Tucker: Moderates aren’t welcome in the Democratic Party anymore

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  1. TUCKER dem moderates take bribes from billionaires … you're dam right they are no longer welcome in the Dem party.
    I assume they are welcome in the GOP tho …right tucker????

  2. I hate to say this but I agree with this jackass. I'm a centrist Democrat and we are on an island out here. I cannot stand Ttump but I am not putting my support to the Progressives on the Left. This pretty much sucks right now

  3. You remember in history class when they tell you that once upon a time the republicans and democrats were very different parties- and we all sat around wondering "how did that happen?". Well I think we are witnessing how it happens. History in the making, folks.

  4. Tucker is wrong. Everyone is welcome. People have ideas, and then there is a battle of ideas, and that is how people come up with even better ideas. Elizabeth Warren was right.
    When someone gets on a Democratic stage, and starts using Republican talking points, then people have a right to disagree.

  5. Warren is correct she knows all about fantasyland ….Hell she used to be an American Indian and now she is African American and running for President of the U Ask Me No Questions I'll Tell You No Lies….

  6. Yeah, I and many others realised we aren't welcomed into the far-left party. They only have political-correctness and the garbage of socialism. Honestly, I'll just vote for Trump.

    Enough is enough. Nancy Pelosi is crazy.

  7. The democratic party should change its name to the United states Communist Party. I wonder what JFK, RFK FDR, Carter would say about the Democrat Party of 2019.
    Biden looks like he has low form of Dementia.

  8. I'd rather see Obama as a homeless junkie or inmate like the high number of those that became that during his term criminalizing heavy industry

  9. The GOP just need to keep their mouths shut and Twitter accounts quiet. The far left Dems will happily hoist their own petards.

  10. Fauxcahontas and Sanders are nuts.
    Their fairy tail promises exceed the total taxable income of the entire US economy. 🤯
    They could seize 100% of everyone's income and still couldn't pay for their insanity.

  11. Isn't it funny how the normal US American who works sun to sun lives in homes that cost maybe 400,00 or in homes that are in bad need of repair. and these people who sit all day long doing nothing at all move in to 4 million to 15 million doallr home and its the hard every day working American who is paying for them.and yet these guys sit up there in there big homes and judge all of us out here.

  12. It appears that an effort to censor Tucker Carlson is afoot by reducing Carlson's broadcast to snippets making it difficult to see Tucker entire broadcast. Shall grow worse as we approach election

  13. Joe Delaney – the next DemoRat party candidate to be run off…….and he and Tulsi are their two best candidates. Ahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!

  14. "the people that take a shower AFTER work". I'm a conservative, but that was a good line…even if it is in the vein of misguided class envy. Dems are the party of globalist elites who want the US to be subject to the U.N. (pukes in mouth)

  15. People of the great USA,
    I request you sincerely to go out and vote for trump in 2020.
    He may not be the brightest gut in the room but sometimes he talks straight…and under him the trade relation between my country and USA has become stronger than during Obama administration. Only few people seems to know Obama isnt the "saint" they make out of him.

    An Indian Student.

  16. First they weren't welcomed in the Republican party and now the Democratic party. That's why we need a third party for the sane people.

  17. After voting for Trump last time I think I'll vote for Bernie this time. When was the last time we tried an actual progressive?

  18. Tucker is easily the most honest person in the MSM. The Dem leaders don't even believe in "Global Warming", they know it's a hoax. It's just a ploy they use to dupe stupid people into handing them their money.

  19. I'm not too concerned about Biden's BS about Obama being shot and killed. Kind of weird, but not a big deal. BUT. . . . .JFK was killed November 1963. MLK was killed April 1968. @ 3:01 – 3:09, Biden claims he was in his "senior semester when THEY were shot and killed." LMAO I mean, how can you mess that up so badly? lol

  20. On the behalf of the Grand Rapids Chapter of the White Knights of the Klu Klux Klan ,you Mr.President are the greatest president ever and you and Sean Hannity and Tucker Carson are roll models to all our grand wizards !!!! MAGA forever !!!! You have the Klans votes ! and other then the Daily Stormer ,Fox news is the only news we watch !! god bless Trump ,god bless white America And god bless Fox for informing us on the race war to come

  21. Anyone who is white and not a communist is not welcome The Democratic (COMMUNIST) Party! The democratic party is for socialist and communist pedophiles.

  22. Moderates aren't welcome in the republican party either. Why don't you right wingers and left wingers realize you're all stupid

  23. Moderates aren't welcome in the Democrat Party anymore? Man, this is the pot calling the kettle black. 😂😂😂

  24. This is so ironic. Nationalists like Tucker Carlson are running Libertarians out of the Republican Party. Trump is attacking anyone who isn't "Trumpist" enough. Both have excused the behavior of people like Steve King until it got to the point where it was undefendable. The media is driving voters out to the lunatic fringes of their respective parties.

  25. Just let the government take all your money. And then you can wonder what happened to the country you used to live in.

  26. Saw this one online: The Official Bernie Sanders Drinking Game. Every time "The Bern" mentions free Government Program, grab somebody else's beer and chug it.

  27. 16 trillion dollars is nothing. The Pentagon lost $23 trillion & no one bats an eye. Bernie proposes $16 trillion to prevent us from reaching the tipping point in this climate crisis, going extinct & Tucker poops his pants. Get real Tucker. Your own children could die in 15 yrs from global famine. The GND does not ban airplanes. Unless you want to continue spending trillions cleaning up after wildfires, category 5 hurricanes, tornados & floods, I suggest you drop it. Warren sucks & you won't even tell ppl why. Is Fox News really trying to boost her?

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