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Live from New York City, it’s “The Wendy Williams Show.” ♪ Oh yeah ♪ ♪ Feel it ♪ ♪ Feel, feel, feel it ♪ ♪ Feel it, feel it, feel it ♪ ♪ Let’s go, come on, you need it ♪ ♪ How you doin’ ♪ How you doin’? Now, here’s Wendy! (upbeat music)
(audience cheering) Ooh, ooh. Ooh, ooh. Ooh, ooh. Ooh, ooh. ♪ How you doin’ ♪ Woo! (audience cheering) Thank you for watching the show. (audience cheering) Say hello to my co-hosts, the studio audience. (audience cheering) Wendy!
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(audience clapping) Wendy!
(audience clapping) How you doin’? How you doin’? I’m doing better, as a matter of fact. (audience laughing)
(audience cheering) Let’s get started, it’s time for… Hot Topics! Come on. (upbeat music)
(audience cheering) I love it. So good. (upbeat music)
(audience cheering) Dream come true. (audience cheering) We love you, Wendy! (audience cheering) Thank, wow, you have a W T-shirt, thank you. Oh wait, no. (audience cheering) Probably ’cause his name is William. (audience laughing) You know what I’m sayin’? Anyway, hi, thank you for watching. You know what I watched last night? Totally off the grid, maybe for a lot of you? First of all, it wasn’t my first time, but I am in love with “Love & Hip Hop: Miami.” I really am. (audience clapping) I like that show. (audience clapping) You know my whole family has fled the New York-New Jersey area, they all live in Miami, so it’s like being there without being there, you know? And the characters are so spicy, and everyone’s like, you know, good looking in their own way. There’s Saucy Santana, that’s saucy. (audience laughing) And then there’s Trina, Trick Daddy, trying to workout with a pair of jeans on. (audience laughing) There’s a character named Hood Brat. (audience laughing) And then there’s Miami Tip. Joseline is supposed to be in the show but she wasn’t there last night, but I gotta tell you something, and then there was, like, you know, one of the girls made her way out of the projects but she went back to see one of her project girls, and they’re standing right outside the projects and they’re looking at the projects, and they’re just, and then they eat good food. (audience laughing) And the language is spicy, like every once in a while, they go into talking Spanish, I don’t understand Spanish.
(audience laughing) But I like it and people wear eyelashes and they drive interesting cars. Right (giggles). Norman? It’s a good show. I like the whole “Love & Hip Hop: New York,” been loving “Hip Hop: Miami.” No, no, no, I like “Love & Hip Hop: New York,” but there’s something really endearing about “Love & Hip Hip: Miami,” that’s all. That’s all, yeah, yeah.
(audience clapping) I can’t really figure out where Joseline was last night. I watched the whole hour, she never showed up, but she’s got three shows on at one time. She’s got her dancer show, and then she’s got the “Love & Hip Hop: Miami,” and she’s got “Marriage Boot Camp” that she’s participating in. Well look. (Wendy humming)
(audience laughing) Do you know where I’m about to go with this? Clap if you do. (audience clapping) You know, the feet kissing. (audience murmuring) Oh no, you all don’t, all right. (audience laughing) You’re fired, everyone out, everyone out (giggles). Look, Joseline, people are giving her the business because she kissed her boyfriend’s feet on “Marriage Boot Camp.” Now, I had to have a further investigation ’cause, you know, there’s some people who have a foot fetish. I wasn’t sure, you were quick to judge everything, a lot of you, so I wasn’t sure. Well, now I’m sure. (audience laughing) ♪ Joseline ♪ She went to a pool party, while her boyfriend, his name is Ballistic, right? But, that’s him, and he’s watching the footage outside while Joseline’s giving that long skewer with some meat and vegetables on it to another man, at the same party. Oh!
Outside, right? Joseline’s feeding him and then she whispers to him, “Don’t tell anybody.” (audience gasping)
(audience murmuring) Ballistic is inside going ballistic. (audience laughing) I’ve got the footage, take a look. What the (beep) is wrong with you, feeding somebody (beep)? And then you telling the young bull, “Oh, don’t tell nobody ’bout what we did today.” Man, (beep) all this (beep), man. (beep) this (beep), man. Are you serious? Yeah, you’re a (beep) nut, man. You not an example, you’re a (beep) nut. What’s wrong?
You’re a (beep) nut ass broad, that’s what the (beep) you are. Are you kidding me?
Man, you disrespect me, I told you, treat me like a king. You don’t disrespect me, man. Oh! Well he did go ballistic. (audience laughing) But did he have the right to considering she did that in front of everybod, she did it in front of everybody. Joseline, you know you’re my Puerto Rican Princess, but you are wrong. Yes. Ballistic, I don’t know you, but I don’t believe that was too much. (audience clapping) People said that Joseline made a fool of herself when she tried to apolo, now look. Here’s the apology, take a look. I’m sorry, my apology. Not coming from my queen. I’m the king of my own woman. Yeah no, I do not like that.
I’ll get you. Come on, you don’t gotta do that. Get up, get up, baby, come on.
(Joseline sobbing) Not that, come on, come on, come on, come on. Get up something,
(Joseline sobbing) come on, come on, come on.
(people murmuring) (audience murmuring) No, there were a few co-hosts who did say, “Aww.” (audience laughing) Not aww. That right there, Joseline, this is embarrassing and pathetic. What are you doing?
(audience clapping) It’s too extreme, I mean, you owed him an apology but not in front of us and a camera where you’re all the way down. And he’s telling you to get all the way up. Like he’s playing you. He’s not even accepting your… This is when I need a good Cuban sandwich. (audience laughing) ‘Cause when I see her, all I think of now is Miami, I was just talking about Miami… Anyway. Joseline… (Wendy sighs). (audience laughing) Good luck. (audience clapping) Did you watch “The Bachelor” last night? Clap. (audience clapping) Oh!
(audience murmuring) Falling way off. (audience laughing) Norman text me about it, I was like, huh? (laughing) All right. I was busy, I took DJ Boof out earlier in the day. Oh yeah. For his birthday.
(audience gasping) No, not like that. (audience laughing) And he wore me out. Oh!
(Norman laughing) No, not like that, not like that. No, he’s exhausting, you know what I mean? (audience clapping)
(Norman laughing) (audience cheering) We had fun, though, right Boof? Yes, we did (chuckles). (audience cheering) Is your birthday officially over, Boofy, or are you one of those cornballs who celebrates for 30 days?
(audience laughing) I’m one of the cornballs who celebrate all week. All right.
(audience cheering) (audience clapping) (Suzanne laughing)
(audience laughing) Usually people who celebrate for so long need a life outside of their, like you need a life outside of this show, the club, Nicki and Fab. You need a life. I do, right? Well, and ballet and the things you do. Yeah. Like you need a Boof life. Yes. Ballet? Ballet. No, he’s got daughters, all right. Relax, woman. (Boof laughing)
(audience laughing) He’s a father. And a good one, I might add. (Suzanne and Norman laughing) (Wendy laughing)
(audience laughing) Anyway, so I was not listening to you, you’re calling up, like “Watch ‘The Bachelor,'” and I’m like, no. A bachelor just left and I’m exhausted. Right (giggles). (audience clapping) Not like that. (audience clapping) Not like that. (audience clapping) Anyway, so I didn’t watch “The Bachelor” last night, I don’t care, so this will be real quick. Peter had overnight dates with three woman. Before the dates, Madison, the front-runner, told Peter that if he, Madison is 23 and she’s a virgin. Oh!
(audience murmuring) Marco, Marco. (audience murmuring) You know how we feel about that. Marco has no time for a virgin. (audience laughing) He doesn’t see that virtuous. Like there are a lot of people who see that as a burden. Like if I met a guy who was a virgin, I’d be like, get out of here with that. You know what I mean?
(audience laughing) (audience clapping) Just saying. Sir. (Norman giggling) So she told Peter, Madison, that if he slept with other girls, she’d go home. I’d be like, bye. (audience murmuring)
(audience laughing) Madison got the last overnight date. Here’s what happened. In a week from now, if you’re down on one knee, and six days before that, you slept with somebody else, like that, I just can’t… Wrap my mind around that. I will just be very honest and I won’t give any details but I… I have been intimate. I feel really, really hurt and really let down. He knew coming into this week, ’cause I made it very clear, (solemn classical music) that there was a chance that he could lose me (solemn classical music) if he made certain decisions and he made them anyways. Bye. Anyway, here’s what I was thinking, right? ‘Cause this morning I woke up, as a matter of fact, last night before I went to sleep, I saw on the news, people over 65 are smoking more recreational marihuana than the rest of us. (audience cheering)
(audience clapping) Okay. (audience cheering)
(audience clapping) Okay. (audience murmuring)
(audience clapping) And what I was thinking is… First of all, take these two cornballs off, I don’t care about them. (audience laughing) Philip, Goldie Hawn, and Diane Keaton and Jessica Lange, because you know what? I saw a preview of “The First Wives Club,” it’s about to come back, all these women are 74 years old, and you know, we talked about “The Bachelor” coming back, they’re still auditioning for people over 65. And at first I wasn’t with it, ’cause I’m like, what are they going to do? And I know that you can be hot and still want love and everything, over 65, when I saw this promo, and then I heard the bud report, I’m like, now hold on. (audience laughing) You get some hot people on here to like that? On “The Bachelor”? Over 65? And you have them smoking some bud? (audience cheering)
(audience clapping) They’re reuniting for a movie called “Family Jewels.” I don’t know exactly what it’s about but the filming starts later this year and it’s Bette, Goldie, Diane Keaton, and like I said, they’re all 74. This is what life is about, you know what I mean? (audience clapping) Oh! Oh! Yes, cameraman. You got the shot, and she looks hot. Lady, you’re what life is about. (audience cheering) You’re what life is about. (audience clapping) Little bud or an edible or somethin’. (audience laughing) In the Norman section, in the front row, Norman, you know we were watching Lori and Rosanna and that man was on there? Uh-huh. Doesn’t he look like him? Right, Blippi. Blippi, yes, yes, yes.
(audience laughing) Yes! Yes! Welcome, yes! (Norman laughing)
(audience laughing) He looks just like him, right? Right, or like a very younger, much better looking Bill Nye the Science Guy. Yes!
(audience laughing) (audience clapping)
(Norman laughing) I love our people. All right, everybody simmer down, the expert is in the building. It’s about to go down. The Harvey Weinstein verdict is in, and it’s time for the Legal Scoop with, hit it! Yes!
(audience cheering) (dramatic music)
(audience cheering) Variety’s senior correspondent, our expert friend, Elizabeth Wagmeister, who was in the courtroom every day. People wonder why we’re sitting so far apart but that’s ’cause the media wall cost a lot of money and I like to show stuff. So it seems like we’re a mile apart but yeah, the media wall needs to show stuff. We’re not too far, Wen.
Wag, you look good. Oh, you look great, Wendy. Okay.
(audience clapping) Break it down, go ahead. All right, so we just spoke last week about how monumental this trial was, how high the stakes were. A lot of people thought Harvey was going to walk free, he would get off, he was one of the most powerful men in Hollywood, Wendy.
I was scared for it. He was found guilty on two charges.
(audience cheering) Okay.
(audience clapping) So Harvey Weinstein, he was facing five felony charges, he ended up being convicted on two, let me break it down for you, Wendy. So he was convicted on a sexual assault charge that came from Miriam Haley based on an assault in 2006, and he was also charged on rape in the third degree from an assault in 2013 from one of the women, named Jessica Mann. Now a lot of people are confused, what is rape in the third degree? What is rape in the first degree? Because he was acquitted on rape in the first degree. The difference, Wendy, is rape in the first degree, you have to prove force. He was not convicted on that, he was found no guilty, but he was found guilty on rape in the third degree which essentially means no means no. So the jury said, “No means no, you’re guilty.” Okay. So– Suzanne, stop!
(audience clapping) Can you, like, not talk? Stop, come on, this is monumental, stop with the clappin’. I mean, I like the clappin’ but not now. No, he was acquitted on the most serious charges. He was facing two different counts of sexual predatory assault, which essentially means that he had a pattern of sexual assault. Now a lot of people are up in arms about that, they’re saying he should’ve been convicted on all of them, how could he have not been found guilty on the most serious charges? These are serious charges, though, Wendy. He is facing 29 years in prison.
But he got five, am I correct? Well the minimum sentencing could be five, the maximum is 25, that’s just for one of the counts. Now another one of the charges…
So he’s going to jail for at least five years. At least, yes. Now his sentencing is set– How old is he? He’s 67 years old.
All right. So, five years is, you know, that’s not a short time, but 25 years is certainly a long time, especially at his
And I heard that 67 years old.
his reaction, he tried to turn the courtroom out. I’m innocent. It was so interesting because sitting there in court and looking at him every single day, some days he came in and he was actually in very good spirits, he was joking around, all throughout deliberations, which by the way, lasted five days, the whole trial was seven weeks, it was a long trial. He was not talking to the press, he was very stone cold. Yesterday, when the verdict was called, I looked at him, you could not tell what he was thinking. There was nothing going on on his face, and quite literally, it was hard to see him because he was swarmed by court officers. The second the verdict was called, they surrounded him. Now they say–
Why? They thought he was gonna leave? You know I think it’s par for the course, when the verdict’s been called, the defendant is surrounded. So these three officers did surround him, they cuffed him, they took him up, they took him into custody, but I wanted to find out what was Harvey thinking with this monumental verdict. So I spoke to his attorney, Arthur Aidala, outside of the courtroom yesterday. Good, Elizabeth. And he told me that Harvey said, “I’m innocent, “I’m innocent, I’m innocent. “How could this happen to me in America?” That was his reaction.
(audience murmuring) Now his legal team, they’re planning to appeal, so Harvey could think that he could get off. So is he still in Bellevue Hospital with the heart palpitations, allegedly. He is. So what happened is he was taken into custody yesterday after he was found guilty. They were taking him to Rikers Island. And it was the driver, somebody in the car, who said, “Wait a minute, let’s turn around.” Do a K-turn right in the middle of the street and go over to the hospital. So Harvey’s attorney, Donna Rotunno, she’s done a few TV interviews in the past 24 hours and she’s said that he– Is she’s gonna have to go into Witness Protection after this? Will she ever be able to walk the streets without people throwing tomatoes? It’s a good question because she is being slammed, she’s being ridiculed, people are calling her a traitor to women. She says everybody has the right to a defense, she says that she believes that Harvey is innocent of the crimes that were being tried in this courtroom. But anyway, she said that Harvey Weinstein, that he was complaining he had heart palpitations, he had chest pains. That’s why he had to be taken to the hospital.
Is he also going blind at the same time? She said so. So in court yesterday, when– What the Cosby defense is going on? What the Cosby defense.
(audience laughing) So the prosecution said to the judge, “We request for him to be remanded,” which means you’re taken directly into custody, taken to jail. His prosecu, sorry, his defense said, “No, he has a lot of medical ailments, “he needs medical care.” They went down the litany of items. They said he has a walker, he had back surgery, he takes a lot of medication. They said he had like 10 bottles of pills. Yes, and then, by the way, he has to put injections in his eyes because he’s going blind. What? So that was the first time that we heard that yesterday in court, but at Rikers Island there is medical facility, so he will be getting care there. He’s going on the island, the island’s about to be shut down. So what are the conditions there on Rikers Island? I mean, it is really, it’s a monumental turn of events. When you think about Harvey Weinstein, who was the King of Hollywood just three years ago. I remember
oh well. being at one of his Oscars parties three years ago, he ruled Hollywood. Now he is going to be in jail on Rikers Island, and by the way, also facing charges in Los Angeles. Right! So this is not going away any time soon. His sentencing is March 11th, again, facing up to 29 years.
He might not make it. In Los Angeles, he’s facing up to 28 years. Those two women with allegations, four charges that the Los Angeles District Attorney has brought down on him. What will happen is once he is sentenced here, once the appeals go through, then L.A., they can take him over there, New York will release him from custody and he’ll have to go on trial over there too.
Now he’s officially accused, he’s officially guilty of being a rapist. He is officially a convicted rapist. I wonder how they treat rapist on the rock. (audience disgruntling) Not good. For someone like Harvey Weinstein, he was used to being on private planes, he was used to getting access, he was used to having world leaders as his best friends, I think this will be quite a change for him. But the biggest change, Wendy, is now how the legal system is going to view cases of sexual assault. Oh, it’s going down. It’s a big deal. This case, I have to tell you, there were a lot of complexities, there were a lot of question marks. There were women on the stand saying part of this was consensual and yet the jury still convicted him on two charges. That shows this is often times how cases of sexual assault occur. When women are scared to come forward, And they do go back
then there’s safety to their perfect freedom.
in numbers. Elizabeth Wagmeister, thank you so much for reporting. (audience cheering)
(audience clapping) More great show today, everybody. Up next, the very funny Tommy Davidson is here. So grab a snack and come on back. (upbeat music)
(audience cheering) Ooh. (upbeat music)
(audience cheering) Ooh, ooh. Welcome back. So our first guest was part of the iconic cast of “In Living Color.” He’s got a new memoir, it’s available now. He’s been to our show so many times, his comedy sometimes is underrated in my opinion. Please welcome back to our show, the very funny Tommy Davidson. (upbeat music)
(audience cheering) What’s up, babe? You good? (upbeat music)
(audience cheering) (Tommy drowned out by music) You know me (giggling). (Wendy screaming) (Wendy laughing) Look, right, so… When I found out about this book, and we covered it during Hot Topics, and I scream to you through the TV, Tommy, please come,
Yeah, I know. please come, I wanna hear the stories from your mouth. But first, shoe cam please.
And cause trouble ’cause everybody was like, you know. “When you gonna be on Wendy?”
(enchanting music) Oh.
Shoe, no, down there. (audience cheering)
(audience clapping) I wish I was home, I wish I was home. (audience laughing) No because you started something because, you know, “I want Tommy in here.” So everywhere I go, “You know Wendy said “to be on the show, right?” (audience laughing) Yeah!
Yeah, everywhere I went. Puerto Ricans, “Wendy says she wants “you to come to New York.” (Wendy laughing)
(audience laughing) Congratulations on this book.
Thank you, thank you, feeling good. (audience clapping) Now see, a book like this is good for me, ’cause you know, I’ve been nosy since forever. Is this– You don’t say? But look. Is this good for you, ’cause you actually have to fly back there and be around those people. Oh yeah, oh yeah, it’s good for me, that was 20 years ago, you know? Why you talkin’ now?” Hey, ’cause it’s 20 years ago. (audience laughing) Nah, I did this book to free me, and the book isn’t about the people back there. The book is about my mom, yeah, and about what brought me here. Yeah, we’ve talked about that, don’t make me get upset with you. That is a very, very sad story, I wasn’t even going to bring it up. All right, I can tell ’em in a nutshell? Go ahead. Tommy’s mom threw him in the garbage can when he was a baby, and he was saved by this White family and didn’t realize that he was Black until much later. I guess you just thought you had a tan or something. (audience laughing) Well actually, actually, I had to– No, this is real story. Actually, I thought I was brown. At least that’s the color. So when we got to Washington, D.C., my sister looks like Cindy Brady, my brother looks like David Cassidy, y’all might wanna google that. So we get to D.C. and then the Black kids kick our ass. I don’t know the Black kids, I think they’re brown kids. So they kick our ass every day and they’re calling my brother and my sister white cracker. Kill the white cracker. Where’d you move from? I moved from Wyoming, Okay. to Fort Collins, Colorado, Okay, okay. to Washington, D.C. See, it’s living in color, you see? You have an all-White family and then you move to an all-Black city. Chocolate city. Yes, with a white house. So what happens is, you know, I come back to my mother, I’m five years old, and I’m going, why are they calling me white cracker lover because I love graham crackers? You know, ’cause I’m five. And so she says, “That’s what people your color “call people our color when they don’t like ’em.” And I said, what color am I? And she said, “Well, your Black,” and I was like, “No, I’m brown, like the crayons.” And see, I always thought I was a brown one ’cause I grew up in farms, in the Midwest. I see a cat had a litter, the cat could be black and have a white cat, a brown cat, a silver cat.
Yes, yes, you’re right. I thought people were like that, but no, we moved to the suburbs and that’s the first time I heard the N word because grown men
Do you go to a shrink? were chasing me, calling me N, like kill the N.
Do you go to a shrink? So I went to my mother and I was like, who are these Ns? You know, we gotta stay away them from. Do you go to a shrink? Do I? Yeah? No, not regularly, Comedy’s your therapy. I think comedy’s my therapy. See, you never know,
(audience clapping) you never know people’s stories. (audience clapping) All right. Enough with the sadness, (Tommy laughing) even though it’s your story. Let’s go! Let’s go! Okay.
(audience cheering) (audience clapping) This book right here, you talk about “In Living Color,” you talk about a lot in your life, but what I wanna focus on is you and Jamie Foxx’s relationship. Because a lot of people remember the scene that you describe in this book, ’cause “In Living Color” was live, where he tried to pull your towel down and expose you. Oh! As Rhonda. No, it was, he tried to pull the Speedos off. Oh, oh, even worse. And then it wouldn’t have been “In Living Color,” it probably would’ve been, like, Canceled.
Anaconda. (audience laughing) No, no. No, no (laughing).
(audience cheering) Hold on, hold on, hold on. Calm down!
(audience clapping) Calm down!
(audience clapping) So I got mad at first because I was like, man, I can’t believe he did that, but then I realized that I made history on TV. I was gonna be as famous as Lucille Ball scene when she was on the chocolate factory, you know? So it was one of those things that was wonderful, but we had a competitive, competitive atmosphere, and all of us worked our asses off. So we made that thing spicy, we never forgot it.
Was he mean competitive? There was times, there was times that he was mean, you know? And it’s just like that. Imagine taking Pat Mahomes and Tom Brady and putting ’em on the same team. Like who’s gonna start, you know what I’m sayin’? And that kinda tension was there, you know what I mean? But I love that boy, I mean, it’s Jamie Foxx, I mean, come on.
(audience clapping) Are you friends with him today? Yeah, we’re friends. Have you ever gone to any of his naked basketball games? I hear he has naked basketball games at his house. What?
(audience murmuring) No, I haven’t.
(audience laughing) Allegedly. I haven’t been there, I haven’t been there. Well then you’re not really friends. Yeah, I’m not really friends then. (audience laughing)
(Tommy laughing) But no, he’s great, though. Watching that guy and watching him grow with “Ray” and everything, and he got the Oscar.
And Katie Holmes. You know, the Oscar was really cool. I got me an Oscar, the one from “Sesame Street”? (audience laughing) You know? You do? Well, I mean, that was always my favorite guy, because they had Big Bird and they had the Cookie Monster, but this guy hung out in the trash and he was kinda cool, he was like, “Just come over here, shut up, “don’t listen to the birds, listen to me.” That was after our son was older, I don’t recognize you from “Sesame Street, wow.” No, I wasn’t on it. (audience laughing) (Tommy laughing) By the way, do you watch “Love & Hip Hop: Miami” ever? I don’t but as I flip through the channels and my wife watches all that stuff, well not all of it but I catch glimpses of it, I’m like oh, eh, ah, uh, ah. What? Ah, uh, click. (audience laughing) It could be scary. You don’t watch reality TV? What do you like? I do, I’m kind of a nerd. I watch documentaries, a lot of documentaries, a lot of documentaries.
Hey, you know, the Miles Davis documentary, I saw a commercial, that’s about to come on PBS, you know? Anyway. (Tommy laughing)
(audience laughing) So I heard that Puffy used to be your assistant when you did the movie… “Strictly Business.” Strictly. What? Oh yeah, oh yeah, well I mean, I was in New York but this dude was gonna be a genius no matter what. I had a peak, widow’s peak in my hair and he told me to cut that because if it gets on the big screen, you’re gonna look like a vampire. I’m like, get out of my face. And as soon as I get on the big screen I’m like, he was so right, but Puffy always had it. He would take me around New York, he showed me all the rappers that weren’t signed yet. I’m talking about Busta Rhymes, Jay-Z, I mean, everybody, he already had it, he already had that skill so. You know, a lot of my journey is in here because a lot of people don’t know that I’m a part of the fabric of the whole business. Got you.
And I’ve worked with everybody, you know what I mean? (audience clapping) And he’s still such a beautiful dude. Like I’m on 8th Avenue one time, right? He’s in the hospital now, he’s getting a– What happened? Well, he’s not feeling well. He broke something, this bone right in here. Right from here to here. Yeah, that’s the funny bone. Perfect.
(audience laughing) But he walks across 8th Avenue, I’m in a cab, right? You know 8th Avenue around five o’clock is traffic, he walks all the way across in traffic, he goes, “Yo, what you doin’ in town, man?” I’m like, just chillin’. He’s like, “Come to the Bad Boy premiere.” I go to the Bad Boy premiere, it’s just me, him, and Jay and Busta sittin’ in the VIP, like he never forgets who his people are. That’s my man.
That’s nice. (audience clapping) And I heard that you and Will Smith almost got in a fist fight? Now you’re gonna say that one? Okay, all right.
(audience laughing) Well I’m I’m glad it was almost
seeing stuff. ’cause he’s big, okay? Y’all think he the Fresh Prince of Bel Air, he a Black dude about that high. Okay.
Okay. But it was just one of those misunderstandings. There was this stunt kiss with me and Jada. For what movie? For “Woo,” you guys see “Woo”? (audience cheering)
(audience clapping) Okay, all right.
Okay. (audience clapping) You’re the only two people who saw it. (audience laughing) (Tommy laughing) So what happens is I wanna rehearse with her, there wasn’t time to rehearse, it was a miscommunication, so I just try to kiss her and there was, I think maybe he thought I was trying to do something wrong. sS we had a little conversation, he was like, “Let’s go outside.” Finally I was like, “Okay, let’s go outside.” Then Jada was like, “Ain’t nobody goin’ outside,” and I was glad she said that ’cause he’s like up here.
Jada broke it up. Whatever she did, she stopped it. Yes.
(audience laughing) (audience clapping) All right.
(audience clapping) So with all that you’ve written in this book, I always have to ask you this, will there ever be a “In Living Color” reunion? Of course, of course.
(audience cheering) Of course, of course.
(audience clapping) It’s just, it’s gonna stay some time, man. Everybody’s out there doing their thing. Some little known stars came out of that, Jim Carrey, Jennifer Lopez,
Yes. Jamie Foxx, I mean, the list goes on and on and we’re all out here doing our stuff but it’s inevitable that we come back to you guys, Yes.
you know? We would like that. Thank you for being here again. Thank you, thank you. Tommy Davidson, everybody. Pick up a copy of his book, it’s called “Living in Color,” it’s in stores now. Ask Wendy is next. (upbeat music)
(audience cheering) Ooh, ooh. Ooh, ooh. (upbeat music)
(audience cheering) Ooh, ooh. Ooh, ooh. Every day is Black History Month here at Wendy but it’s still February and today we’re honoring Katherine Johnson. Katherine worked for NASA and was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom. Her life was portrayed in the film “Hidden Figures.” She passed away earlier this week at 101 years old. Wow! We honor you.
(audience clapping) The mathematician, Katherine, thank you.
(audience clapping) Now it’s time for Ask Wendy. Oh-oh. Look. No, yeah, no, that’s a lot of booty, right? Come here, come here. I noticed you as soon as the double doors opened. Thank you. Yes, you’re very welcome. Would you like to model for the people first? Yeah!
(audience cheering) What’s your name, where you from, how can I help? How you doin’, Wendy? My name is Shannon, I’m 27 years old, and so I started talking to a new guy and I know him from high school, and when I told one of my girlfriends from high school, she had told me that she had hooked up with him several years ago in college. So, since I told her of this, she’s been asking me a lot of questions about him, like, “Are you texting? “Has he asked you on a date yet?” And I’m just a little concerned, ’cause she’s married now. So should I be concerned she’s a little bit too nosy in what’s going on now? I don’t think you should be concerned but I do think you need to shut it down with an adult conversation that goes with one sentence like this. Don’t ask me about, what’s his name? Whatever his name is, don’t– (audience laughing) Don’t ask me about Gerald. You know, you’re married, it doesn’t bother me that you hooked up with him back in college, let’s just not make this a thing, and by the way, the four of you going out is not a deal. We can’t?
No, that’s not part of it. How long have you been dating him? Just a couple of months, it’s like new. All right, Shannon, well you know? Enjoy but tell your friend butt out. Okay. Yeah.
Thanks. (audience clapping) Come on over. Hi, Wendy. How you doin’? Hi, how you doin’? Come on over. My name is May. Hi May.
Hi, how are you? Good, where you from, what do you do? I’m with New York, originally from Africa. I’m recently retired, from the City of New York. And how can I help? Well, I am very divorced. Been divorced over
(audience laughing) 10 years.
Okay. My ex is getting remarried, Wendy. All right. My son and my daughter are a part of the wedding. How old are they? My son is 24, he’s in the Air Force in Hawaii. My daughter is 21. And how long were you married to him. About 10 years. Okay, so these are not his kids? Yeah. Yeah, these are our kids. Okay.
Okay? He wants them to be in the wedding. Now I haven’t gotten an invite yet, And why should you? but if I do,
(audience laughing) should I
No. go for the kids?
No. No? No, the kids are grown, you don’t even have to get a gift. Be cordial and say thank you for the invite, But no thank you. but I just don’t want that kind of attention put on us. Good luck for your future and your wife. Be a real adult about it, okay? Thank you, Wendy.
All right, May. Thank you.
(audience clapping) Oh we have time for more.
(audience clapping) Come on over.
Hi! How you doin’? I’m doin’ good, Wendy, how you doin’? What’s your name? Rosalee.
Rosalee? Yes.
Hi Rosalee. Hi, I’m from Baltimore, and I have a really interesting question for you. Thank you. Yeah. Okay. I lent my girlfriend about $1300 for her daughter’s flowers, for her wedding. This was several years ago, okay? I have yet to get one payment. Every month, when I go and I call her, she ghosts me big time. So my question to you is, it’s been a 30-year relationship, should I completely let it go and just move on, block her, and be done with it, or should I just continue to try to say, look, give me what you can, when you can. And by the way, her daughter’s divorced now, that’s how long it’s been.
(audience laughing) (audience murmuring) How often do you talk to her on the phone in a seven-day week? Twice. Okay. Conversations long and fruitful? Like an hour? No. Five minutes, 10 minutes tops. How often do you see her, in a month? Three, four times. Okay, so this is your friend? Yeah. You know what I would do? Please give me your advice. Oh God. (audience murmuring) Yeah, I would just charge it to the game, let it go. Okay.
But you know what? I would not treat her for lunch. You don’t owe her a Christmas gift. You never owe her a birthday, you don’t owe her anything. And you know what? I bought her a birthday gift, I’m gonna return it. (audience gasping)
Perfect, Rosalee, Thank you.
perfect. Thank you so much.
That’s it. Up next, everybody, we’re playing 20 in 20, don’t go far.
Thank you. Wow. (upbeat music)
(audience clapping) Ooh, ooh. (rhythmic tropical music)
(audience cheering) Welcome back. It’s time to play 20 in 20. Caroline is a student at BMCC and she’s from Brooklyn. Welcome. How you doin’, Wendy? How you doin’?
I’m good. You ready for a vacation? I’m so ready. All right, let’s spin together. Three, two, one, go! (rhythmic tropical music)
(audience clapping) Okay. (rhythmic tropical music)
(audience clapping) Well damn. How strong are you? Ooh. Okay, Sun Palace. Tell her all about it, Mr. Announcer. It’s a trip to Sun Palace in Cancun, Mexico. We’ll fly you and a guest roundtrip for a five-day, four-night stay at this newly renovated luxurious adults only, all-inclusive resort. Spend your days basking in the sun on stretches of white sandy beaches, enjoy world class treatments at their top-of-the-line spa, and dine on some of the most exquisite meals around. This trip will be one to remember. (audience cheering)
(audience clapping) And all you gotta do is answer a question about Kenya Moore, and here is the question, you ready? Yes. What is Kenya Moore’s daughter’s name? Go. Oh! Uh.
(clock ticking) Oh well damn. (audience murmuring) Don’t tell, oh.
(clock ticking) Please spin it again? (chuckles) I’m sorry.
(clock ticking) (buzzer buzzing) Aww. Well, her daughter’s name is Brooklyn. Wow, I’m from Brooklyn.
Where you’re from. It’s okay, you got a $250 gift card, it’s cash.
Yes! Yeah! And we’ll be right back. Aww.
It’s okay. (rhythmic tropical music)
(audience clapping) (grand classical music)
(audience cheering) I don’t care, if you’re gonna be a co-host, you gotta follow the rules. Everybody’s standing up, she’s still sittin’ down. (audience laughing) Yeah, right. (audience laughing) All right, look, it’s time to play What The Flick. What’s your name, where you from? My name is Shannara, I’m from Antigua. Nice to have you here,
How you doin’, Wendy? How you doin’? What do you do? (audience clapping) Well I’m a unit secretary at the hospital. Do you watch movies? Yes, I do. ‘Cause I didn’t get either one of these. Okay, I’ma try, Wendy, I’ma try. All right, well here’s number one, go. What movie is this? I’ve seen the movie, just don’t remember movies like they’re my life. Don’t look at anybody, not even her. I think I know it, Wendy.
What is it? “Love & Basketball”? Yeah, there you go,
(bell dinging) there you go.
(audience cheering) That’s one, you got one more. (suspenseful music) I’ve seen this movie, too, but I just don’t follow movies like they’re my life. Oh, “Miss Congeniality.” Yes!
(bell dinging) (audience cheering) There you go, dinner for two at American Whiskey, we’ll be right back. (upbeat music)
(audience cheering) Ooh, ooh. Ooh, ooh. (upbeat music)
(audience cheering) Ooh, ooh. Ooh, ooh. It’s time for Eye Candy. Now Karen here is from Georgia and she owns a convenience store. Yes.
(audience cheering) Nice. I love your outfit, so easy, how you doin’? How you doin’, Wendy? Good, talk about your outfit. Okay today I have on a nice two-piece denim set, with a little leather in it, a nice black turtleneck, some black stockings and some black knee-high boots. And good hair. Yes, thank you.
(audience cheering) Between baby hair. Yes, thank you.
And good eyelashes. Thank you. Karen, thank you, we’ll be right back, here you go. (audience cheering)
(audience clapping) (upbeat music) ♪ How you doin’ ♪ Ooh, ooh. So look. My co-hosts, I think, are having a really good time. Yes!
(audience cheering) If you ever wanna be a co-host, the tickets are free. If you’re in New York, we are right in the heart of the action. Wendyshow.com. I wanna thank my guests today, Tommy Davidson and Elizabeth Wagmeister. (audience clapping) You guys, of course. Tomorrow, the very funny Finesse Mitchell is here. I’ve got you with the Hot Topics, I love you for watching today, and I’ll see you next time on Wendy, bye. (upbeat music)
(audience cheering) Ooh, ooh. Ooh, ooh. Ooh, ooh. Ooh, ooh. Ooh, ooh. Ooh, ooh. Ooh, ooh. Ooh, ooh. Ooh, ooh. Ooh, ooh. Ooh, ooh. Ooh, ooh. ♪ How you doin’ ♪ How you doin’?
(bell dinging) (clam coughing) Nice. (grand triumphant music)

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