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  1. The woman is full of it. "The people" (Americans) at large do NOT want immigration law changed, nor more "gun control" (a phony euphemism for stopping citizens from having guns).

  2. This lady is delusional look at the 2020 democratic candidates and their positions. The details do matter and not all the people agree with your solutions so even if we agree on a problem which isn't always the case you still have to justify your positions and the solutions you offer.

  3. Our IQs are dropping thanks to the left taking over the education system. because of this, more people are too stupid to see that the democommunists are the enemy of america

    clinton had a plan and obama had a plan on immigration and look at what those plans got us. Worse now than ever. good plan dems. wish they wouod actually work with this president but they are evil

    what weapon isnt an assault
    weapon? there are background checks already
    democommunists need to leave and move to a socialist country

  4. Patriot Act means USA under martial law; therefore the election protocol will be defined by the US marshals. No more machine voting , paper ballots legalized by purple thumb print!

  5. Let’s de-regulate birth control and make it as easily accessible as Tylenol. It’s actually as safe as Tylenol. What many people don’t understand is that even if birth control is free of cost, there is still a painful and invasive medical exam involved that most teens will not do, or cant get to. Stop abortion by stopping pregnancy.

  6. We need more AR -15s: they are excellent weapons to defend the home. This democrat does not care about kids dying in schools.

  7. Playing the victim card, with in a few minuts… Head of communication, cant see why that failed. But as she sayed herself. Im a Women with nothing to loose, so she's allready lost everything . Working from Rock Buttom

  8. It’s like with progressive liberals anything goes if it’s the opposite of President Trump!

    Term limits for Congress!!!



  11. Her statements did not age well. Just 1 year later 3 Trimester abortions are OK with the Democrats. Gun grabs are happening despite not repealing the 2nd Amendment. Wonder where she is now? Come on back and explain your party now.

  12. Liberals always have to lie in order to get their plans passed. Always. It is their nature only to lie. It's why they wish to control speech so desperately.

  13. I can confidently assure you that she is wrong about the people wanting gun control. Here in Oklahoma we laugh at idiots like her. Our 2nd amendment was created in order for the people to defend themselves from any number of threats, including a government that threatens our freedom and human rights.

  14. Something is wrong with ones political views when they themselves cannot bare to hear the truth come from their own mouth.

  15. It's a set up because her party isn't aligned with common sense.

    Don't punish the innocent rather publish the guilty.
    Dems believe the opposite clearly.

  16. She's caught in her own illogic, and tries to blame Tucker.
    She IS brave to come on, most libs won't, because they can't be honest about the weaknesses in their own arguments.

  17. She never should have brought up schools. I see the government (democrats) interference in discipline in schools and the children forbidden from resolving their personal issues. In my school two agreeing students could get gloves headgear and a ref. Never were the students punished for doing the right thing. When a student is punished for doing the right thing say stand up to a bully in defense of themselves or another weaker person its at the least hypocritical and definitely deplorable as we turn right around and say its OK for you to go and use violence to defend someone in someone else's war? To confuse and frustrate children especially when their bodies are going thru hormonal changes is the time to be understanding and supportive.

  18. Honest question asked evenly. How the he'll can they expect people to vote or listen to them when they can't answer a simple question. They used to say awww your talking out the side of your neck. Flip flop flip flop

  19. I can't deny that Tucker was being fair with his questions… Nor can I deny that she was arguing points and questions that she wasn't asked….

    Lady,… You made yourself look like a complete clown here.

  20. Tucker caught out again, so what do fox do cut the clip short. When a real Democrat is speaking and has opinions like they used to, you still shut them down. Not all Democrats are alt right Obama was not, and it is wrong that you try to humiliate and run down those who potentially have a chance of restoring the real viewpoint of the Democratic party back into play.. You had a chance there to show the world that the people running the Democrats are not Democrats at all but socialists trying to reform their country. The real Democrats need to take their party back. When left leaning people are accused of being far right, we know we are in trouble and tucker your games don't always help. Sometimes you just make the problem worse

  21. Can-you-just-imagine…the media teeth gnashing and hysterical outrage…if Trump said those things we saw Obama say….boy oh boy.

  22. You see, when Tucker strips their emotional and self virtue Signalling shield from them….their false and flawed narrative is exposed.

  23. love how insincere she gets at the end. "oh but their are children dying in the street…" give me a break. there are children dying in the streets of London one year later from knife attacks. taking the weapons doesnt stop the crimes.

  24. A Disney princess who's had an abortion? They should make a Disney princess who's far left in every way to show how insane they are.. it ends in her committing suicide after destroying her life..

  25. What's an assult weapon? Current definition says something fully automatic. Oh Nazis also wanted "gun reform" and they also said it was because children get hurt….. Dems have become the 21st century National Socialist party .. AKA NAZI'S. Go team!?!

  26. Democrats when they utter Gun Control, that means that they want a fictional World with zero crime. They think that by confiscating guns, that ALL evil will end in the World. Gun Control to Democrats is Absolute Confiscation. Democrats literally think by making laws on paper, that they can solve everything, and if they can't then they will force you or jail you to obey them. That isn't a Free Country.

    Guns to Patriots are the tool to ensure America doesn't turn into Tyranny by a Government that refuses to represent The People.

    The problem with Men is that unchecked Power leads to Corruption and Greed. This is where we are at… The battle to be Free vs the Battle to Rule over subjects.

    Interesting times.

  27. easy Tuck..she really is doing her tops to answer your questions in a very real way..the gun control question: she said there should be a ban on assault weapons NOT all guns and that's a reasonable answer…the voting question: she answered that illegal immigrants should NOT be able to vote..,Abortion: I'm not sure what her answer was but it seemed to be that she's okay with abortion but NOT in the late stages of pregnancy (what she considers late term is for her to answer)….so give her a chance to answer, I'm sure NOT ALL Dems. are on the Hillary nut train…as she said: "Congress is broken" and she's right…so far it appears that she maybe 1 of those that is willing to work with the Repubs. as it should be…"Reasonable"..(but i should read her book before coming to a full conclusion)..

  28. Men in this country need to speak up about this, the dems are destroying this country with they're theologys.. Fuc# that…stand up people..!!! We keep citizens free..women by and large don't..

  29. Democrats are all goof balls. Men or women. Doesn't matter. The Democrats are stupid or dishonest and plain evil.

  30. Children are dying in schools because of the lefts are massures and put others to shoot schools and the criminals must be fired

  31. Tucker I like you, but…… your questions that need truth are just to much to ask bc I'm a leftist and I dont wanna look as 🐖💩 as my party has become. Is all she had to say 👍🏻🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  32. Obama draining the swamp and is against USA and Clinton Regine attacking the constitution and democracy I don't believe Obama or Clinton as they are the main loop hat is for wars and corruptions

  33. Julian Assange published e-mails in which this big ugly woman and her friends slandered and insulted Catholics and the Catholic Church. The outrage generated by these e-mails helped elect Trump. Many Trump supporters seem to have forgotten Assange's heroism. He should be given the Presidential Medal of Freedom.

  34. i still find it funny that when they point to an example of confiscation "working" they point to the country that lost a war with it's own national bird

  35. Obama is and was the dumbest liar in the white house! Double talking ignorant man ! I can't stand hearing him talk because everything that he says is simply void!!! Meaningless !!! Nothing but immorality came from this fool!

  36. hay how about the usa people to be able to go into other countries and have the same things we let ther people do ya we the usa can no have to have work rightds we can own property and houses in the other countries ewe can get health care for free in other countries we can go to school free in other countrys we all so can vote and protest in other countries with no trouble open boarders for usa citizens to go to other countries and get the same treatment as none citizens have in the usa mexico could get alot of usa retires people and not have to have papers or nothing kids can be citizens of meico and usa open boarder usa people can tel mexico and othe rcountries to let them do there own thing and fck the laws of thoagh other countries too just like thier people do in america can usa people go any were and get property and start bisnnesses and vote in other countries i say if the bourders are open yes.

  37. Tucker should write the questions on paper. Tell the guest if you can not answer the question do not come on the show.

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