalgia, I smell a little spicy, I smell the spice okay, let’s start at the oranges. It’s the most pumpkiny Mmm. I like it. Tastes good. This tastes very good. Wow This is really good mmm shortbread cookies with pumpkin spice and yogurt coating, mmm. Lets try the white one. Hmm, I think it tastes the same. same. Mmm. These are thumbs up. Oh, this is definitely top three. Smell good, tastes good mmm pumpkin spice I might like these more than the Oreos actually Woah! We have one more pumpkin spice treat to try and this is a classic candy Hershey Kisses, but they came out with a pumpkin spice flavor for the season I still can’t believe how many pumpkin spice things they have like it’s… everything…can’t wait. The wrapper… they made a pumpkin spice color, so we’ve got the orange and the brown and even, look at the little tag It’s brown. It says pumpkin spice on the tag Can you see this? It’s very small but I can see it (Producer/someone behind camera). Ok cool! There are orange? Yes! Okay, I bet its probably just like a melted like the… you know these are kind of melted – this one’s falling apart. Oh Hmm I can’t eat this. Oh, it’s very chewy. Very strong. Too much, yeah Its just to much pumpkin spice! But it does taste like pumpkin spice. It definitely tastes like pumpkin spice like a lot, yeah I think it’s a little bit more over the top like the chocolate chips for sort of you could taste it but it wasn’t overpowering yeah Alright, that does it for all of the pumpkin spice flavored food that I have good day. Justine, What were your favorites we had some good one so I think these three We’ve pretty much narrowed down as our favorites, but I think if I had to pick I would probably go with the cookies as way number one I agree these are my top three favorites as well my number. One are the chips. A big thank you, again, to just need for helping me taste all of these pumpkin spice things. Girl, you know anytime you’ve got taste tests, just let me know! Yeahhh! I’ll be putting her links down below Please go subscribe and show her some love if you’re new to the channel go check her out She makes amazing videos, and if you’d like to watch any other fun videos you can click up here or up here! (Singing song) I’ll take these You know we can just like pour these on top, and oh I wanna make chocolate chip cookies with these oh my goodness

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