Turkey Feast Cupcakes (Part 1) Roast Chicken Dinner Cupcakes – A Cupcake Addiction How To Tutorial

Hello and welcome to part one of Cupcake Addiction’s
Two-part Roast Turkey Dinner Cupcake Tutorial where I’ll be showing you how to make all
of these delicious thanksgiving or roast turkey cupcakes. In this tutorial, I’ll be showing
you how to make the peas and carrots on a plate and the delightful roast turkey cupcake.
Tools and equipment that we will for using for this tutorial:
I’ve got a rolling pin. I’ve got a paintbrush.
I’ve got just a regular knife. A spoon.
2 cupcakes that I’ll be frosting today. I’ve got some of our chocolate ganache. We’ve
got a great recipe and tutorial for this on our channel if you would like to know how
to make a good chocolate ganache. I’ve got a little bit of cornflour just in
a shaker, you can also use icing sugar. It’s just to dry out the surface when we roll out
the caramel. I’ve got 2 pieces of caramel fudge.
I’ve got two cookie cutters. The lighter of my cookie cutters is a ¾ inch or an 8 centimeter
and the smaller is a ¼ inch or 3.5 centimeter cutter.
I’ve also got just an empty cupcake patty pan.
I’ve got a little bit of melted white chocolate. And I’ve got some pre-made peas and carrots.
Now the folks over at Jelly Belly have actually found that the call for real-food as cake
is so great that they’ve designed us this bag of edible peas and carrots. I got those
from a specialty cake decorating store here in Australia. If you can’t find them, you
can use some modeling chocolate, fondant or something as simple as some orange and green
toffee and just roll them into little carrot shapes and little balls for your peas.
Let’s get started. Firstly I’m going to make the little plate
that our peas and carrots are sitting on, just where this patty pan comes in. Now I’ve
got my smaller cookie cutter. Now I mentioned that was the one and a quarter inch but just
have a look at the patty pans that you’re using and pick one that’s about that ratio.
We don’t want to have the middle of the plate because we want those peas and carrots to
sink down. We just want to have the ring around the outside. So I’m going to take that melted
white chocolate, leaving that cookie cutter in there. I’m just going to dollop that in
around the sides. You know what, you can take the cookie cutter out. Dollop it all in. It’s
probably easier, spread it around. I’d like to give it a good couple of taps just to smooth
it off. And then I’m going to pop that cookie cutter back in the center, effectively cutting
out a circle in the middle and we’re going to pop that off to the side and into the fridge
to set. Now while that one’s setting, I’m going to
prepare the two cupcakes. I’m using the chocolate ganache. I just like it as a base. You can
obviously use our buttercream as well if you like. I like the color of the ganache against
the white of the plate as well. It really makes the plate a feature.
So I’m just going to frost those cupcakes up.
This one’s going to be the roast turkey. So I’m just basically…You see me blob it on
top of the cupcake there and now I’m just smoothing it out with the back of my knife,
back and forth, just to give my cupcake a lovely nice dome shape. Try not to go over
the edges of that patty pan because you want to keep it nice and neat if you can. Alright,
there’s our lovely dome iced cupcake. Now, were going to take the 2 pieces of caramel.
Now for me, I found two pieces work perfect for my turkey. You might need more or less
depending on the brand and the size of caramel that you’re using. So I’m just going to take
those, I’m going to smoosh them together. I will mention too, this is caramel fudge
so this is not your harder caramel chews. If you’ve got caramel chews, you can pop them
in the microwave for a little while just to soften them but definitely try and get caramel
fudge because it’s quite a bit easier to roll and to manipulate. You don’t have to put so
much effort into it. So you can see there, I’m just kneading that
fudge between my hands and this is just…bring it together and getting rid of the cracky
sort of consistency, softening it up for the roll. Alright, that’s my fudge, my two pieces
of fudge sandwiched together. Now I’m going to take the cornflour shaker or your icing
sugar, a little sprinkle. I’m just going to flatten that fudge down, give it a little
smudge through the cornflour there and I’m just going to roll it.
Now the fudge is quite a bit stickier than the fondant or the modeling chocolate so just
make sure that you are pulling it off your rolling pin regularly or you’ll find it ingrained
in there. And you can sprinkle a little bit of that cornflour on the top of it if you
need to. So I’m going to roll that out to a piece that’s
big enough for my cookie cutter. Now with that cookie cutter, I did mention that it
was ¾ inch. Once again, I’ve just picked one slightly bigger than the top of my cupcake.
So just try and get a cookie cutter that’s about that ratio to the cupcake pan or the
cupcake patty pans that you’re going to be using.
Cut out a nice little circle of delicious fudge. And were going to lay that over top.
Now the fudge would be quite stretchy. So just…you can see I’m just… It’s not quite
the edges so I’m just going to push it down with my fingers. Just working the fudge down
not the frosting underneath, just the actual fudge. I can feel it stretching there underneath
my fingers. If you push the frosting, you’ll find the frosting actually starts, kind of,
spewing out the sides and we don’t want that because it’s trying to stay nice and neat.
Meet it right out with the edge of the patty pan. Beautiful.
Alright, now with the palm of my hand, I’m just going to round that off. Now if you do
get any little ganache-y spots or anything like that, don’t worry. We can use a wing
or a leg to cover that up. Alright, so there is the basis for our turkey. Taking these
off cuts, I’m just going to roll them into another ball and I’m going to separate the
ball. Take about a third of the ball off. Rip that third in half and that will be our
two wings. The rest of the ball, also rip that in half and that would be our two legs.
Now for the wings, roll them into a little ball and I just almost made a little drum
stick and then twisting them over. Making a second little wing and stick it on to the
other side. Now the stickiness of that fudge will actually hold your caramel together so
you don’t need to use any water or any glue or anything.
Now for the drum sticks — into a ball and just…See I’m just using my finger there
to roll them out into a lovely drumstick shape. If you want, you can dip those drumsticks
into a little bit of white chocolate on the end, not necessary but definitely if you would
like to. And then I’m going to just pop my drumsticks into my turkey legs.
Alright, already looking delicious. You just pat them around until you’re happy with the
shape and the general location. Now I’m going to use the back of my paintbrush and I’m just
going to make that little indent just to give us a bit of a turkey breast to make him look
a little bit more realistic. So that is your thanksgiving turkey ready to go.
Now let’s get cracking on these peas and carrots. Okay, so now that it’s set. To release your
little plate from the patty pan, firstly you want to, you probably need to apply a bit
of pressure but just twist that circle cookie cutter inside and pull it out. Hopefully…There
it goes. Hopefully your little bit of white chocolate
will come out with it. If it doesn’t and it is still attached to the rest of your plate,
you should be able to see the little circle cut in the bottom so just push it out, push
it up. If per chance your plate might crack or anything like that, just use a bit of your
melted white chocolate just to glue it back together. Now I’m just going to use my fingers
just to smooth down those edges. You can see it’s given us a lovely rough shape around
the edge like a bit of a plate. A bit more of that chocolate ganache. I’m
just going to frost this cupcake with the chocolate ganache. I’m going to do one of
our flat-top frosting styles so that the plate is the star of this cupcake.
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Alright, so I’ve got my flat top frosting style of cupcake done. It’s going to be as
simple as just pushing that plate in and then positioning our peas and carrots. So I find
it easiest to position the carrots first and I just like to line them all up. So you can
see because we don’t have a base in that plate, you can just line up all of your little peas
and carrots and they stick into that frosting. Now with the peas, I like to build my peas
up a little bit so if you find that you want to go up over the edges a little bit of that
plate, just dip your pea in a tiny little bit of ganache and use the ganache to stick
it to the little pile of peas. So I think that you’ll agree, as far as real
food being turned into cake, these are great example of what you can do with cakes and
cupcakes and I think everybody’s going to have to give them a second look to work out
that they are not in fact a turkey and a plate full of vegetables .
Stay tuned for the second part of our turkey roast turkey feast tutorial. I hope you have
a great time making this and I hope you have a great Thanksgiving.

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